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Potential Problems


Along with all of the other health and

safety risks on a construction, the
weather can play a significant role in
increasing the chances of an accident
or incident occurring. The most obvious
weather conditions which pose a
danger are:
Strong Winds
Heavy Rain

Plan Errors
Common design and detailing errors
in construction arises due to either
inadequate structural design or due
to lack of attention to relatively minor
design details.
Change Order
A component of thechange
management process
wherebychangesin the Scope of
Work agreed to by the Owner,
Contractor and Architect/Engineer are

Contractor Errors
Equipment problems
Differing Site Conditions
Can cause schedule delays, cost
increases, and dangerous working
conditions, or invalidate design
assumptions. Construction projects
necessarily involve the assessment of
site surface (and subsurface) conditions
to select the best means and methods
to develop a construction schedule and
bid and to complete the project.
Archaeological Finds

Problems Met

Occurrences of adverse weather
condition covering the months of June
2013 to January 2014 greatly affected
the progress of work particularly the
critical work items of the contract
Due to the above concern, a contract
time extension of 27 Calendar days to
compensate the losses of time in
executing the critical items of the
contract was requested by the

Rainy days hampered the field

operation particulary in the
delivery of item 200(Aggregate
Sub-base Course) and Course
and fine Aggregates for the box
culvert and the PSCG Bridge.
The number of rainy days at the
project site had exceeded the
built-in rainy days as per
approved programmed during
the preparation of the detailed

Change Order
An increase and decrease in
the quantities of some items of
work due to the revision of
plans and introduction of Items
of work that are not included in
the original plan and
necessary in the completion of
the project to suit the actual
field condition. (Variation Order

Variation no. 1

Variation no. 1

Variation no. 2

Variation no. 2

Suspension Order no. 1

Resume Order no. 1

Suspension Order no. 2

Resume Order no. 2

Archeological Findings
During the driven of H-Piles at
abutment A, some piles refuses
to penetrate the ground below the
riverbed . In addition, only one pile
meets the minimum penetration of
more than 3.0 meters from the
river bed elevations. They
excavated the ground and found
out that tip of these piles hit a
solid rock which is 0.50 meter
below the river elevation.

Archeological Findings

The End

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