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The Central Character of the Series Has No Parents .

Hermionie is the Brightest Student of School . Her Mother is Witch and Dad is Normal
Ron is a Little Dumb boy. His parents Work under Malfoy’s Dad.
Dumbledore is the Headmaster of the School. He Understands and Supports Harry.
He is The Central Character in The Negative Party.He Has 7 Special Powers which
th power is theHarry destroys in 6 parts . 7th Power is Harry Himself.
Draco is the Stupid boy Opposing Harry and Griffindor.
Ginni is Ron’s Younger Sister.
Luna is the one of the Most Intellingent Girl and is of Cource Like Harry because she
has also fought for her life.
Ron’s Two Brother are very Naughty and Don’t Want to Follow “Silly Rules”
Gryffindor is the aim of every Student . Except that of Cheaters.Professor
Mc Gonagall
Slytherin is The House for Bad Witches.