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3D Objects

Subject : T0934 / Multimedia Programming Foundation
Session : 12-13
Tahun : 2009
Versi : 1/0

Coordinate Systems

• Right-hand rule

Bina Nusantara

z coordinates to represent a 3D object width. Coordinate Systems • Use x. and length • Left-handed coordinate system  x positive to the right • Right-handed coordinate system (default for Java)  x positive to the left or z positive toward the viewer Y Y Y Z Z X X X Bina Nusantara Z .y. height.

and z are all zero in values. y. usually located inside the object. Object Coordinates • Geometric center  the point in object where x. • Object coordinates start from its geometric center Y Z X Bina Nusantara .

World Coordinates • Coordinates that shows how the objects are located in relation to the 3D world they are in Y Z Bina Nusantara X .

3D Model • Vertices (Vertex for singular)  corner points of an object • Edges  lines which connect the vertices Surface/face Vertex Edge Hidden line Hidden surface Bina Nusantara .

commonly called a mesh Bina Nusantara . 3D Polygon • A closed figure created by three or more vertices connected with edges • Simplest polygon  triangle • Complex 3D shapes can be decomposed into a collection of triangles.

Bina Nusantara . Objects are 3D Rendering view converted to view space to know coordinates what is visible on the screen. project the view coordinates Convert to into 2D coordinates that map 2D Rendering screen directly to viewport (window or coordinates rectangle which limits the visibility of 3D world). Displaying 3D Model Create 3D Modeling model in object space Convert to Transformation world space coordinates commonly called "eye space" or Convert to "camera space”.

3D Transformation • Position (translation) x’ • Size (scaling) 1 0 0 tx x y’ 0 1 0 ty y • Orientation (rotation) z’ = 0 0 1 tz * z • Shapes (shear) 1 0 0 0 1 1 Z t Bina Nusantara X .

Rendering • Process of converting the 3D model into an on-screen 2D image Calculate the appearance of object’s different faces Convert faces into a 2D form Send the result to the video card Bina Nusantara .

Rendering Bina Nusantara .

Rendering Bina Nusantara .

3D Rendering Techniques • Flat shading • Phong shading • Lambert shading • Gouraud shading • Texture mapping • Bump mapping • Cel shading • Raytracing • Radiosity Bina Nusantara .

Flat & Phong Shading • Flat Shading  membentuk 3D object dari irisan terhadap permukaan object • Phong Shading  Flat Shading yang lebih smooth Bina Nusantara .

Lambert Shading • Membentuk 3D object dengan mengatur intensitas cahaya pada permukaan object Bina Nusantara .

Gouraud Shading • Membentuk 3D object dengan efek pemantulan cahaya Bina Nusantara .

Texture & Bump Mapping • Texture Mapping  membentuk 3D object dengan menambahkan rincian. tekstur permukaan. atau warna • Bump Mapping  Texture Mapping yang mengikuti detail natural (sebenarnya) Bina Nusantara .

Cel Shading • Membentuk 3D object menggunakan goresan tangan (terlihat sederhana). biasanya digunakan untuk kartun • Bagian dari non-photorealistic (gambar tidak menyerupai nyata) Bina Nusantara .

• Bagian dari photorealistic (gambar menyerupai nyata). merupakan metode rendering tingkat tinggi Bina Nusantara . Ray Tracing • Membentuk 3D object melalui penelusuran arah cahaya pada setiap piksel permukaan object.

Radiosity • Membentuk ruang dari object 3D dengan algoritma tertentu agar tampak nyata • Biasa menjadi kelanjutan dari ray tracing Bina Nusantara .

Multimedia Network Communications Subject : T0934 / Multimedia Programming Foundation Session : 13 Tahun : 2009 Versi : 1/0 .

Multimedia Network Communication • Similar to computer network communication where both deal with data communication • The different is multimedia data is known as continuous media. which is : – Voluminous – Real-Time and interactive – Sometimes burst Bina Nusantara .

Quality of Service (QoS) • Collective effect of service performances that determined the degree of satisfaction of that service’s user • QoS for multimedia data transmission depends on many parameters such as : – Data Rate – Latency (maximum frame/packet delay) – Packet loss or error – Jitter (delay jitter) – Synchronize-skew Bina Nusantara .

affordable mobile network • Common programming language for mobile multimedia application  Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) Bina Nusantara . Mobile Multimedia • Multimedia information exchange over wireless networks or wireless Internet. • Increase in usage and development because : – popularity and evolution of mobile computing devices – fast.

Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) • Originally created in order to deal with the constraints associated with building applications for small devices • Collection of technologies and specifications that can be combined to construct a complete Java runtime environment specifically to fit the requirements of a particular device or market Bina Nusantara .

J2ME elements provides the most basic set of libraries and virtual machine configuration capabilities for a broad range of devices Java ME profile a set of APIs that support a elements narrower range of devices optional a set of technology- package specific APIs Bina Nusantara .

Java Platform Bina Nusantara .

J2ME Configurations • Divided into two base configurations : – Connected Limited Device Configuration (CLDC) . often with a wireless. often • a device that can support battery operation. type of network. a complete JVM • Connectivity to some implementation. for small mobile devices – Connected Device Profile (CDC) for more capable mobile devices like smart-phones and Set-Top- Boxes. CLDC CDC • 128K to 512K total • At least 512K ROM and memory available 256K RAM • Limited power. intermittent connection and limited bandwidth Bina Nusantara .

residential gateways. routers. J2ME Profiles • Personal Profile – suitable for products that require full AWT compatibility and applet support (high end PDAS and embedded web browsers) • Foundation Profile – support resource-constrained devices without a standards-based GUI system (network printers. provides a standard Java runtime environment for today's most popular mobile information device for mobile information devices (cellular phones and two- way pagers. and PDAs) Bina Nusantara . enterprise-class server applications) • Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) – A profile. when combined with CLDC.