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Call & Discernment
1. Few Details of mine , childhood, schooling, college & church Knowing
2. My Achievements & Failure About
3. Challenge & aim in my life God
4. Coming close to God through church activities
5. Listening to call of god through people and later turning my aims / goals
6. Family relationship breakup
7. Job Search
8. Jesus Youth activities
9. Initial God experience
10. Become active in Jesus Youth Encountering
11. Fulltimership with
12. Listening to voice of God clearly and getting different spiritual signs God
13. Finally convinced about Call after time of discernment
14. Following the path of holiness
15. Joining priesthood
God /
Name & Surname: Vignan Das Gangula

Bachelors’ in Computer Applications (BCA)

Masters’ in Information Systems (MSc(IS))
NCC “C” Certificate – YSC 1999

Professional Experience:
Worked in different responsibilities in IT Sector,
Software Engineer by profession – 4 years
Retired as Assistant Manager (Quality).
In Jesus Youth:
Aware of JY from 2001,
Part of JY Family from 2004
Active in JY from 2005,
Super active in different ministries in AP 2006
JY International fulltimer (2nd batch) 2007-08, Thailand
Central Fulltimer for India (16th Batch)
Studying for Priesthood from 2009 (for & through JY)
Nationality : Indian
State : Andhra Pradesh
City : Vijayawada
Mother Tongue : Telugu

Father: Devesahayam Gangula. Mother: Jhansi Rani

Elder Sister: Amala Younger Brother: Chaitanya

Religion: Catholic from 3 generations

About my name:
My dad decided “Vignan Das” name for his first born
male child and my mother gave birth to first male child in
1978-79 and he died immediately after birth and even
now my dad use to mourn for his eldest son. After that
God blessed my parents with girl child and he gave her
mother Mary’s name as “Amalodhbavi” means
Immaculate etc. Later God heard prayers of my parents
and I was born (1982) and my dad gave the name
Vignan Das as he decided for his first born male child.
My name is combination of 2 person’s names, my
grandfather Swamy Das and my grandmother Mary
Gnanamma. He took Gnan from my grandmother’s
name and Das from grandfather’s name and added V
(V + Gnan + Das) and called my name as
Vignan Das, (Means Servant of Wisdom). But my aunty
(atta) cut short my name in to GV, first letters from
Surname Gangula and 1st name Vignan. And everyone
in family called me GV.
Presentation in church

First born male child of my parents died immediately after birth,

when I was born my grandmother (mother’s mother – Kandru
Anjamma)took me to church and offered / presented me to God
according to the tradition / culture of that village (Nidamarru¸20
Kms from Vijayawada). My mother’s family goes to Lutheran
church and after presenting me to God; she bought me back by
paying some money to the church. (Eg: Luke 2:22-24, Ex 13:2.12,1
Sam 1:24-28, Num 3:47-48 etc.). According to Genetic engineering a
psychological theory, nearly 30% of person’s nature and his
destination is decided at the early days of his childhood and as we
look in Moses’ life, how he was saved and raised miraculously etc.
I too feel, this presentation of mine to God turned to be lifelong
commitment to God through Church (as Priest).
Satan tried to kill me many times through various attacks in different times

•when I was one year old, I was very sick and my parents thought I will die soon, they
had took a photo also thinking I will be no more, but miraculously I was healed and back
to health.
•When I was 4 years old I fell in water pond in church campus and I was fully
drowning, I felt I am about to die, I think I was there in water drinking water and going
down and down for few minutes but somehow God rescued me by bringing out from
water through one person.

•When I was 12 years old. One day we all children were

playing on top of our house (we don’t have boundary
protection wall on our slab) and somehow I started moving
on the edge of our building during a game and I fell down
behind the house and all children’s started shouting
thinking that I am dying, because behind our house
there is bamboo house with strong and sharp sticks
pointed in that direction, while I was going down in air, I
felt somehow I have some kind of support (means
someone is lowering me down with a rope etc.) to the
surprise of everyone I landed safely on my foot without
any harm and I feel God send his invisible angels to
protect me from that accident.
Dull in Studies studies, 1st class twice.

1st class in Telugu Medium, RCM School, Pezzonipet, Vijayawada.

1st class in English Medium, Rock Memorial School, Khairatabad, Hyderabad.
Active in Extra Circular activities

1st prize in
competitions as
part of
celebrations ‘83

1st prize in Catechism

during 1st class.
See Good Sheppard photo
Childhood Days
Childhood Days
Acting in skits
during school days
Brought up in
Catholic Family
4 Years as

Altar Boy
From 4th to 7th Class
Due to my mother’s pressure in 4th standard I joined as altar boy
and continued till 7th standard.

Once I was holding Bishop’s staff during the mass (as altar
boy) somehow I fall down on bishop holding the staff and
after some time I came to my senses when people took me
behind the altar.
I can say it’s like Charismatic Experience

During 5th class one day while I was

keep priests’ vestments I felt like
wearing them but somehow I said to
myself, only if I become priest I will
wear the vestments. So when I look
back priesthood desire is there in my
heart from the beginning.
I joined 3rd standard in Jyothi Bala mandir
English medium school and till then I was
promoted class to class only with
attendance but from 4th standard onwards I
started improvement in my studies (duller
to average and intelligent etc). I was very
active in cultural competitions, dance etc.
And I am also opposition group leader for
class leader group who belong to other
tuition and we use to have lot of group
JBM school photo
fighting’s in the class and eventually these
childish fighting’s became very serious and
I thought I have to teach them a lesson.
And I decided to join 10th standard
immediately after finishing my 7th
standard in 1995-96 and there is
another reason also for my jump to
10th class, some of the students use
to tease me that I have failed many
classes and studying with juniors and
I am duller in studies etc.,
Even my height & weight also added to their comments, even
some of my relatives use to call me Agnan (duller) instead of
calling me with my original name Vignan (which means Wisdom)
and one day I went to shopping with my Dad and we came
across one of his colleague and he asked my father what I am
studying and my father said to them that I am doing 8th
standard, but at that time I was studying only 6th standard, but
my physical appearance looks like matured boy and to avoid all
other doubts my dad said lie to him and I felt very bad in my heart
and thought for a while
I felt I am troubling everyone even my family members and I am facing these kind
of comments from my own classmates so I took a decision to Jump or skip 8th &
9th classes and join directly 10th standard and for this decision my dad supported me
and I joined in Probhoda Public school in Machavaram , we can call this as a big tuition
centre rather than calling it a school. Here I am most intelligent student and I am leader
for the school. Somehow God heard the prayers of my family and he blessed me
(when the results came I am in Velakanni with my whole family praying for my
results)and I got first division (64%) and everybody was surprised with this and
most of the people didn’t know that I joined 10th immediately after 7th class and in
the eyes of people I become a hero
Andhra Loyola College
When I was 15 years old, I was very much depressed of my performance in 1st year
Intermediate (quarterly & half-yearly Exams) and except languages I failed in all other
subjects and Loyola college vice-principal asked me to bring my parents and they both
refused to come and I lost my hope and I came to a conclusion that I can’t study
anymore and it’s better to Die than to be reason for other to laugh. So I decided to
commit suicide (because of failure in studies) and I went to put my head in railway train
and while I was walking from singnagar to gunadala track in between I saw a snake
which was cut in two parts and I ran to home from that spot and somehow escaped from
that. Later I took poison and mixed with food and ate during the lunch time in
college and I felt from tomorrow onwards no need to come to college because I
am going to die and soon poison started working within me and I started vomiting
etc. And somehow I came to home in evening and my condition is become worse, my
mother asked me shall we go to Hospital, I refused
she told me to go to church so
that I can feel better because of
adoration is there that day. I
felt before dying if we go and
pray to god we will directly go
to heaven. So I went and
prayed for some time and
asked forgiveness to god and
couldn’t bear the pain and so
came back home
after sometime and I was rolling down on bed because of pain and my
grandmother took me to hospital and doctor gave me some antibiotic injection
without knowing what exactly reason for my vomiting and by the time I came
home my dad was there and my mom told him that I might be depressed
because of exams result and spoiling health and my dad told me that I have
already gained 2 years by jumping 7th to 10th standard last year and he told
even if you study intermediate twice you are not going to lose much, just take
lightly and with these comforting words I got little hope but it is already too late
and while I was thinking like this I went in to coma (deep sleep).
and after sometime I was
listening voices similar to my
sister and grandmother and I
was thinking in my mind “how
come these people also came
to heaven?”
But after sometime with great difficultly
I opened my eyes and came to my
senses and realized that I am alive
and didn’t died and I remembered the
consoling words of my dad and told to
myself that studies is not just life,
life is more than studies and for
every life there should be a reason
and we should not die for simple
reasons like this and I decided if I
pass inter I will go to further studies
or else join Indian Air Force with
10th class qualification and if
needed die serving the country.
Later I joined Bachelors
degree in Computer
application in satavahana
college in 1999-2002 and
continued my NCC Air wing
through Sidhartha college
campus completed C certificate
and even attended All India
Vayu sainik camp in 1999 and I
but somehow during my degree 2nd year I use to apply and write NDA
became active in church activities exams etc., I was just waiting
which diverted my whole career thought
in another direction (towards
to finish my degree and join
priesthood), and I am OK with my studies in armed forces
and I was involved in rotract club politics
(college division of Rotary club) and also
very active in cultural activities specially in
college anniversaries and other function
and I have participated in university level
competitions too finally I got again first
division 63% and finished my degree.
Satavahana College Anniversary
Later I was forced to study Masters in Information Systems in
Sir CR Reddy college and even the admission itself is a great
miracle and I can say it’s a God’s plan that I should study this
course till that time there is no seat in NCC quota but at the last
minute everything changed and I am first person to join in that
college and 2nd in university to join that course that year. This time
subjects are really tough but somehow I managed. During days of
my post graduation (2002 – 04) I used to travel from Vijayawada
to Eluru by train, I cleared exams & secured first division(73%).
During my post graduation (2002 – 04)
I used to travel from Vijayawada to
Eluru by train (60 Km, 1 hour journey)
and sometimes during morning when I
was late I use get in to train at Jack
N Jill school play ground area while
train is moving not much fast and
many students use to get in to train
and get down from train like
that and one day while I was coming to getting in to
the train (Prashanth , my MSc IS classmate) was
shouting get in soon etc. And train was little fast and
somehow I got the hold of iron rod near gate but lost
control of legs and I just slipped down. In a fraction
of second I got little support to my leg and my body
is fully shivering and somehow I balanced and
slowly got down from the moving train and really
God rescued me from going down the wheels of
moving train, if that happened I would have died on
Even though Satan tried to kill me when many ways,
I always experienced God’s protection as he promised is Psalms 91
Manishannka kasintha
Kala Poshana vundali
A Diologue in Muthyalamuggu- Telugu movie

If you are a Human being,

You should have a taste for Arts

Jesus came to this world,

to give Life and life in fullness
John 10:10
Every good and perfect gift (talent)
is from above,
coming down from the Father of the
heavenly lights James 1:17
Fashion Show
In April 2001 I went to vizag to attend
baptisim celebrations of my Aunt’s
family and after seeing youth choir in
vizag(my aunt’s parish) (After 4 years
of gap) I was inspired to come back to
church activities and also I want to
support my brother for singing

During my degree 2nd year (2001) I came back to church activities as choir leader
and I was singing for evening mass and I started learning Guitar, Keyboard and
sometimes play cango etc. I was elected as liturgical secretary and I refused to be a
president of YSM as my interest is only in spiritual activities. While I was singing many
people came and told me I am very spiritual and singing nice and most of them told me
to think about to become priest and those time I was also attracted to charismatic
spirituality and use to go to retreats as a singer to help the team etc. and this is the time I
also came to know about Jesus youth too. After listening from many people, I started
thinking serious about priesthood.
I have sung many songs for Devotional Albums and I sung for TV channel also in 2005
I even uploaded many catholic songs in site in 2006 but from 2009 onwards
that domain stopped working. I have uploaded many Gospel videos in YouTube site
Video of the above if possible
I repeat, no one should consider me foolish; but if
you do, accept me as a fool, so that I too may boast
a little. What I am saying I am not saying according
to the Lord but as in foolishness, in this boastful
state. Since many boast according to the flesh, I too
will boast. 2 Cor 11: 16-18

Who is weak, and I am not weak? Who is led to

sin, and I am not indignant? If I must boast, I
will boast of the things that show my
weakness. The God and Father of the Lord
Jesus knows, he who is blessed forever, that I
do not lie.
2 Cor 11: 29-31

I was born guilty, a sinner, even as

my mother conceived me.
Psalms 51:7 (NAB)
I was very active in church activities from 2001 onwards which indirectly lead
me to think about Priesthood and this desire continued, while I was doing my
Post Graduation in Eluru I use to go visit PIME Seminary and Adoration
monastery in eluru frequently.
After discerning 3 years (2001-04),
I decided to Serve God and Die for God
and to become a Priest.
After discerning for 3 years, I felt I should say
my desire to my Dad and one fine day during
May 2004 after my PG Exams, I took courage
and I told my Dad that I want to become

He was fully disturbed and told me to wait for

3 more years (doing JOB etc.) and stop all
Church (spiritual) activities and if still priestly
call is coming, then it is genuine and I will
send you.

But with this incident our relationship has broken, until

then we both were very close and friendly. After this
we both stopped talking to each other.

He gave Voluntary Retirement for His Job in Dec


But, My Dad don’t want to send me Hyd to search software Jobs, he is afraid
that I may straight away go to Seminary from hyd. He stopped me for few
months and in Jan 2005 I came to Hyd with Rs.4,000 in my hand and my dad
told me if you get Job with before finishing this money stay back in Hyd or else
come back to Vja and do small job.
But I took this as a challenge and I believe that God can give me Job and I
started my faith journey. My plan is very simple. I have 40 hundreds in my
hand, it is easily understood 1 day 1 hundred will finish in hyd and I planned
within 10 days, I will try to get Job and on 11th day I will start working,
even it is small Job of min Rs.3,000/- (But a office Job and relating to IT etc..).
And after 30 days they will give salary and by this time 40 days will finish and
40 hundreds also finish and I can live with my salary on 41st day.

It is really a challenging situation, I started searching Job

and 10 days passed no job and I was crying and praying to
God, but nothing happening. But after 13th day, I got job in
Brigade Corporation, it’s a BPO and I was selected for
Techinical Support for HP Products (chat support). I was
very much excited and they are offering 10K, but I was
expecting only 3k as I said, that time I didn’t that much
negotiating skills so I asked them 7k (because I dont want
to loose Job, so I quoted less amount) and after 26 days
they gave me salary as it is Feb month.

As I said 14 + 26 == 40 and 41st day I was living with my

salary and my dad’s condition (rule) I passed and that’s how
I got Job and remained in Hyderabad.
When I was working in
I am close contact with
Jesus Youth in Hyderabad
and I use to go to
JY Prayer Group
In Sananth Nagar
About JY Promo video
In 2001 I came to know about Jesus Youth my friend
(Intermediate classmate), he got B.Tech seat in Kerala and
there he joined in JY and whenever he comes to Vijayawada
and he make sure to meet me and let all the news of JY and I
was very much excited to know and just waiting to attend a
program, I have started a prayer group in my parish with his
guidance, but very soon it died. But I use to visit JY Website
regularly from 2001 onwards and Denny gave me Sing
halleluiah hymn book and Power and some Rexband song and I
waited for 3 years and in 2004 I attended first JY program.

Denny’s photo
After attending 3 hours JY
program in 2004, I continued to
go to JY prayer group In
sanathnagar and in Oct 2005, I
got opportunity to attended first
complete JY Program. JY
National Conference ‘05.

After the Program I was charged

up and felt I should be active in
Immediately after coming from JY Conference
I created a Website for JY Andhra Pradesh

With this initiative I became active in JY and

I came in focus to the JY Leaders in AP

Now, Even if I want to skip from JY

People are calling me (follow up etc..)
One fine day, I got a call from one lady she
told me, that she is calling from Virinchi
Technologies and it’s a software company.
I thought she is fooling me, because I never
knew this company or applied to it. I said I
am not interested, but she requested me
so much to come for interview. I said (In a
demanding tone) Ok I will come, Even
When I went I had no thoughts of moving
from Brigade and I had 2 rounds (only one
question… Tell me about yourself) and when
I finished, they offered me twice what I am
getting in brigade and I was happy Now I I didn’t applied or did any effort from my
joined in a pure software company. side, this offer came to me and I joined on
1st Feb 2006 (after one year I came to Hyd).
Frankly speaking I don’t have big work in
virinchi except going in nights and taking
phones calls from client and do some
database updating once in blue moon.

I was using this time to develop JY Sites

and telugu auidio bible, learn telugu
programs and many other internet related
JY initiatives and getting salary from
Day by Day I slowly started
becoming active in Jesus Youth.
Translating the sessions in Telugu
(Local Language)
Translating JY Materials , songs and
helping the fulltimers

Being available for the Jesus youth

programs etc.
Moving to Hyderabad to Vijayawada
and to other parts of AP for JY
Programs / visits etc.. Sanctify me song in Telugu

I attended growth retreat in April 2006 organized by JY

One day I received call from my mother and she was crying
and telling me about some family problems etc., I sat in
prayer and I was very angry (on God) and immediately I
started fighting with Lord. I was shouting at Jesus Picture
“Why are you allowing all these things in my family
(troubles, quarrellings, No Peace etc)” and “why are you
not answering for my prayers? (To become Priest etc...) “

Suddenly something struck in my mind; I felt that I’ve

heard some one speaking to me with same speed how I
was shouting (with a commanding voice)

First line/ word / message is

“I have given you so many Talents “ (in English)

With out knowing who is speaking?

(As I was very angry and simply shouting at sacred heart picture)
I answered “Yes, you gave me lot of talents and I am using it fruitfully “. (in English)
Then once again I heard that person shouting at me with commanding voice
(Like we speak in reply for very hot argument)
Jesus Youth ki yendhuku cheyatledhu ? (In Telugu language with improper
It means “for Jesus Youth Why not doing? “ (Why are you not doing for Jesus
I stopped this time. Took a break for 10
seconds and saw here and there to see
who spoke to me these 2 sentences and
there is no second thought in my mind and
I am fully convinced at that point of time
that GOD had SPOKEN to me as I was
sitting alone in my flat, which is in 4th floor
and all the doors are locked from inside
and there is no chance some one to speak
like this from outside.

Immediately I stopped confronting God and begin to say “I am sorry Lord” and after
that “Thank you Lord & Praise You Lord” etc…
This is my Initial God Experience, Where I heard God’s Voice Speaking to me.
This incident happened in the month of June 2006.

From here my spiritual journey starts and I can say this initial God experience as
“Corner Stone” for all my other spiritual experiences which happened & happening
after this experience
I wrote an E-mail telling my Initial God
Experience first time with Sub: My Testimony,
Dated August 15th 2006 to JY in Hyderabad
and CC to
Later again I shared the same God
Experience and also other details like (About My
self & family details, My, How I came to JY, My contributions to JY, reasons
, & sent mail to
why I don’t want to take one year commitment etc) on 14th May 2007.

I had written a letter to my dad in September

‘07 and shared all these experiences

I even shared once again in JY Vocation application form on 17th May 2009

I shared the same God experience with many people

many times on different occasions from 2006 onwards
I was fully convinced about my God’s call and mission which is asking me to do for JY
I thought God will speak to me again and that time I want give him answer to the 2nd Qn?
I want to tell God, I have did.. This and that and put him in conversation and finally
Ask him about my Vocation (Priesthood etc.)

So I became very active and I am on fire

It’s an un controllable fire with in me
•My JY initiatives
Developed Web site for Jesus Youth Hyderabad.
Developed web site for Jesus Youth Vijayawada and entered in
Esnips, Orkut,, googlevideos and many other sites with JY

Initiated the “Learn Telugu Program” Teaching Telugu Language to JY

Leaders who know English, they can read Telugu text in English and
pronounce by listening audio file for each section starting from traditional
Catholic prayers to day to day spoken words & sentences .

Introduction Sign of the Cross Telugu words

Recorded Telugu Catholic Bible (New Testament) in Audio format and each
books (27) by chapter wise.

Mathew 1 Revelation 22

Took initiative to translate the JY material into Telugu and many JY Songs too.

Uploaded many JY Videos (including Full Rexband program) in You tube &
other Internet sites – I can claim that I’m the first one who up loaded JY Videos
in Internet, until Apr 2006 there is no JY Videos available in You tube or any
other sites etc.
I have surrendered Telugu Catholic
Audio bible to APBC Bible commission
And for that and for creating Telugu Catholic
Presence in Internet uploading Devotional
Songs and making Web sites and youth
Activities, Fr.Don Bosco nominated my name
For Best Youth award in APCYM 2009
After my Initial God Experience (where god
asked me Jesus youth ki yenduku cheyatledhu?)
I felt God is asking me to do something (promote) to
Jesus Youth in AP. I became very active in JY in AP
from August 2006 onwards and I was trying to
please God by my initiatives or work in JY
thinking God will be pleased with my work and
answer my prayer of becoming priest.

I was running very fast and none of JY in AP could run along with me and
there are so many negative comments on me (I was doing like this … Like
that etc.) Many suspicious looks on my works thinking whether I am
doing all these things for my own glory etc.

But I was not at all concentrating on others comments, because I know

what I am doing, I am doing all these JY activities or initiatives to please
God thinking that one day he will answer my prayer(i.e, Priesthood).

There are many discussion only about me in JY Hyd Service Team and One
fine day, Prakash chettan, first JY Hyd coordinator had a personal talk with me
and I explained him my God experience and why I am doing all these things with
this much speed, pain and zeal.
After listening to me he gave me
another insight which turned my
thinking pattern , “ Vignan, may be
God is asking you to become like a
Jesus youth (to live a life style of
Jesus Youth ) and not to just work for
Jesus youth. This insight really put
me in thinking and finally I said,
alright I am ready to change myself
and become a JY.
Annette, JY Hyd fulltimer (2006-07)
challenged me that I am not able to Love my
Dad and even she also has same problem
but during fulltimership there is lot of change
etc. And many times she told me that I don’t
know what is a JY and what it means to be a
fulltimer (come and stand in my shoes, then
you will know what I am going through etc.
Whatever it may be I took Prakash and
Annette’s challenges and thought of trying
once. It’s just matter of 40 days (only training,
not thought about of one year commitment)
And I thought with this fulltimership training
I may gain the trust of JY leaders , which in
turn help me to work for the ministry more
effectively with out much resistance.
So these insight led me to take up
fulltimership training and some how due to
some reasons (because I wrote that I will
only attend 40 days training and will not
take commitment as I was alredy doing in
AP and also I don`t want to loose one year
because I want to spend that year in
seminary) I was not allowed to take part
in English batch But,later I was offered chance to go to
Taize in France through JY India for
spiritual experience and I couldn’t utilized
that opportunity (because I didn`t get
passport in time).

later I got selected for JY International fulltimership and

finally after lot of struggle regarding passport and other
documents I reached Chennai for Visa to Thailand.
E-Mail on 4th July to JY Hyd ST about Passport
Passport came on 6th July
2007 (Saturday), 1 PM ,
to Vijayawada and I am in

Went to Manager (Sabari) for confirmation of leave,

he said to come on Monday (9th July)

JY IFT 07 starting on 8th July and I got 2 grace days,

I need to reach to Thailand by max on 11th July
Travel to Vijayawada – faith Journey ,
Dog Dream

Waiting in Railway station, missing 3 train and

got berth in 4th train after waiting 3 hours
(Chakry accompanied me)
Mercy meet in train and took to Simi’s house

Simi took me to travel agent and she introduced me to Marina

(Nagaland-fulltimer) and she took me to Santhome Church
On 9th July 2007, While I was sitting in
Santome (St.Thomas Tomb Chapel), I felt
God speaking to me ( Second time ,
exactly after a year ). That time God spoke
to me in a soft voice deep in my heart and
told me “ Vignan after fulltimership
training Resign the Job and take one
year fulltimership” I said NO, I was
doing all these things to become active
in JY and going fulltimership etc only
to please him and to know his will
whether I will become Priest or not. But
God is asking me to go for fulltimership, I
came out of that chapel.
E-mail on 10th July morning

Next day, I was praying in St.Thomas

mount (where St.Thomas was killed) while
was looking at Eucharistic Lord.
God started speaking to me “What is your Problem?”
I said “What about my family?”
God replied “ Your elder sister is working she is an
Asst.Professor and earning good salary, she will take care
of finance and your younger brother is there for physical
needs, even if you are in Hyd /AP there is not much use”
And God spoke to me “What next / Then what?”
I told “what about my Bond in office”
God Replied “I have given you Job and I will take care of
God spoke to me “What next / Then what?”
I told “what about my one lack loan?”
God Replied “you have Rs.40,000 in your bank and that is
sufficient to pay EMI till you finish your fulltimership and
after one year commitment you can join in job and pay
back the loan”
God spoke to me “What next / Then what?”
I told “what about the JY initiatives which I have started,
who will take care?”
God Replied “You don’t worry others will take care”
God spoke to me “What next / Then what?”
I was silent, because I don’t have
anything to say NO to fulltimership. After this
conversation with God, I was convinced that
God is asking me to go for one year JY
Fulltimership commitment and I send mail to
Manoj Sunny to add my name in people who
are taking commitment.

Finally next day I got my visa at 7PM

and I have already booked ticket for
9.30 flight and I reached airport at 9pm
and by 9.05pm my mom and dad
came to Chennai (from vijayawada) to
give me send off and that time I just
told briefly that what is this JY training
about and one year commitment etc.
But my Dad told me ,``we are happy that
you are going to Thailand, go and enjoy
and come back, no more other thoughts,
so he didn`t even gave me to tell all other
things (even I am also not serious to take
commitment as I am not interested).
I reached safely there and
one week passed in
Thailand and this time I
was asking (praying)
God, Is that you are really
speaking to me and really
calling me to commit
myself completely.
If yes, give me some solid signs
through Bible, because I am not
fully convinced with Voice and if
I reveal it to people, that God
had spoken to me and told me to
resign the job, they will laugh at
me. ( I also heard many people telling that
they got bible messages and God speak to
them etc.
I was asking God speak to
me through Bible).
I prayed for some time and opened
bible and it is Isaiah 60 Chapter and I
kept and reading and it came to 61
Chapter it says "1The Spirit of the
Lord GOD is upon me; because the
LORD hath anointed me to preach
good tidings unto the meek; he
hath sent me to bind up the
brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty
to the captives, and the opening of
the prison to them that are bound;”
I was shocked and closed bible and prayed to
God, Please reveal me once again. This time I
was asking God, please speak to me plainly,
don’t speak to me through parables and tell
me whether I have to resign my Job
and leave home for fulltimership..
This time when I opened bible, my eyes directly went to the verse
from Mathew 19:29. "And every person who leaves his house
(AP) or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or
children or fields (Job), for the sake of my name, shall receive
one hundred fold and attain Life everlasting.
After reading this verse I was all the
more troubled, because I never
thought of taking one year
commitment but I am ready to join
Seminary and one reason to attend
this training is to discern whether I will
be priest or not.

I started asking God, How can I

believe that you are speaking to me
through Bible, May these messages
came accidentally, one from OT and
other from NT (Gospel)..

I was putting God to test and asked him

if these 2 messages are coming from
you, now I will open bible 3rd time from
last pages of Bible (before Christ, Christ
& After Christ) from letters you need
to convince me that you are calling me
for one year commitment
when I prayed and opened bible I got
verse from Romans 8: 28 "And we
know that for those who love God all
things work together for good, for
those who are called according to
his purpose."

When I join all these verses (Isaiah 61:1-2, Mathew 19:29 & Romans 8: 28)

I was fully convinced that God spoke to

through bible and he is asking me to take up
one year fulltimership, But some how deep with
in my heart I am not ready as fulltimership
( this is not the priority) and Priesthood is my
desire and whenever he is speaking he is not
at all telling anything about Priesthood , but
something relating to Jesus youth.
After 7 days I share the same things with
Reji (my batch mate / room mate) and he
also felt that God is speaking to me , but he
told one thing. Vignan, Satan also knows
WOG and he plays trick with us and even
he told to Jesus “Make this stone in to
bread and eat etc... Mathew 4:3” and he
told me pray strongly to the Holy Spirit and
discern properly.
Around 29th July 2007, Already I was so confused and he added some
more. Again I sat in prayer and asked God. Lord give me one more
Confirmation and speak to me through Bible.

I was praying like this

“God give me a Sign whether you are
speaking or Satan is speaking,
I was praying like this and when I opened
bible God Showed me

Therefore the Lord himself will give you this sign: the virgin shall be with child, and bear
a son, and shall name him Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14

This verse didn’t give me any meaning, I didn`t understood and asked god, Please speak
To my plainly and this is my life`s decision, I closed bible and asked god to speak to clearl
When I opened again, same verse and I was all the more troubled (what god is speaking
Because I am not able to understand), I was reading Good News bible and after some
Seconds, I turned to left side of that bible and my eyes went to Isaiah 6:8

Isaiah 6:8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom
shall I send? Who will go for us?" "Here I am," I said; "send me!"
Even though God gave me so many confirmations / signs in many ways , I was
still not able to digest his call and still thinking whether to accept his call or not
and training completed and everybody left to their countries and Manoj Sunny (JY
Internationl Coordinator) and myself left in Thailand and I got some time to spend with
him and after the sharing.
I decided to commit myself and with that conviction and I returned to India.

But still I have some doubts and just told God “ If you are speaking to me,
a) Speak to my dad who is stopping me from many years from joining seminary and also
b) speak to my Manager (Office) as I am under 2 years Bond period (Still 6 months left).

9th August 2007, I reached India but I don't have enough courage to speak to my dad
and tell him about this. Some how after 5 days I went to Vijayawada.
13th August 2007, 8 PM my dad was waiting for my arrival and he started talking to me
and told me I can go for Fulltime commitment and he don't have any problem with my
decision" and everything happened with in 15 minutes by 8.15 PM .

Dad asked me “Did you went to Office after coming from Thailand?"
I said no, I will go after going from Vijaywada to hyderabad, may be on 16th or 17th Aug
Dad asked me one more question
“Which Country they are going to send you as a JY fulltimer? "

I just stopped for a moment and I was thinking what to say......

Then, He Moved and took one Book, It is 10th standard Catechism Book.

Title is in Telugu, which means “God’s Will and Human's Life".

And he was telling me. From last 10-15days, he was going through that book and he got
so many answers from that.

My Dad was telling that " Why God Created Human , What is the purpose of Man, What
the Role of Parents, Why and How God Calls a Person, And Man is Free etc., "

He told that after reading all that, he felt that his role is to up bring me and he should not
direct and he should leave me free and so on.....
I was simply listening and now time is 8.12 PM
After that he concluded saying,
I won't Stop you.......... You are FREE Now, Don't be Afraid ,,, Go Ahead...
Now time is 8.15 PM............... With in 15 minutes My Tension was freed..............
I didn’t say any word, my dad himself spoke everything. And with out me asking
regarding one year commitment he himself told me you can take up your fulltimership.

This experience was shared with few with subject: Big Miracle on 16th Aug 2007
If you are speaking to me,
a) Speak to my dad who is stopping me from many years from joining seminary and also
b) speak to my Manager (Office) as I am under 2 years Bond period (Still 6 months left).

on 17th August 2007, 11 AM ,I went to my Office to speak about my resignation and My

Manager was tempting me saying he will promote me as Team Leader and provide hike
in Salary. And in other way he is threatening me if you leave with in Bond period you
have to pay one lack if not at least work for 2 months etc.,

Some how I was not able to digest and My HR Manager told me to Put my
papers (Resignation E-Mail).
Then only they discuss and take decision (accept or not)

And at the same time, I got call from one of

my friend and she was telling " You became
MAD after going to Thailand, don't give
resignation, think of your family (that and this)

Again, I was in dilemma and was thinking and

asking to myself and God, "Whether I am
doing right or wrong".
That time I got one SMS from
Sudheer CJIT College and it
is picture message.
Picture is”Jesus is hanging
on the Cross” with a caption FOR ME”
At first I didn't understand the
meaning and when I read it
again, I felt that. Jesus didn't
have a second thought to give
up his life but I am so selfish
and thinking again and again to
set apart some time and some
talents exclusively for him for
just one year.

I got to my senses and wrote

“Resignation E-mail” , in which I
mentioned what all happened in
Thailand and why I am leaving Job
and my desire for priesthood and if not
willingness to come back to virinchi
after one year etc.

I shared the same mail to JY friends

on 17th Aug 2007
And next day, when I meet my HR
Manager she told they will give my
experience letter and Relieving letter
after 6 months, she asked me “Is that
fine”, I replied “Fine”. I asked her “what
about paying one lack rupees for
breaking the 2 year bond?”
She replied” you no need to pay,
you can leave freely”
If you are speaking to me,
a) Speak to my dad who is stopping me from many years from joining seminary and also b) speak to my Manager
(Office) as I am under 2 years Bond period (Still 6 months left).

God spoke to my Dad and also to my manager and every door is open and I
have to cross each door. And at last, I said YES to his call.
And I reached in Kochi, Kerala for fulltimership (as a Central fulltimer for India).

And these days I have most painful experiences, humiliations etc. (of course they all
are part of formation) But still there are many thoughts running in my mind I was telling
God, Lord I was doing all these things Just to know whether I will become a Priest
or not and I was asking God in prayer,
Lord, at least by the end of this fulltimership,
Please reveal me whether I will become Priest or not.
Something beautiful happened on 7th Dec 2007.
I was attending the Retreat in Divine Retreat Centre,
Pota and I prayed to God ,

God please give me one sign that

PRIESTHOOD CALL is there in my
life or not at least by the
end of this Retreat

I got inspiration of one testimony (story) which was told

by Bro.Vijay Solomon during retreat. One girl 34 years
got married when she prayed according Mark 11:24

And during the 2nd & 3rd day of the retreat I even
Thanked god (thinking that I was ordained as a priest
according to the Bible Verse mark 11:24 & Phil 4:6-7)
Prayed according Mark 11:24
Priest Image
Prayed according Mark 11:24
Fisher’s of men – priest
Carol – bishop

Bishop Image
Last day of the Retreat, I came early to hall and was sitting in Personal prayer.
I took bible and asked god, Lord, Give me one Promise Verse for this Day

(And this became my routine after the Bible messages which started from Thailand
Training messages like Isaiah 61, Mathew 19: 29, Romans 8:28 and Isaiah 7:14 & 6-8,
which compelled me to take the one year Commitment)

But, when I opened the Bible, God showed me

Jeremiah 16:1-2
This message came to me from the LORD:
Do not marry any woman; you shall not
have sons or daughters in this place,

I was so happy and was thanking God, because at least some

part is cleared that Marriage is not for me.

But I was asking God .Lord, please give me Clarity whether you
are calling as SINGLE or PRIEST and prayed and opened Bible.
This time God Showed me
Jeremiah 32:27
I am the LORD,
the God of all mankind!
Is anything impossible to me?

But, still there is no clarity in this verse also and I was asking God
and thanking him and asked him finally 3rd time to give me
confirmation for my call and I prayed and opened the Bible.

This time God showed me

Hebrews 7:17
For it is testified: "You
are a priest forever
according to the order
of Melchizedek."
I was so HAPPY and that I was
jumping with JOY (it’s like lot of pressure
is gone out of my mind) and it’s been a
prayer unanswered for last 6 years

I said to my self and to God that I

am taking this one year
Fulltimership as Discernment year
for my life long Commitment with
God and clarity & Confirmation
regarding that and finally God
Answered my prayer.

But still after these Bible Confirmations:

I was asking God to give me one more sign by calling my Name
from the mouth of the Priest but it didn’t happen.
During next week, I was doing the Volunteer work for Cultural
Exchange Program ‘07 and One Boy Dominic (Nagpur JY), got
Vision and he saw me in Cassock & Seminary Building etc., And
he was also thinking why Father (Priest) is not announcing this in
Inner Healing session.
But during Dinner he came and
told me about this Vision hesitatingly,
thinking how I will take it / React.

But after listening to this, My Joy has no

boundaries and this is what I am expecting,
something SOLID Proof / Confirmation from
another person and God gave me that
confirmation too. Robin & others were with me
Robin’s video when he shared this vision

I shared all these events in JY Fulltimership Feedback forms and to some JY friends
Reasons for me becoming a JY priest
During my traveling when I came to Nagpur, I meet
Br.Vinoy OP (Now priest from Dominican in Mumbai) and he
told when he decided to go for priesthood, he sat with his
Spiritual director and Elder and discerned which
congregation to join.

After I got confirmation about my call,

immediately I remembered these words. Instead
of contacting Fr.Rayapa, Rector of PIME
Seminary. I want to discern with my spiritual
pastor and elder which congregation that God is
asking me to join.

After that I told everything to My PASTOR Fr. Cherian and

he told me, before you decided anything regarding congregation
Pray and once you tell about this to Manoj Chetta, but I didn’t
took seriously and also those days Manoj chetta is busy with
“Love beyond Borders” Conferences.
When I went to second & third sittings for
my Pastoring Fr.Cherian told me again and
again, just tell Manoj chetta and JY Elders
regarding this and then take final decision. When
I asked father, he told me that JY as a Movement
is praying for Signs whether to start a JY
Vocation / Seminary / congregation or priests Fr.Cherian
specially ordained for Jesus Youth etc.
I was listening this concept second time. During
my fulltimership training, while we are in Thailand,
one night I went to Babychayan’s room and I shared
my desire about Priesthood, when I told him this
desire that time he told. Tell Manoj chetta about this
priesthood desire as JY is planning for ordaining
priests for Jesus youth etc. I got time to speak with
Manoj chetta on 6th aug 2008 and when I told him
about Priesthood desire, he suggested that I need a
spiritual pastor who can help me in discerning about
my priesthood.
During Jan & Feb ‘08 I was recollecting all the events happened in my
a) In 2003, I meet Leo Tom chetta from thrissur, he was
Ex-JYNT member during Charismatic convention in
Vijayawada and we meet casually during lunch break, we
both sat side by side and he took initiative and asked my
whereabouts and finally I told after PG I am planning to
join seminary, then he told why can’t you try one year JY
Fulltimership before you enter in seminary and you can
discern well during this time etc..
b) Finally after 5 years I landed up in fulltimership
and while I was traveling in Jabalpur diocese in
Oct 2007. I went to Junwani mission village. Very
remote village and everyday I use to travel on
mountains to reach sub stations in that parish and
catechist use to take me and they use to think that
I am Regent brother. When I tell I am a Jesus
youth Fulltimer, they couldn’t understand.
I use to tell them, I have a desire of becoming priest and after this one
year. I will join a seminary and ordain for Jesus Youth and work as Jesus Youth
priests (thinking Fr.Cherain in mind as he is JY National pastor).
c) During January 2008 while I was traveling in Tamilnadu, One
day I reached to Edore and I meet JY Pastor and he asked me
Edore what is you next plans? I answered I am discerning to join
seminary still not sure which congregation to choose. Father
asked me many questions for which I have to explain him (more
of kind sharing testimony for nearly 1 hour).

At the end of the sharing father told me, vignan I suggest you 09944188041
not to join in any congregation which is already established.
Start a new congregation for Jesus youth and I smiled and Fr.Satish msfs’s
told who am I to start, immediately father told the same Parish priest
sentence in another way “what I meant is join in a new
congregation which is relating to youth ministry”. Finally we
both had a photo and I still remember the words of that priest
“let this photo remain in History”.
d) And more than that when I come back to my “Corner Stone “
my Initial God experience, Where God is asking me
“Jesus Youth ki Yendhuku cheyatedhu?”
Which means “for Jesus Youth why not doing? “
(Why are you not doing for JY)

My 1st Interpretation  “Why are you not working for Jesus Youth?”
My 2nd Insight  “Why are you not like Jesus youth”( Life style)
Now 3rd understanding  “Why can’t you Ordain for Jesus Youth”

After discerning all these things, I was fully convinced, that God is
asking me to ordain for Jesus Youth and that’s why my Vocation got this much
delayed for 8 years as Seminary which I should be formed is not yet started
and even after fulltimership, I have to wait for my priesthood for various
reason .
But now is the time and I am have fully
convinced that God is calling for
Priesthood through Jesus Youth
Movement/Community for Catholic
Church to serve Him and His Children.

And In March 2008 itself,

I shared same insights with
many people, a few people
names I will mention here
Fr. Cherian,
Fr.James Anaparambil,
Fr.Abraham Pallivathukal,
Dr. Edward,
Mr& Mrs. Bearly Earnest,
Mr& Mrs. John Wilfred,
Deepa Saboo,
Leo Tom –and finally
to Manoj Sunny.
After prayer and discernment
I wrote letter to parents
they were shattered
Called me home,
one week spent in home
Dad requested me
to work another 3 years

On March 24th wrote to Virinchi asking Experience certificates

and also asking them If there is a chance to re-join in same company
Immediately after 20 minutes reply from COO to join back with promotion.
Little conflict with in myself whether to continue in JY ministry or not
Because all these days, I was in JY to just know whether I will become Priest or not
Now, I am clear I am going to become priest and I have to wait 3 more years
Why I should continue active ministry? (2 weeks these thought and delay in my job)

Finally accepted god’s call and joined

in JY Hyderabad Service team actively
and Continued JY ministry activities.
Cleared the Loan amount (which I
spend for Thailand and JY
programs etc..

Most of the time spent in

JY Hyderabad activities,
not much initiatives,
But lot of spiritual

Strongly prayed to God to reduce 3 years to one year

In March Resigned the Job

June 19th 2009
Joined for Priesthood
After reading the reasons for my vocation / becoming JY priest it
may seen like a fable or a fairy tale, but everything that I
recorded here had really happened in my life. I had even shared
the experiences by sending E-mails to close group of friends
chronologically. The following are the details of the E-mail

1.PALS 2004 program dairy 30th Dec 2004, where I took Decision to join JY

2. My Initial God Expereince first time I shared with Sub: My Testimony,

Dated August 15th 2006 to JY in Hyderabad and CC to

3. About My self & family details, My God Experience, How I came to JY,
My contributions to JY, reasons why I don’t want to take one year commitment
etc, I sent mail to on 14th May 2007.

4. My Second God Experience where I felt God spoke to me in Chennai

and gave me answers for all my excuses / conditions which I mentioned in my
fulltmership application, after that divine experience I wrote letter to Manoj
sunny chettan on 10th July 2007 asking him to add my name in commitment
5. How My Dad gave permission I share this
experience with manoj chetta and
with sub: Big Miracle on 16th aug 2007.

6. My Resignation letter to Office management I forwarded it to fulltimers

as they have prayed for me to get permission. Sub: Resignation Application,
dated 17/08/07.
7. Once again after I started my commitment I wrote an E-mail to Joynet
about my Jesus youth Experiences on 14th Sept 2007.

8. From September 2007 to March 2008 I have send 4 feedback forms to sharing my feelings & experiences happened on
those days.
9. I had written a letter to my dad in September ‘07 and a letter to Mom &
Dad in Jan ‘08 telling all these experiences and even I received a letter from my
dad in which he wrote why he send me for fulltimership and these letters also
shared with Jy Hyd service team members and to my fulltimership batch mates
in Sept ’07 & Jan’08.
My rejoining E-mail on 24th mar 2008 and my resignation letter on 2nd mar
2009 also shared with my friends etc.

12. I wrote an E-mail to my JY elders after completion of my one year

commitment where I wrote how things happened in one year and God spoke to
me through Bible.
Joined Priesthood and Video
Call & Discernment
1. Few Details of mine , childhood, schooling, college & church Knowing
2. My Achievements & Failure About
3. Challenge & aim in my life God
4. Coming close to God through church activities
5. Listening to call of god through people and later turning my aims / goals
6. Family relationship breakup
7. Job Search
8. Jesus Youth activities
9. Initial God experience
10. Become active in Jesus Youth Encountering
11. Fulltimership with
12. Listening to voice of God clearly and getting different spiritual signs God
13. Finally convinced about Call after time of discernment
14. Following the path of holiness
15. Joining priesthood
God /
From my experiences I can say
God can speak with us in different ways.
Humans (lay people) ( People who motivated me in Church/ parish)
Directly ( through Voice 3 times 2006 & 07)
Through Bible (from Thailand onwards 2007)
Through parents, friends & office situations (media etc..)
Through Priests and Religious (Pastors & Elders)
Through Dreams & Visions.
Listen the voice of God carefully
Discern your CALL
If it is well written and to the point,
that is what I wanted;
if it is poorly done and mediocre,
that is the best I could do.

A skilfully composed story

delights the ears of those
who read the work.
Let this, then,be the end.
2 Maccabees 15 : 38 & 39b
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E-mail :