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What is GATE ?

The Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

is an all -India Examination conducted by the six
Indian Institutes of Technology and Indian Institute of
Science, Bangalore, on behalf of the National
Coordinating Board - GATE, Ministry of Human
Resources Development (MHRD), Government of
India.From Freshersworld point of view we have tried
our best to give you a clear picture of GATE.

 To identify meritorious and motivated candidates for

admission to Post Graduate Programmes in
Engineering, Technology, Architecture and
Pharmacy at the National level. To serve as
benchmark for normalisation of the Undergraduate
Engineering Education in the country.
 Here is an opportunity for advanced engineering
education in India. An M.E or M.Tech degree is a
desirable qualification for our young engineers
seeking a rewarding professional career.
Engineering students, while in the final year of their
degree course, spend considerable time in seeking
an opening for studies in foreign universities.

 Bachelor's degree holders in

and those who are in the final or pre-final year of
such programmes.
 Master's degree holders in any branch of
Applications or equivalent and those who are in
the final or pre-final year of such programmes.
 Candidates in the second or higher year of the
Four-year Integrated Master's degree programme
(Post-B.Sc.) in Engineering/Technology or in the
third or higher year of Five-year Integrated
Master's degree programme and Dual Degree
programme in Engineering/ Technology.
 Candidates with qualifications obtained through
examination conducted by professional societies
recognised by UPSC/AICTE as equivalent to
B.E./B.Tech. Those who have completed Section
A or equivalent of such professional courses are
also eligible.
 candidate is eligible for MHRD Scholarship/
Assistantship in Engineering/ Technology/
Architecture/ Pharmacy/ Sciences at Engineering
Colleges/ Institutes in the country only if he/she
qualifies in GATE. To avail the scholarship,
additionally, the candidate must secure admission to
such a post-graduate programme, as per the
prevailing procedure of the admitting institution.
GATE qualification in itself does not guarantee
admission. GATE qualified candidates in
Engineering disciplines are also eligible for the
award of the Junior Research Fellowship in CSIR
Laboratories. Some Government Organizations
prescribe GATE qualification as a requirement for
applying to the post of a Scientist.
 As per the directives of the Ministry of Human Resources
Development (MHRD), Govt. of India, the following procedure is
to be adopted for admission to postgraduate programmes with
MHRD Scholarship/ Assistantship. The GATE performance of the
candidate will be considered for admission. If the candidate is to
be selected through interview for postgraduate programmes,
minimum 70% weightage is to be given to the GATE
performance. The remaining weightage (30% maximum) can be
given to the marks obtained by the candidate in his/her qualifying
examination or interview. Candidates opting for a general paper
(XE or XL) should be further examined (by interview/written test)
by the admitting institute. In such cases also the weightage for
GATE score should not be less than 70%. Minimum passing
percentage of marks in the interview will be prescribed by the
admitting institute. Some Colleges/Institutes specify GATE as
mandatory qualification even for admission without MHRD
 Candidates are advised to seek details about admission
procedures and availability of MHRD Scholarship/Assistantship
from the department of their interest/postgraduate office of the
concerned institution. GATE offices will not entertain any enquiry
about admission and award of Scholarship/Assistantship.
 While qualifying in GATE is essential for all candidates seeking
admission to postgraduate programmes with
Scholarship/Assistantship, the management of the postgraduate
Scholarship/Assistantship is the responsibility of the admitting
institution. GATE Committee has no role in the award or
disbursement of Scholarship/Assistantship. Similarly, reservation
of seats under different categories is as per the policies and
norms prevailing at the admitting institution and the GATE
Committee has no role in this regard.
 According to MHRD rules the award of postgraduate
Scholarship/Assistantship to GATE qualified candidates is for a
maximum period of 24 months for Master's degree programmes
in Engineering/Technology/Architecture/Pharmacy and Science
 Every qualified candidate will receive an original GATE Score
Card valid for two years. Additional Score Cards, up to a
maximum of two, will be issued on request and on payment of Rs
250/- per card. Such requests should reach the Organizing
Chairman, GATE 2005, GATE office, Indian Institute of
Technology Bombay, Powai, Mumbai 400076 before August 31,
2005 together with a Bank Draft in favour of IIT Bombay, payable
at Mumbai. These cards will be labelled as Additional Score card
-1 and Additional Score card - 2 at the top. However, if the
candidate changes his/her admitting institution, he/she is
required to clarify the matters related to his/her admission and
Scholarship/Assistantship with the new institution.
 At present, students in the Integrated Master's Degree and Dual
Degree programmes in Engineering/ Technology are eligible to
appear in GATE 2005 in order to qualify for the postgraduate
scholarship in their own institutions only. They are not eligible for
admission to a fresh M.E/M.Tech. program.