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Melur Mayang Miasti

Tipe-tipe organisasi dalam
manajemen keperawatan
Contoh struktur organisasi dalam
Rumah Sakit

Tipe-tipe Organisasi secara

Organisasi Formal
memiliki suatu struktur
yang terumuskan dengan baik, memiliki
jangka waktu yang panjang, terorganisir dan
terencana, bersifat tidak fleksibel. Struktur
yang ada juga menerangkan bagaimana
bentuk saluran-saluran melalui apa
komunikasi berlangsung. Kemudian
menunjukkan tugas-tugas terspesifikasi bagi
masing-masing anggotanya. Hierarki sasaran
organisasi formal dinyatakan secara eksplisit.

Organisasi Informal
dapat dicapai baik secara sadar
maupun tidak sadar, sulit untuk
menentukan waktu eksak seseorang
menjadi anggota organisasi tersebut,
tujuan organisasi yang bersangkutan
tidak terspesifikasi. Contohnya
seperti: rencana makan malam

Tipe Organisasi yang digunakan

dalam Manajemen Keperawatan
1. Line Organization
is a straightforward, direct chain-ofcommand pattern that emphasizes
superior-subordinate relationship.devided
laterally into segments representing
different nursing specialities. The
perspective of workers differs from the
bottom to the top of the structure
Workers at the base of pyramid-aides, orderlies,
staff nurses-perform the basic work of the
nursing mission, that is direct patient care.

Employees in the middle of the structure

head nurse, patient care coordinators,
supervisorsare responsible for
programmed decision making and
direction of day to day operations

Personel at the top of the structure

vice president or director and assistant
directorsare responsible for nonprogrammed decision making, such as
goal setting, program planning, and
performance evaluation

Line and staff organization

This pattern develops when a simple line
organization is altered to provide
management specialists to support the
chief executive.
As indicated, an organizations line
function are command and control. A
staff function is an activity that is
separated from the chain of command to
permit a high degree of specialization

Funtionalized line and staff

In this type, staff officers are no longer purely
advisory but have some command authority over line
employees. The directors of service may hae the
authority to decide how much indoctrination training
and what type of orientation each new nurse must
receive and orientation classes will be held.
The director of qualitity improvement may have
authotrity to assign selected staff nurses to gather
data on critical indicators of care quality, regulary
submit quality monitoring reports, and remedy
identified problems.

In matirix organization the efforts of
specialists are coordinated both vertically
and horizontally.
Vertical coordination takes place through the
hierarchical chain of command. That is the
efforts of specialized departments or divisions
are integrated by the nurse executive, who
directs the operations of all.
Horizontal coordinations occurs by direct
interaction among divers members id the
special project teams that represnet different
divisions anoccupational groups