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Tonight’s Meeting
• Welcome & Recognition
• Why am I here?
• 2009 Year in Review
• 2010 Focus Areas and Programs
– 2010 Issues and Priorities
– Conservation and Advocacy Committee
– Charlotte Clean and Green
– Children In Nature (NC CAN)
• Sierra Club Programming
• Speaker Program: Edwin Peacock III
“Our City, Our Environment – An Area of Focus for 2010”
• Upcoming Events & Adjourn
Central Piedmont Leadership
2010 Executive Committee & Chairs

Josh Thomas Jennifer Keech

Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Group Chair
Chatham Olive
Chris Buchanan
Executive Committee
Executive Committee
Scot Williams
Steve Copulsky Executive Committee
Group Treasurer
Leadership Chair
Political Chair
Group Outings Chair
John Disher Open Chairs
Meetings Chair
Executive Committee
Membership Chair
Bill Gupton Webmaster
Executive Committee
North Carolina
Sierra Club Leadership

Charlotte NC Chapter

Beth Clark Molly Diggins

Sierra Club
Charlotte Cool Cities Campaign
State Director
Manager Nation Hahn
Erica Geppi Development Coordinator
Sierra Club Drew Ball
Regional Conservation Organizer Governmental Affairs Coordinator
Michael Spradlin
Business and Comm Coordinator
Why am I here?
The Sierra Club Mission
• To explore, enjoy, and protect the wild
places of the earth
• To practice and promote the responsible
use of the earth's ecosystems and
• To educate and enlist humanity to protect
and restore the quality of the natural and
human environment
• To use all lawful means to carry out these
Why Members Join the Sierra Club
“Why am I here?”
• To preserve and protect the environment
• To create change in policy
• To attend meetings – educational, social,
• To experience nature
2009 Central Piedmont

Steve Copulsky
Political Chair
Group Outings Chair
What’s is my top environmental
Sierra Club National
Environmental Priorities
NC Sierra Club
Environmental Priorities
• Cliffside coal plant
• Expand the use of
interconnected transit
options and rail
• Beat back legislation
that would overturn
sound, science based
coastal policies
• Titan cement facility
Central Piedmont Group
Environmental Priorities

• Cliffside
• Air Quality
• Transportation Policy
• Water Quality
• Coal Ash
• New Tree Ordinance
• Charlotte Cool City
Central Piedmont Group Goals

• To have the largest, most active and best group in North

• To engage the Group members for education and action
that preserves and protects our environment
• To identify environmental issues and offer solutions for a
cleaner, greener and more sustainable community
• To form partnerships with elected officials and
environmental stakeholders
• To develop Sierra Club members and leaders
Stay Informed – Stay Involved
• Website
– National
– NC
– Central Piedmont
– Blog
– Facebook NC Central Piedmont Group of The Sierra Cl
• Email
– Newsletter
– Announcements & Updates
• Action Alerts
– Sierra Club Currents
– Sierra Club Activist Network (New)
Conservation and Advocacy Committee
• Monitor environmental
issues at the local, state
and national level
• Advocate for laws and
regulations to protect the
• Monitor enforcement of
environmental laws and
• Educate our members
and the community on
conservation issues
• Support the mission and
guiding principles of the
Sierra Club
Conservation and Advocacy Committee
Areas of Focus

• Air Quality • Parks and Open

• Clean Energy Space
• Water Quality and • Waste Reduction
Rivers • Environmental Justice
• Transportation • Green Buildings
• Oceans • Citizens and Nature
• Forests and
2010 Sierra Club Programming

• NC Climate Guardians
• Sierra Club Habitat for Humanity
Weatherization Partnership
• Girl Scouts Go Green with Sierra Club Program
• Green Buildings for Cool Cities (Sierra
Club/USGBC Partnership)
• HEAT (Home Energy Ambassador Training)
House Parties
• Sierra Club social event
2010 Charlotte Clean and
• April 17th, 10:00 – 3:00
• Largest, greenish
educational focused
Earth Day related event
in NC
• Sierra Club Partnerships
– CPCC Center for
– CPCC Sensoria
– Charlotte Neighborhood
• Volunteer opportunities!
Edwin Peacock III
At-Large Representative on Charlotte City Council
Environment Committee Chair

“Our City, Our Environment –

An Area of Focus for 2010”
Upcoming Group Events
February Hike
Sunday, February 7th
Anne Springs Close Greenway in Fort Mill

February Group Event/Meeting

Tuesday, February 23rd, 7:00 PM
Amory Lovins at Catawba College Center for the
Called "one of the Western world's most influential
energy thinkers" by Newsweek
hange will not come if we wait for some other person or some other t
We are the ones we have been waiting for.
We are the change that we seek.”

President Barack Obama

44th President of the United States