By 2010- The Most Admired Brand in India Ø ØLoved by more customers. Ø ØTargeted with top talent. Ø ØBenchmarked by more businesses.

Airtel- Brand Perception

Andhra Pradesh
Geographic Segmentation
ØMainly Focusing Rural Areas of AP . Ø ØVery Little Mobile Penetration. Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø

Andhra Pradesh- Plans
Market Share- 36% of total Mobile users, being over 6 million in numbers.(May 2008-COAI). ØAdd 3,500 towers by the end of December. Ø ØCover 90 percent of its population. Ø ØAdvance Technology Introduction- 3G, M-check, ATM Recharge. Ø Ø

Andhra Pradesh- Offers
ØMoney-back guarantee offer in case of call drop or poor network experience. Ø ØLow Price & Youth Oriented Schemes (Campus Pack, Students Pack, Friends & Family Pack) Ø ØVoice SMS Ø ØMoney Transfer from Mobile

Live Every Moment…
MusicØTouches everyone’s heart. Ø Ø ØFull of emotions. Ø Ø ØAirtel chose the best one i.e A.R. Rehman & offered him 10 mn $ which he could not refuse and finally accepted.

Tagline- Express Yourself. Changed the Logo to give more Energetic Look.

Advertisements in Regional Languages – Emotional Touch.

Advertisements were made to Highlight the Network Coverage.

Express Yourself... Ø
ØHighlight the new value added services for the customer.

ØHighlight the main benefit. Ø ØAs a Result, The Brand Awareness among people grew from 60% to 91%.

Atoot Bandhan Atoot Network ØEmotional Touch. Ø Ø ØTargeting Rural Consumers. Ø Ø ØPromoting Bundled Offers. Ø

Barriers break when people talk.
ØIf People talk to others with different religion or regions, its easier to overcome the barriers.. Ø ØGives a message in the ad to ring the emotional bells of common man. Ø ØThe Best Ad of the Year Award-2007.


Proud to be an Indian…
ØFocuses on the Indians who have made an impact on the world by taking initiatives. ØShows the Trust one has on Leaders like Mahatma Gandhi… that one can keep faith on the leader of the telecom company. Ø ØSo proud to be the customer of Bhartiand proud to be an Indian.

Need of Repositioning…
ØFor younger look. Ø ØCustomers expect something different in terms of services, values and also in terms of appearance. Ø ØMaintain the leader’s position in the market. Ø ØCompetition in Market- has to Highlight Services to stand out. Ø ØMany Celebrities- so that masses can relate to the

Marathons in cities like New Delhi & Calcutta. Airtel Bindass India Concert at Mumbai on January 13, 2008 Sponsored events like Big Boss.

Growth Prospects..
Capital Expenditure of 2.5 Billion $ in F.Y. 2008-2009. Plans to cover 90 % of the villages by 2010(approx. 5.4 lakh villages) To meet out this demand of large network Bharti has hired two companies, for passive Infra-structure. •Indus- for network in 16 circles. •Infratech- for network in remaining 7 circles.

Growth Prospects..
The main motive is to tailor its services according to the needs of the new customers. Joined hands with Indian Farmers’ Fertilizer Co-operative (IFFCO), providing handsets bundled with an airtel connection Keeping them informed about farming techniques, dairy farming, mandi prices, animal husbandry & rural health incentives. Also assisting farmers through dedicated helpline numbers.

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