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The motif that runs through these paintings is that of the relationship of
landscapes to my essence. The meaningful relationships of color, form and
structure as well as the subjects of the paintings bring to my consciousness
those memories of beauty and pain, which touch my soul.

The connection between Earth, the trees and grass and rock that
obtain their nourishment from her on the one hand, and the relationship
between Woman/Man and Earth, on the other hand is one that I have dealt
with over the years in my works. The symbolic closeness between the two
has represented a recurring theme. The representation of a creative force
resultant from the union of the two, as well as the unfortunate destructive
force that often results, continues to this day.

Shoshana Ernst
September 1, 2006
The Landscape of the Soul
Shosh Ernst’s vivid, fresh series of paintings presents open-wide, sensual and expressive
landscapes. The loveliness of the drawings allows the viewer to experience the beauty of physical
sights and sites captured by the eye of the artist, and in so doing witness the beauty of the landscape
of her soul. Outer space joins inner space and the eye follows the artist brush and moves naturally
from the beauty of the view to the beauty and the mystery of its recollection, stamped in color and
The paintings showing Israeli scenes - reveal the artist’s power in rendering effortlessly
the desired reconciliation of the material and spiritual worlds. The light which glimmers over the sky
and grows brighter and brighter as it reaches the fine line of the horizon, encourages the observer to
go one step further and cross the realm of the senses. When the scene includes a figure (and it
rarely does) the human body seems to be engraved in natural materials like stones and trees making
wild nature look as if it, too, is endowed with human inspiration. The talent that makes the cello
player merge with his musical instrument is expounded with the same grace in the illustrations of
open fields, making one realize it is the heavenly music of nature he is attuned.
The joyful melody of nature is reflected through bright, gay colors, dominated by crimsons,
deep and light blues and cool greens and dotted with spring-like touch of yellows and pinks. In her
powerful brush movement, Shosh Ernst crystallizes the elemental forces of nature: a flash of fire, a
rush of wind, a reflection of the restlessness of water and the ever- comforting embrace of earth.

Dr. Amira Eran