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The Sign of The Creator

The sign of Allah in this Universe

• Introduction
– Can we find an explanation for the great
– Is there any convincing interpretation of the
secret of its existence?
– We realize that no family can function without
head, no city can prosperously exist without
good administration and we also realize that
nothing comes into being on its own.
• We see
– The universe exist and function in the most orderly manner
– It has survived perhaps billion of years .
• Can we
– Say all this is accidental and haphazard?
– Attribute the existence of man and whole world is a mere chance?
• This showing
– There is a designing will behind our existence and there are n
extraordinary power to bring thing into being and keep them moving
in order.
• There various way to know Allah. Allah has sent down His
messengers and revelation to tell us everything we need to
know about our creator.
• Islam enjoins faith in the oneness and sovereignty of Allah
which makes man aware of the meaningfulness of the
• This belief frees the human being from all fears and
superstition as it makes him conscious of the presence of
• Al-Quran is the revealed words of Allah and the
basic source of Islamic teaching and laws
• It deals with creeds, morality, history of
relationship in all aspect, it contain comprehensive
teachings of which can be built sound system and
social justice, economic.
• Even more than that Al-Quran proves the
existence of God via its discovery of the world
creation and the nature of life. Let us look.
Sign of Creator
• Creation of the universe
– It was explained by astrophysicist and astronomers that the
creation of the universe is popularly known as “Big Bang”.
– According to the Big Bang the whole universe initially is a
big mass.
– Then there was a big bang which resulted in the formation
of galaxies and divided into
Creation of the universe

• Allah said surah Al-Anbiya’ verse 30

– Do not the unbelievers see that the heavens and
earth were joined together ( as one unit of
creation) before we close them asunder ( to
broken violently)
Creation of the universe

• The spherical of the earth

– In the early time people believed that the earth
is flat. For centuries people were afraid to
venture out too far, lest they should fall the
– Sir Francis Drake was the first person who
proved that the earth is spherical when he sailed
around it in 1597.
Creation of the universe

• The alternation of the day and night Allah

said in Surah Luqman verse 29
– See you oh Muhammad that Allah merge the
night into the day, and the day into the night
and subjected each the moon and sun running
its course of appointed and Allah is All Aware
of what you do.
Creation of the universe

• Merging here is means the night slowly and

gradually changes to day and vice versa.
• This phenomenon can only take place if the
earth was flat and there would have a
sudden change from night to day.
Creation of the universe

• Allah has alluded in His statement in the Holy

Book. Surah Az-Zumar
– He created the heavens and the earth with truth. He
makes the night overlap the day and the day overlap
the night. And He has subjected the sun and the
moon, each running for an appointed term. Verily,
He is the Almighty and the oft forgiving.
Creation of the universe

• The Arabic word used to mention about overlap or

coil is kawwara, the word also used to describe the
way of turban is rounded the head.
• The overlapping and coiling can only be seen if
the earth is spherical.
• The earth is not exactly round like a ball but geo
spherical it is flattened at the pole
• Allah said Surah An-Naziat verse 29.
After that He spread the earth
Creation of the universe

• The sun rotates

– For long time European Philosophers and
scientist believed the earth stood still in the
center of the universe and every body including
sun moved around it
– However in 1512, Nicholas Copernicus put
forward new theory of planetary motion, which
asserted that the sub is motionless at the center
solar system with the planets revolving around it.
Creation of the universe

• In 1609, German scientist Yohannus Keppler

published the Astronomia Nova. He conclude in this
book that the planet not only rotate around the Sun (in
curve shape or elliptical) but they also rotate upon
their axes at irregular speed.
• Allah said: Surah Al-Anbiya’ verse 23.
It is He who created the night and the day. The Sun and the
Moon. All ( the celestial body) swim along each in its
rounded course.
Creation of the universe

• The Arabic word used in the above verse is

yusbahun, the is derived from sabaha it carries the
idea of motion It is swimming through space
• In fact, Scientist discover that the sun travel through
space at roughly 150 mile per second and take about
200 million of years to complete one revolution.
• Allah said: surah Yasin
It is not permitted to the Sun to catch up the moon nor
can the night outstrip the day, each just swims
along its own orbit
• The scientific evidences of the Quran clearly
prove its Divine Origin.
• No man could produced a book 1400 years ago
that would contain profound scientific facts to be
discovered by humankind centuries later.
• The Quran however is not a book of science but a
book of “SIGN” these sign invite man to realize
the purpose of his existence on earth and to live in
harmony with nature.