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September 2009

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Where did Fuze Box come from? Market research Why does the world need another collaboration tool? Who is Fuze Box? What is Fuze Meeting, Fuze Messenger, and Fuze Movie? Why is Fuze Meeting different? Who is our target market? How do we make money? Charts and fun stuff

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Where did Fuze Box come from?
• Formerly Callwave • Internet telephony products, Internet Voicemail & Fax • IPO in 2004 • With adoption of broadband, these products began to erode in customer usage • Valuable assets include Liberty Telecom CLEC, large cash position, no debt • Jeff Cavins, brought in as CEO in Fall of 2007 • Repositioned the company to compete in collaboration space •Closed two acquisitions in 2008 and took the company private in June 2009

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Corporate Strategy
• Become the Leader of Internet and MobileBased Visual Collaboration and Communications Solutions • • Define Category of Interactive, Multi-Channel Visual Communication • • Leverage Fuze Box Platform for the delivery of visual applications for third parties

• Secure the desktop of Mobile Web and define Mobile Web Visual Collaboration

Leadership Team
Peter Sperling Jerry Murdock Jeff Cavins Ritesh Bansal Patrick Moran Mike Buday Chairman Board Member President & CEO Apollo Gp, University of Phoenix Co -Founder, Insight Venture Partners

Loudeye, Exodus, Sony Broadcast Chief Technology Officer Citigroup, Kivera, V.P. Marketing WebEx, Intranets

Chief Software Architect BBC, Sony Pictures, FoxTV

Fu ze B ox
• Fuze Box Platform is a real-time visual communications platform • •Provider of collaboration services and conferencing solutions solving for interoperability between the desktop and mobile devices • Fuze Family of Products include: •Fuze Meeting (flagship) •Fuze Messenger •Fuze Movie

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

• • •

Market Research…
• Web Conferencing industry $1.2B, growing to $2.8B by 2012 • Mobile industry $4 Trillion

Macro Trends…
•Global economic crisis •Sociological changes in business •World health concerns •Corporate green initiatives •Mobile workforce •Telecommuting Telecommuting •800+% increase in virtual workers over the past 5 years •90% of employees work in locations other than headquarters •60% to 70% of employees work in different locations than their bosses •

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Why does the world need another collaboration tool?

Current tools are… Difficult to use….users have to figure out how to get software past their corporate firewall, negotiated on their desktop O.S. of choice, and through too many steps.. Restrictive…limits users to PowerPoint and screen sharing Physically limiting…have to be at a desktop/laptop. No mobile option.

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Who is Fuze Box?
Fuze Box is a leading provider of internet and mobile based communication and collaboration solutions. These solutions allow mobile professionals to communicate and collaborate from anywhere and from any device. The Fuze family of products includes Fuze Meeting, Fuze Messenger, and Fuze Movie.

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

What is Fuze Meeting?
Fuze Meeting (flagship product), is a mobile and web-based collaboration service that features integrated audio conferencing as well as HD, synchronized video, image, and document sharing.

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

What is Fuze Messenger?
Fuze Messenger is an enterprise class, real-time messaging service that extends to all popular mobile platforms and aggregates and federates all major public and private IM networks into one.

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

What is Fuze Movie?
Fuze Movie is a professional application that enables realtime synchronous collaboration, annotation, and viewing of frame by frame film, video, audio, and imagery.

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Let’s talk about Fuze Meeting…

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

How is Fuze Meeting different? •Easy •Elegant •HD •Mobile

Microsoft’s OCS supported in Fuze Meeting on the desktop and iPhone. A unique and exclusive feature.

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Who is the target market?

1) General Business Users Anyone who has a need to “meet” for a call or to share content

Business Creative Marketing Media Biotech Health Medical Engineering


Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

How do we make monetize?
$29 per month for 15 participants Where can I buy Fuze Meeting for Mobile? •Fuze Box website • •Apple App Store •BlackBerry App World • Fuze Box revenue plan: •Online sales •Mobile distribution •Partnerships •Goal: 10k paid subscribers by OEFY ‘10

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Paying Customer Marketing Sources

What have users been uploading? 2,960 Video Files 10,349 Documents Transcoded since launch
2,669 Images

1,943 PowerPoint Files
1,617 PDF Files
764 Doc Files
325 Excel Files
121 Audio Files

Note: In last two weeks, we have had 1,600 desktop sessions, averaging 35 Minutes per session.

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Rough look at forecast monthly seat acquisition
Outbound marketing spend
New Paying Seats

Forecast CPA

Paying Customer by Business Type

Apple App Store Stats – 1.2 Million Fuze Box products “sold” through App Store since launch

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Apple makes FuzeBox a permanent resident of new business section of

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Financial Overview
Balance Sheet
•$19.5M Cash on hand •$10M in Auction Rate securities •$1.2M in escrow funds from recent divestiture •No debt • •July quarter revenues of $3.8M with Gross Profit of $3.0M •Current fiscal year burn projected at $2.7M •

Income Statement

Fuze Box, Inc. Confidential

Fuze Box Apps

Plug-In Architecture

3rd Party Apps

Applications Fuze Services
Contact Mgmt Administration Billing Engine Reporting & Analytics Contact Management Marketing Distribution API Development Authentication Web Services

FUZE Real Time API
Presence Engine

Fuze Transport Media Engine Fuze Infrastructure

Application Delivery Multi-Device Delivery
HD/Mobile Device Codecs Real Time Encoding Multiplex Video Content Sync

Security Connection Management
Streaming & Player Plug-in Delivery Transport DRM

Storage Optimization Network Telephony

Optimized Messaging Connection Mgmt Redundancy, Security

Fuze Box Platform

Fuze Box Platform


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