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PeopleSoft CRM

Front-end Tool (Tools to develop the application)

Brio Reports, Crystal Reports, COBOL/SQL (Third Party Tool)

Functional Modules
Online Marketing
Site MarketingTelemarketing
Mobile Sales
HelpDesk for Human Resources
Mobile FieldService
Order Capture
Order Capture Self Service Quality Management
Multichannel Interactions Advisor
Configurator CRM Portal Pack
CRM Warehouse
CTI Integration
Customer Behavior Modeling
Customer Scorecard
Enterprise Warehouse

Industry Solutions
Financial Services
CRM for High Technology CRM for Insurance

PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

PIA Architecture

PIA is a server-centric architecture

Web Browser

End users and administrators access PeopleSoft applications and administrative tools on a
The system sends pure HTML to a supported browser interface. Most processing occurs on the
server level
PeopleSoft supports the PeopleTools Development Environment in Windows, which is intended
for applications developers and system administrators who need access to PeopleTools. These
users require workstations running Windows
The browser uses the HTTP protocol. The browser sends requests to the Web server, which
forwards the request to the application server. A servlet installed on the Web server facilities all
browser connections.
The browser does not download any applets to complete a transaction. The application server
sends only the following to the browser:
With the browser processing only the items in the previous list, the result is a lightweight
deployment of PeopleSoft applications that does not burden the client workstation with
unnecessary processing responsibility.

Web Server

Password Authentication
Sessions States maintained
Handle Encryption
Servlet Engine
A Java-enabled Web server is required to support browser transaction requests and the
application messaging technology.
On the web server a collection of PeopleSoft Java servlets designed to handle a wide range
of PeopleSoft transactions needs to be installed.
The following list presents the software that runs on the PIA Web server
Web Services (Weblogic & Websphere)
Servlet Engine
Java Servlets
PeopleSoft Servlets
The following list contains the PeopleSoft servlets that reside on the Web server
Portal Servlet
It manages search, content management, and homepage personalization
Integration Gateway Servlet
Messaging Gateway servlet transmits publish/subscribe messages between message
Report Repository Servlet
Retrieves the report output in the Report Repository and serves it to the browser


PeopleSoft uses TUXEDO to manage database transactions, and Jolt, TUXEDO's

counterpart, to facilitate transaction requests issued from the Internet.
The browsers do not connect directly to the application server. Instead they send
HTTP requests to the Portal Servlet running on the Web server that translates the
HTTP request into a Jolt request that is sent to a specified Jolt port. Then the
application server itself, leveraging Tuxedo, runs the appropriate SQL against the
Jolt is a companion product that must coexist with Tuxedo on the same application
server machine. Jolt is not a standalone product; it cant function without Tuxedo.
Both TUXEDO and Jolt are products of BEA Systems.

Application Server

The application server is the core of the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture;

It executes business logic and issues SQL to the database server.
The application server consists of numerous PeopleSoft services and server
processes that handle transaction requests.
PS n-Vision & Crystal inputs stored
Data is temporarily stored (Component buffer)
The application server is responsible for maintaining the SQL connection to the
database for the browser requests and the PeopleTools Development
Environment in Windows.

Application Server

Database Server

The PeopleSoft database is the repository for all information managed by PeopleSoft
applications. Not only is application data stored in the database, but the PeopleSoft
meta data is also maintained in the database
The database server houses database engine and PeopleSoft database, which includes
all of the
object definitions,
system tables,
application tables, and
The database server must be running one of the supported RDBMS/operating system
The relationship between a database server and an application server is a one-to-many
model. That is, a single database server can have multiple application servers
connecting to it.
The database server simultaneously handles the application server connections,
Development Environment connections, and batch programs running against it.

Database Server

Batch Server

The batch server, or batch environment, is where PeopleSoft Process Scheduler

installed and configured, and it is the location where many of the batch programs run,
such as Application Engine programs.
In most situations this is also where COBOL and SQR executables are installed
Report Output files are stored

Configuration Options

Physical Application Server Configuration

Logical Application Server Configuration

PIA Architecture


Implementation Life Cycle


Analyze the


Fit/ Gap Analysis


Gap Reports


Cost/ Profit



Customize the

Set up the Module

(Maintaining data
in Control Tables
& Table Loading


Set up the






Run the
Background SQL



Run the Reports

End User



Move Date from

legacy system to

Functional / Technical


Development Tools
Application Designer
People Code
(Procedure Language &
Object Oriented)
Application Engine
(8-9 languages)
Integration Tools

Admin Tools
Definition Security
Data Mover
Configuration Manager
Mass Change
Server Administration
Application Server

Reporting and Analysis Tool

Tree Manager
Process Scheduler Manager
Report Manager
Process Monitor
Cube Manager
PS n-vision

PeopleSoft Application Development


Database Tables

Design Application


PeopleTool Tables

Define Fields


PeopleTool Tables

Define Record


System Catalog &

Application Data Tables

Build Tables


PeopleTool Tables

Define Pages


PeopleTool Tables

Define Component


PeopleTool Tables

Register Components


PeopleTool Tables

Steps in Development
Plan Phase


Test Phase

Test Application

Online &
Query Tool

Application Data Tables

Application Designer - Definitions

Core Application Definitions

Workflow Purpose Definitions

Integration Definitions






Component Interface




Business Process


Business Interlinks




Approval Rule Sheet






Message Channel




File Layout




Mobile Page


Style Sheet








Application Engine

Admin & New Packages


Application Package


Problem Type

Field Definition
Define New Fields.
Use multiple labels.
Open an existing field definition.
View field properties.
Change field definitions.
Set custom field formats.
Use the Translate Table.
Configure international format settings.

Record Definition
Create a new record.
Open an existing record.
Add fields to record definitions.
Save records.
Name record definitions.
(Prefix with PS_)
Set record properties.
Set record field properties.
View record definitions.

Build the Record

Use the Build menu.
Create db tables.
Create views.
Alter tables.
Create Triggers.
Administer Data

Page Definition
Create new page definitions.
Add page controls.
Manipulate page controls.
Set page field properties for controls.
Order and space page controls.
Align page controls.
View pages in the browser.
Access PeopleCode in page definitions

Component Definition
Define components.
Specify market-specific components.
Set component properties.
Define the search record.
Select Toolbar Actions

Menu Definition
Create the Menu Definition
Work with menu definitions.
Set menu item properties.
Register the menu

Enable Security

Automate marketing strategies, campaign definitions, and effectiveness
measurements for precise campaign roll out and analysis. PeopleSoft Marketing
enables marketers to manage the total life cycle of the marketing process in real
time through integrated enterprise marketing and analysis functionality.
Maximize marketing ROI by offering customers the right products and services
at the right prices

Feature List

Optimize every marketing investment through intelligent segment analysis and

design, profitable channel contact strategies, and appropriate marketing
resource allocation.
Maximize every campaign investment by enabling marketers to test, measure,
and execute focused campaigns across customer segments that have
demonstrated results.
Streamline the marketing process through marketing workflow capabilities such
as budget, task, and campaign approvals; task creation, allocation, and
reminders; and Multichannel campaign design.
Utilize real-time campaign analysis to understand campaign performance in midstream and make adjustments to campaigns to optimize marketing investments.
Coordinate multiple channels and event triggers to automate response actions,
such as the ability to continue successful campaigns and stop campaign
investments that are not driving results

PeopleSoft Online Marketing enables marketers to decrease
marketing costs, reallocate funds across their marketing mix, and
increase campaign response by leveraging online channels.
PeopleSoft Online Marketing coordinates personalized interactions
with customers automatically through email, web links, and banner
ads. Marketers can design personalized campaign web pages and
web surveys as well as targeted follow-up offers that drive customer
loyalty and maximize each customer interaction. PeopleSoft Online
Marketing enables organizations to develop stronger relationships,
generate higher revenue, and lower marketing costs.

Feature List

Drive offers to large audiences inexpensively through personalized, high-volume

email campaigns and associated web site content.
Execute dialog marketing strategies by automating and scheduling follow-up
interactions such as confirmations and targeted offers.
Maximize every campaign investment through built-in support to test messages
and offers with test cells, control groups, and seed lists.
Extend marketing reach by allowing wizard-based import capabilities that
appends contact data from other databases to the customer database.
Access results in real-time to gain insight on campaign performance, adjust
campaign properties (such as offers), and improve campaign effectiveness.
Measure key metrics, including emails delivered click-throughs, responses, and
lead conversions.
Evaluate profile characteristics that correlate to the best responses.
Respect customer preferences and protect the organizational brand through the
use of opt-in profiles where customers control what communications they

Turn your existing website into a dynamic selling environment with
personalized marketing messages and offers with PeopleSoft Site
Marketing. You can provide a more targeted relevant experience for
your customers as they navigate through your websiteturning your
site into a tool that drives business and builds relationships.

Feature List

Optimize web campaign efforts through predefined campaign templates such as

cross-sell, upsell, and time-based promotions.
Manage the unique web marketing requirements through capabilities such as
web campaign staging, access control, and workflow-approval capabilities.
Increase offer response and acceptance rates by displaying relevant and
targeted offers based on a customers profile or behavior on the site.
Measure campaign effectiveness based on impressions and click-through rates.
Optimize web site marketing effectiveness quickly by integrating with existing
web site or web store infrastructures easily.

PeopleSoft Telemarketing delivers enhanced branch scripting that
guides telemarketers through a series of questions and answers that
enables telemarketers to recommend the most appropriate products
and services based on specific customer needs and requirements for
successful, personalized campaign execution. Coordinating the
telemarketing and marketing organizations reduces campaign
development time and dependency on the IT team, while improving
targeting and execution for increased revenues and response rates.

Features List

Increase customer satisfaction and cross-sell acceptance rates by automating

customer interaction processes with guided questions and answers, such as
relevant offers or next questions.
Decrease campaign development time by enabling marketers to design targeted
scripts, assign telemarketing teams to specific waves, coordinate approvals, and
drive telemarketing execution from their marketer-oriented interface.
Improve telemarketing efforts continually through closed-loop, real-time analysis
of team and campaign performance.

Integrate PeopleSoft Telemarketing with PeopleSoft Marketing to:

Expand the functionality of your marketing organization.

Increase telemarketing efficiency.
Improve campaign execution.
Empower telemarketing staff for stronger customer relationships.
Improve your sales representative's productivity by prequalifying leads.

Streamline the lead-to-conversion process and move from reactive
account management to strategic account management. PeopleSoft
Sales provides the core elements you need for lead, opportunity, and
account management. With an easy to use interface, your sales
force has the ability to personalize the application to suit individual
preferences, taking advantage of powerful contact management and
team selling functionality. Your sales channels can collaborate on
everything from customer needs assessment to competitive analysis
to product specification and quoting requirements, driving higher
customer conversion rates, increased profitability, and a lower cost of

Features List

Increase profitability via higher ASPs.

Improve account penetration through integrated Multichannel selling.
Speed user adoption through an interactive user interface.
Quickly model complex organizations based on various criteria, leveraging
flexible territory management.
Provide anytime, anywhere access to customer intelligence, for connected and
mobile users.

With PeopleSoft Mobile Sales, you can give your mobile sales
representatives access to the data and applications they need
whenever and wherever they need them. They can make informed
decisions more quickly, win more customers, and close more deals.
Empower your sales representatives in the field by giving them
access to contacts, leads, opportunities, forecasts, and tasks directly
on their laptop or Pocket PC

Features List

Keep up to date on the latest leads and opportunities by synchronizing quickly,

reliably, and securely with the corporate database by using Internet standards.
Leverage an easy-to-use interface to view all pertinent sales information,
allowing them to go deeper into the sales process in a single meeting.
Increase sales call effectiveness by minimizing time required for paperwork and
information downloads.
Efficiently use downtime while on the road to enter call and task information
rather than waiting until the end of the day or the week when they are back in the
Extend collaboration efforts with channel partners by providing them with an
application file that is small enough to email and that is easy to install.
Keep sales managers informed with up-to-the-minute updates from the field,
including forecasts and sales call details

Collaborate across your enterprise and deliver a positive experience
to your customersno matter how and when they contact you. With
PeopleSoft Support, your entire support organization has access to
real-time customer information, so they can respond quickly to
customer needs every time. Ensure that your support processes run
smoothly and more profitably and enhance customer value at every

Features List

Provide customers a choice of communication with a Multichannel contact

centerweb self service, chat, phone, fax, and email.
Generate revenue with additional product and service sales through your contact
center with real-time cross- sell recommendations and guided scripting.
Improve agent productivity with Quick Codes thatminimize the number of
keystrokes required and ensure that common problems are captured and
identified using a consistent set of values.
Search for solutions through one-click access to the top 10 FAQs, combined with
a configurable number of relevant solutions for improved usability.
Configure, rather than customize, with case attributes enabling a case to mirror
the unique business requirements of each company or partner

PeopleSoft HelpDesk provides a collaborative framework for
streamlining help desk operations. It delivers powerful tools that
automate the support of IT systems and facilities to sustain your
global enterprise infrastructure smoothly and cost-effectively. When
you effectively manage the infrastructure and workforce that helps
you to provide products and services to your customers, you gain a
competitive edge

Features List

Achieve a 360-degree view of the employee, allowing the agent to quickly and
easily determine the correct solution to the employees query or issue.
Determine the best resolution to a problem with a robust search engine
delivering solutions weighted, ranked, or scored by accuracy.
Recognize the most appropriate solution to a case with visual icon identification.
Access a central repository of diagnostic tools such as trouble-shooting scripts,
problem-solving techniques, and agent-recommended solutions.
Manage correspondence to employees or contacts. Shortcut data entry with
quick codes that populate the category, specialty type, and details fields,
increasing your agents productivity.
Receive, classify, route, answer, and respond to customers efficiently with email
response management and chat. Leverage self-service to allow workers to
create cases and search the knowledge base for efficient problem resolution.


PeopleSoft HelpDesk for Human Resources is a comprehensive
workforce support center solution that incorporates functionality to
support the entire request to resolve process. HelpDesk for Human
Resources gives HR specialists a 360-degree view of every
employee's case history and HR data, enabling them to quickly
manage and resolve all employee HR issues in real time.

Features List

Unique Service Delivery Solution:

HelpDesk for Human Resources is the only end-to-end service delivery model for Human
Capital Management on the market. No other HelpDesk solutions allow direct view and edit
accessibility to HR data and applications in real time.
Reduce Costs by Optimizing Human Resources Practices and Solutions:
A single global HelpDesk solution streamlines the entire solution delivery process and allows
HR staff to redirect their focus from administrative tasks to strategic business activities
Secure Integration:
Pre-built secure integration between PeopleSoft HRMS and CRM reduces data entry,
improves data accuracy, and leverages existing system investments.
360-Degree View:
Provide agents with a quick snapshot of the data most likely required to answer high level
Increase Workforce Productivity:
Agent talents are matched with workforce issues to deliver the right answer in real time,
which translates to less down time. When aligned with self-service, problem/case
escalations are further reduced.
Enhance Organizational Productivity:
Leverage existing systems and investments; Respond to the workforce as customers.

Ensure total life-cycle management of service requests for
customers, technicians, contact center agents and third-party
maintainers with PeopleSoft FieldService. A flexible service-order
and dispatch management solution, PeopleSoft FieldService,
provides a 360-degree view of your contacts, contracts, parts, time,
and expensesguaranteeing everyone in your organization has the
information they need to deliver superior service every time

Features List

Manage preventative maintenance programs and automatically generate and schedule

service orders, reducing costs associated with maintenance programs.
Auto-calculate service-order duration based on entitlements and the service providers
predefined service and activity duration times.
Define multiple relationships for each customer to better understand their value and maintain
a comprehensive, consistent customer history.
Log, assign, and track service orders automatically, including required skills, tasks, and
configuration updates.
Integrate with PeopleSoft Support and create service orders directly from a case. Information
on customers, issues, and installed products automatically populates the service order,
eliminating redundant data entry.
Match staff availability and skill to service requests with seamless integration to PeopleSoft
Capital Management.
Monitor service performance and profitability with real-time data.
Manage parts and inventory.
Diagnose complex problems and identify solutions with the PeopleSoft product data model,
which gives you complete flexibility to map customer products down to the component level.
Readily review, revise, or create customer warranties and agreements directly from a service

With PeopleSoft Mobile FieldService, you can equip your service
technicians with the critical information they need to be more
productive and deliver the best customer service possible while in
the field. Lower field service costs, increase accuracy, and improve
customer service. Increase your technicians' productivity by giving
them everything they need, when they need it, on their laptop or
Pocket PC

Features List

Respond effectively to priority calls by viewing and adjusting service

appointments while in the field.
Enhance customer service by having on-the-spot access to details of the service
call, equipment needed, and warranty information.
Improve productivity by downloading and updating service order details when
they want them by using fast and easy synchronization.
Eliminate unnecessary escalations with improved and timely communications
between the field and the enterprise.
Enable prompt billing of service invoices to improve collection rates.
Reduce time-consuming paperwork and minimize errors by updating and closing
orders immediately rather than waiting until returning to the office.
Efficiently use downtime while on the road by creating and managing time and
expenses reports.

PeopleSoft Order Capture empowers your sales usersmobile field
sales, inside sales, partners, and call-center agentswith the ability
to capture orders at any customer touch point, and seamlessly
integrate with supply chain and fulfillment systems.

Features List

Leverage a dynamic pricing engine so your sales force can adapt quickly to
pricing changes.
Drive promotional campaigns with unique pricing and offers.
View customer information to offer appropriate products and solutions.
Access shipping and payment information and make changes in real time.
Convert a quote to an order for efficient processing.


Empower your customersconsumers, businesses, and brokers
with the ability to place orders and check the status of their orders via
the web. With PeopleSoft Order Capture Self Service, your
customers get an intuitive user interface that facilitates product
selection, configuration, and order entry, and you'll promote customer
loyalty, improve customer communications, and reduce costs.

Features List
Specifically designed for sell-side eCommerce, PeopleSoft Order Capture
Self Service lets your customers:
Obtain pricing, catalogs, and product selections.
Define multiple billing, shipping, and site addresses.
Maintain their own registration and login information.
Obtain context-sensitive help.
Update personal information.
Request to be contacted.

PeopleSoft Quality Management, a key component of the CRM
solution, is a comprehensive system for managing quality processes
across your organization. By improving your ability to track and
resolve product defects and product enhancement requests, Quality
Management helps you to deliver the world-class products and
services that are required to acquire and retain profitable customers.
Ensuring product quality is rarely the domain of a single department.
Ensuring quality products or services is the combined and
collaborative effort of many groups in your organization, including
customer support, engineering, sales, product developmentand, of
course, quality assurance. Quality Management automates and
integrates the key activities that are related to quality assurance.

Features List

Capture feedback about products and services from individuals inside and
outside your organization.
Track reported defects and product enhancement requests. Automate workflow
across multiple departments.
Integrate defect tracking with product development and engineering
management systems.
Support ISO 9000 and SEI/CMM international standards.
Take advantage of its integration with PeopleSoft Support and HelpDesk

PeopleSoft Multichannel Interactions, delivers both email response
management system and chat. With this application your enterprise
can address high volumes of incoming structured (such as web
forms) and unstructured emails with the ability to classify, route, and
respond via universal queuing. Agents can review their queue of
inbound emails, access complete customer histories and profiles,
open and add attachments to email messages, and provide
personalized responses. Operating in real-time, web collaboration,
enables customers and customer service representatives to
communicate via a two-way text chat, delivering personalized service

Features List

Address high volumes of incoming structured emails , unstructured emails, and

chat requests.
Route email and chat requests using predetermined business logic, including
location, skills, knowledge, customer preference, and customer value, with
universal queuing.
Provide personalized auto-acknowledgment and auto-responses.
View your inbound email queue.
Process inbound and outbound attachments.
Enable customers and customer service representatives to communicate via
two-way text chat.
Use automated screen-pops for email or chat requests.
Access standard-response templates.
Create a case automatically from an inbound email or chat request.
Monitor outbound email messages ensuring quality assurance.
Maintain a complete history of each email and chat interaction.

Prevent your customers from abandoning a possible sale when they
can't find a solution on their own, and lead them to a more complete
solution through unbiased advice. PeopleSoft Advisor helps your
customers, sales representatives, and customer service agents
achieve both higher average selling prices and lower costs of selling.

Features List

Dynamic and interactive question-and-answer capabilities.

Automatic mapping of customer requirements to specific, ranked
recommendations for your products or services.
Recommendations that combine known facts about customer needs with new
facts uncovered through dynamic profiling.

Dynamically analyze customer needs to recommend, configure, and
price your most simple to most complex product and service
offerings. PeopleSoft Configurator reduces your time to quote and
streamlines sales execution by helping your sales representatives
understand customer needs and requirements, and communicate
those requirements to the pertinent information systems

Features List

Shorten your sales cycle by empowering your sales channels to configure

products and services at the point of sale.
Ensure that customers always find the best solution and set of options to their
unique requirements.
Guide the user through product choices and options interactively.
Foster collaboration by enabling multiple users to configure different
components of an overall configuration at the same time.
Build logic for complex products and pricing flexibility in the fewest steps through
a constraint-based engine.