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Our essence all over

the world.

Business Plan

Students :
Dnil Cristina
Mihil Cristina
Nistor Elena
Ni Anamaria
Cldraru Alexandru
Gust Ctlin

Market Analysis
Competition Analysis
Marketing Strategy
S.W.O.T. Analysis
Initial Investment
Funding sources
The establishment of the plantation
The harvesting
The sweetness
Financial Statements

Our essence all over the world.

Content :


The variety of the best rose and sought

to obtain sweetness is Rosa Damascena. Its
success is due to the intense fragrance and
abundant flowering.

We are an independent production

facility and our goal is to create fields of
rosesthat we can be proud of. We want to
become an important supplier on the local
and global market and to build up a
reputation of providing the best quality to
our customers.

To create fabulously pure and effective products

of the highest natural quality, based on simplicity
and thoughtful preparation, with the intention to
protect,soothe and heal.

To run a business that is fun, fair and profitable;

where money is fuel, not a goal; and where our
vision for a healthier world finds expression through
the way we work and through the way we treat each
other and the people we serve.

Our essence all over the world.

Mission :

Environmental responsibility

Honesty and integrity in our business practices

Fun is good
Individual responsibility in a team concept
Sustainable agriculture through our purchasing

Our essence all over the world.

Principles :

The total world consumption of cut flowers and

plants is estimated as 40 to 50 billion. Since the
1980s, this global market has grown consistently.
Over the past 5 years, the market has experienced a
slowing growth in demand, especially in Europe.

In Europe, every market has its own particular

characteristics. Nevertheless, two general types of
markets can be identified:

Our essence all over the world.

Market analysis :

Growth markets: Typically, the economies of these

countries are expanding. In most growth markets, spending
per person is still relatively low compared to the mature
markets. As the purchasing power of consumers is
increasing, they tend to buy more flowers.
Nevertheless, flowers are still considered a luxury item and
are bought mainly as gifts. Examples of growth markets are
Poland and other East-European countries.

Our essence all over the world.

Mature markets: These markets are characterized by

relatively high levels of per capita expenditure on flowers
and plants. The size of these markets tends to be stable.
Consumers buy flowers mainly for personal use. They are
familiar with many different flowers and are particularly
interested in new and exclusive products. Examples are
Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria,
and Sweden.

Locally and nationally the number of our direct

competitors is very low, because we are the only
company that creates this kind of products, while
our competitors produce only one products.

Internationally speaking , our main competitor is

Bulgaria with the same kind of products.

Our essence all over the world.

Competition Analysis :

For the marketing strategy , we gonna use flyers, posters,

facebook campaign and we gonna make agreements with perfume
shops and give samples in winmarkt and shopping city.

We will participate in various fairs such as Fair Romexpo in

Bucharest, or in Nuremberg called BioFach, the largest European
event dedicated to organic producers or the one in Germany called
Green Week because it will be a good opportunity to expose our
products and make us known on this market

For this strategy we will spend approximately :

* 1euro/day for Facebook campaign
* flyers : 1000 pieces = 24 euro
* posters : 200 pieces -> 2euro/1 piece = 400 euro

Our essence all over the world.

Marketing strategy :



Bio plantation
Modern machinery
Low competition
Large marketplace
Effective marketing plan
The persistence of perfume

Lack of experience
New entries



Agreements with other

Commercial store in shopping
Ongoing need for flowers


Our essence all over the world.

S.w.o.t. analysis :

Cost for seedlings:

For a small start-up plantation abt. 2.500 seedlings are

Medium price/ seedling =0.6 euro + VAT.
The medium price of the investment is abt. 5000 euro:
5000 euro field of 5000 m2 ; 2.500*0.6= 1500 euro
No Equipment




5000 euro

5000 m2

5.000 euro

Maintenance first year costs:up to 1500-1800

1 euro.
0.6 euro +
1.500 euro
Total value

6.500 euro

Our essence all over the world.

Initial investment :

Funding sources
No Funding source

Percent ( % )


1 Own contribution


5.200 euro

2 Non refundable
external funds


1.300 euro


6.500 euro

The establishment of the plantation

Rosa Damascena roses can grow almost
anywhere in Romania and are not demanding in
terms of altitude or soil, high temperatures or low

For a rich flowering the plant needs

temperatures around 15-30 C. In Romania Rosa
Damascena is continuously blooming from late
May to late June, just when we have these optimal

We must clean the plantation of weeds

through a deep plowing during the summer when
the weeds are green and repeated disking at the
appearance of new weeds.

We will plant the roses in autumn because

it's the best time for a rich culture.

For a good development of the plant in the

first year after planting, in very hot periods
without rain we will use, once a weak, at least 10
liters of water to irrigate each plant.

In the 2nd year after planting, irrigation

frequency may be reduced.

Very important is proper drainage for excess

rainwater to drain from the plantation. If water
will puddles several days in a row, the plant roots
begin to rot.

The plant needs a vegetative resting period

before flowering, a naturally requirement fulfilled
due to low winter temperatures in our country.

The harvesting
The harvesting of flowers is in the early morning when the
flowers open up.

During the top period of flowering the picking of flowers

may continue until the afternoon so that all the flowers that
reached maturity will be collected.

The harvesting is made in canvas bags and transferred

immediately in wicker baskets or boxes well ventilated. After
harvesting, the flowers must be processed as quickly as
possible to prevent their fermentation. Flowers stored for more
than 12 hours lost half of their properties.

The sweetness

Bulgarians are famous for their prescriptions, but they don`t

disclose anything in the way of preparation of this product.

We contacted several individuals using such recipes. We

received several, but none of them was to our liking. We have
but wemost
didn`t liked the taste or appearance of
product obtained.
a foundation

provided us the details

and information. We finally
got to get our recipe. We
dosed the amount of
petals during boiling,
soaking and the
ingredients and got the
desired products as taste,
appearance and quality.
Now we are happy of the
sweetness and syrup that
we will produce and ready

Estimated revenues
Thus, we cultivate on an area of 5000 m with
2500 seedlings from which we will obtain 20.000 jars
of sweetness- 2.5 euro each , 10.000 bottles of
syrup- 3 euro each and 6000 bottles of vinegar- 2
euro each.


estimated revenues : 92.000 euro


jars of
syrup bottles




2.5 euro

50.000 euro


3 euro

30.000 euro


2 euro

12.000 euro

Our essence all over the world.

Financial statements :

The amount of operational costs

The land where we cultivate organic products,

according to the laws in force, must be certified by MA,
which involves paying an annual fee of 400 euro.
No Costs

Operational costs


Costs for energy, water



Personnel costs, including

Personnel costs, including
Public relation and marketing

85 euro
15 euro
33 euro

1.200 euro

1.020 euro
180 euro
400 euro

14.400 euro

We will have to work more to

cultivate green products, but it will be
worth it. We will work manually, using
manure as a fertilizer and for treatments
we will use plant-based solutions. For
example for fleas we will sprinkle with a
solution made of nettles or chili.

For the next year we will increase the

cultivated areas and therefore
production and processing.
We intend to expand our product
portfolio with water and rose oil, to
expand our product range, to
collaborate with different manufacturers
of pharmaceutical and cosmetics.

Our essence all over the world.

For the future..

Our essence all over the world.