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Nagingas Khandwala

College Of
Management Studies


Research marketing

ROLL NO:3001

PROF. Mona Bhatia

C a r M a rke t a n d B u yin g
b e h a vio r o f cu sto m e r
Formulatingthe research
• Unit of analysis – what is car
market .
• Characteristic of interest -
Buying behaviour
of customer.
Objectives of the
• To have an overview of automobile Industry
in India.
• To understand consumer buying habits and
• To understand the factors affecting buying
pattern for cars.
• To identify customers future requirements
with respect to cars.
• To judge the satisfaction level of car
owners of different brands.

Extensive literature
Sites Visited -
Books consulted -
Building Strong Brands- David A Aaker
Preparing the
research design
• As every project require action , plan
, method to conduct the study. My
research will be descriptive
research because my project is
based on the factor that affect the
perception of buying behavior of

Sources of data
• When I will do my research the data of My project
would be based on primary and secondary data”.
New data gathered to help solve the problem at
hand. The study will analyze the applicability
of existing research concepts, theories, and
tools for evaluating consumer satisfaction.

Determining the
Sample Design
• I h a ve se le cte d th e sa m p le th ro u g h S im p le
ra n d o m S a m p lin g
• A s it is n o t e a sy to co n d u ct th e re se a rch o f
a ll th e cu sto m e rs , I w illse le ct fe w
cu sto m e rs so th a t it w illm a ke e a sie r fo r
m e to u n d e rsta n d th e ir w a n ts, w h a t th e y
a re lo o kin g fo r a n d w h a t th e y a re
exp e ctin g .
• I h a ve se g re g a te d p e o p le in 3 cla sse s:
lo w e r m id d le , h ig h e r cla ss p e o p le
• I h a ve ta rg e te d 1 0 0 p e o p le in th e a g e
g ro u p a b o ve 2 1 ye a rs fo r th e p u rp o se o f
th e re se a rch .
• T h e ta rg e t p o p u la tio n re p re se n ts th e
M u m b a i re g io n s.
Collection Of Data
• The first hand information will
collected by making the people fill
the questionnaires. The primary data
will be collected by directly
interacting with the people. The
respondents will contacted at
shopping malls, markets, places that
were near to showrooms .
• The respondents will be consisting of
house wives, students, business men,
professionals etc.

For Customers:

• 1. Age group:
• >21 21-35
• 36-55 <55

• 2.What is your monthly Family income?

Ø  Less than 50000
Ø  Rs 50,000 –Rs 1, 00,000
Ø Rs 1, 00,001– Rs 2, 00,000
Ø More than Rs 2, 00,001

• 3.Number of car’s owned

• 4.Present Car (s) owned:

• 5.NAME: SEX:
• Phone NO:

 For Customers:

• Q1. Why you bought your present car? Please

rank from the highest order of preference.
1. Increase in disposable income
2. Better safety at roads
3. Family needs
4. Increase in family size
5. Suits your lifestyle and personality

• Q 2 . You decided to buy a car brand
because of (rate best 3 factors from 1
to 3 in order of your preference)

1. Affordable price
2. Technical superiority over competition
3. Comfort
4. Manufacturer’s image
5. Value for money
6. Safety
7. After sale services

 Satisfaction Level
Q3. Please rate your existing car in terms of understated Interior
Design features on a scale of 1 to 5 where
1 Highly Dissatisfied
2 Dissatisfied
3 • Neutral
4 Satisfied
5 Highly Satisfied

1 2 3 4 5
Interior Type
Seats design

Leg Room
Dash Board

Interior Colour

Music System

Adjustable Front seat Headrest

• Q4. Please rate your existing car in terms of understated Safety feat
on a scale of 1 to 5
•  Parameter
Ø 1
Ø 2
Ø 3
Ø 4
Ø 5

• Crossbar under Dashboard
• Air Bags
• Q5 . Please rate your existing car in terms of following


• Parameter
Ø 1
Ø 2
Ø 3
Ø 4
Ø 5
• Fuel Consumption
• Mileage ( Km/ltr)

• Pick Up

• Stability at higher speed


• Top speed
Q . 6 How do you rate the brand image of your car?

1 2 3 4 5

ØVery Low
Very high

Q7 . Will you recommend your car to your friends?

•Yes .No
Q4. If yes, will you buy your new car in the

Ø Same segment , same manufacturer

Ø Same segment, different manufacturer
Ø Upper segment, same manufacturer
Ø Upper segment, different manufacturer
Execution of
• project
I will do my project on regular basis. The
preparation will be done in systematic
manner and on time.
• I will start my research from secondary data
by collecting information from books, news
articles which will take around 2 months.
After that I would survey and collect
primary data and with the help of that I will
analyze and interpret customer satisfaction

The project would be made under
surveillance of my guide Mr. Nitin Patel
who is an mba in marketing. He would
be guiding and assisting me on every
Analysis of data
• As soon as I collect the huge data, I
will analyze the data from every
• After analyzing the information ,as it
is essential to present the data in
correct form so proper graph
plotting, pie-chart diagrams are to
be made in the project. So it will
make simple better and easier to
• The market research will be helpful
for me to find out the possible gaps
between the customer expectations