Vocab Week 1

• Vocabulary Based Learning. • We will be having a Quiz on these 17 vocabulary words at the end of the Week!

GOAL 1: The New Nation (1789-1820)

• 1. Judiciary Act - This law established the interior federal courts. • 2. Bill of Rights - These amendments provided individual guarantees against possible abuses of power by the federal government. • 3. Hamilton’s Economic Plan Created the National Bank, protective tariffs, paid off national debts.

• 4. Whiskey Rebellion - The refusal of a group of farmers to pay the federal excise tax on whiskey in 1794. • 5. Democrat-Rep. -An opposition party, which supported Jefferson and tried to elect candidates in different states who opposed Hamilton’s program. Supported a strict interpretation of the constitution.

• 6. Federalists - Supported the constitution and a strong federal government. • 7. Revolution of 1800 - A peaceful shift of control in the federal government to Jefferson’s party the democratic-republicans. • 8. Midnight Judges - Last minute appointees by the Federalist President John Adams.

• 9. Laissez-faire - Jefferson’s economic policy; noninterference by government into business.
– Leave it alone.

• Marbury v. Madison - John Marshall ruled that Marbury had a right to his commission according to the Judiciary Act of 1789, but the Act was unconstitutional; Marbury was not given his commission. The Supreme Court was given the right to
– Policy of Judicial Review
• Federal Govt. was strengthened.

• 11. John Marshall - Appointed Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Served in this position for 34 years.

• 12. Louisiana Purchase
– More than doubled the size of the United States – it removed a foreign presence from the nation’s borders; – it guaranteed the extension of the western frontiers beyond the Mississippi; it opened the Mississippi River for farmers to use (eco. Dev.) Jefferson and others did not believe buying land was constitutional.

• 13. Alien and Sedition Acts
– Cause: the XYZ Affair; authorized the president to deport any aliens considered dangerous and to detain any enemy aliens in time of war. – Also made it illegal for newspaper editors to criticize either the president or Congress; results: the Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions.

• 14. VA & KY Resolutions
– Response to the Alien and Sedition Acts; issued the idea of nullification where a state could nullify the federal law. Written by Jefferson and Madison.

• 15. Farewell Address
– Washington stressed US neutrality where the US should not become involved in European Affairs, – against the US making “permanent alliances” in foreign affairs, – not to form political parties and to avoid sectionalism.

• 16. Jay’s Treaty - Britain agreed to evacuate its post on the US western frontier. Treaty angered American supporters of France, but did maintain neutrality. Led to Pinckney’s Treaty. • 17. Adams-Onis Treaty - In 1819, US gained Florida from Spain.

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