Facts about local newspapers
• Eighty-two per cent of adults, 40 million people, read a local newspaper, making it the most widely read medium in the country (BMRB/TGI 2008).
Monthly unique users for regional press websites are estimated at over 24.4m (Annual Industry Survey 2007).
As a source of information about the local area in which people live, local newspapers are three times more popular than the next medium BBC TV news. (Press Gazette/YouGov 2007)
More than 3,040 local newspapers are sold in the UK every minute (Advertising Statistics Yearbook 2008).
There are 1,300 local newspapers and 1,200 associated websites in the UK.
Regional newspapers in print and online account for 50 per cent of all recruitment spend (Advertising Statistics Yearbook 2008).
Local newspapers and their associated websites are 49 per cent more trusted and relied-upon than the nearest medium, commercial TV (the wanted ads III 2007).
£651 million is spent each year buying local newspapers (Advertising Statistics Yearbook 2008).
Advertising on local newspaper websites is 77 per cent more likely to be believed and relied-
upon than advertising on other websites (the wanted ads III 2007).
74.6 per cent per cent of people aged between and 15 and 24 read a local newspaper (BMRB/TGI 2008).

Citizen newspaper
Bus users were left stranded after claims young people urinated over the inside of a new gold double-decker. Customers queuing to board the shiny new 94 bus from Cheltenham to Gloucester Wednesday faced delays of more than an hour after one of the buses was taken off timetable to be cleaned. Last night Stagecoach officials said they were investigating the claims .One 55-year-old passenger, who did not want to named, was trying to get from Cheltenham to Gloucester. He said: "There were a lot of students roaming around Cheltenham and although they had obviously had plenty to drink, most of them seemed reasonably well behaved, if a little boisterous.

The citizen is a local Gloucestershire newspaper, It is filled with too much advertising and the stories in the paper aren't interesting. The layout of the newspaper is poor and trying to read the newspaper is hard because of the bad layout.

Revenue In newspapers (taken from the guardian)
• The UK newspaper industry, already reeling from the economic downturn, is heading for an even grimmer 2009 with advertising revenues forecast to fall by 21% next year, according to a report. Even the UK digital media sector, which has enjoyed double-digit revenue growth for several years, will see growth cut to just over 2% in 2009, the Enders Analysis report predicts. Enders Analysis forecasts that total UK ad spend would decline by 12% next year and not return to growth until 2011.These figures reflect the "dramatic downgrading of the state of the UK economy in recent weeks and days, ending talk of a shallow and short recession", the report stated. The UK print ad market will be the worst hit of all media sectors in 2009, down 21%, with newspaper display ads down 22% and classifieds down about 19%, according to Enders Analysis. Growth will not return to the print ad market until some time after 2013.

Why is revenue in newspapers decreasing
• Revenue is decreasing as online newspaper sites become more popular. This is because online newspapers are free, easy to access and regularly updated. The online newspaper sites have different areas

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