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Graduate School of Engineering

Short Term Education Program for Foreign Sudent

Introduction to Optoelectronics
1st Lecture: Optoelectronics in your neighborhood

Prof. Katsuaki Sato

Research: COE for Future Nano Materials
Education: Department of Applied Physics

What do you imagine when you hear

the word opto-electronics?
Opto-electronics is a word combining optics
and electronics, mainly used in Japan.
American people prefer to use a term
optronics or electro-optics.
This academic field covers broad concepts
involving light emitting devices and elements,
information displays, image pickup devices,
optical storages, optical communications,
remote sensing systems and so on.

Why optical fiber can transmit light so

far away?

Structure of optical fiber

What is the total reflection?
How far can the fiber transmit light?
What are physical reasons of light
Long wavelength attenuation
Short wavelength attenuation
Optimum wavelenth

Can you tell how many kinds of

displays are found in the market?

How many kinds of optical disks do

you know?
Read-only memory (ROM) type
Direct read after write (DRAW) or Write-once
Rewritable (RW) or Random access memory
(RAM) type

Components of opto-electronics

Light emitting diodes (LED)

Laser diodes (LD)
Why and how these diodes emit light?
To answer the question we need to
Solid state physics
underlying these
pn junctions

devices is necessary

Integrated optical circuit (IOC)

integrated optical circuit (IOC) :A circuit, or
group of interconnected circuits, consisting of
miniature solid-state optical components on
semiconductor or dielectric substrates. Note:
IOC components include light sources, optical
filters, photodetectors, and thin-film optical

Optoelectric integrated circuit (OEIC)

Technologies for integrating optoelectronic
devices and electronic circuitry
Classified as either hybrid or monolithic
None of these technologies is fully developed,
but limited hybrid integration is available

Please answer briefly the following questions in the sheet distributed. This
is to establish an optimal educational program for this class. The answer
does not affect your final rating.
Question 1
Can you tell a range of wavelength (in nm) of visible light?
Question 2
Laser is an abbreviation of a word string. Spell it out.
Question 3
What is the difference between LED and LD?
Question 4
What is the difference between CD-R and CD-RW?
Question 5
Please explain how the light is transmitted through optical fiber.