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High pressure

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BDS Engineering

Two Types of High Pressure

Vertical Multistage Pump:
1.CDL series pump
2.GDL series pump
Horizontal multistage pump
1.CHDF series pump
2.CHL series pump

Vertical Multistage Pump

Series : Vertical multistage

Name : CDL series pump

Vertical Multistage Pump In

CDL series pump:
CDL/CDLF pump series are vertical
designed especially for high pressure,
which is driven by a standard electric
motor along with all parts touch with liquid
are of stainless steel. Electric Motor
comprise of TEFC motor, IEC standard,
IP55, Class F, Aluminum housing and
quadrate appearance, Motor bearing: NSK,
50HZ or 60HZ, 3-phase or Single phase

The motor output shaft directly

connects with the pump shaft
through a coupling. This kind of
pump can be equipped with an
intelligent protector to effectively
prevent it from dry-running, out-ofphase and overload.

CDL series pump

Urban water supply and pressure boosting
Applicable to conveying noncorrosive liquid
Industrial circulating system and processing
CDLF is suitable for slightly corrosive liquid

Water supply for boiler, condensing

Fire fighting system
Water treatment and RO system
Cooling water system

Operation Conditions of
Clean, non-flammable and non-explosive
liquid containing no solid granules and
Liquid temperature:
Normal temperature type:-15 +70
Hot water type:+70 +120
Ambient temperature: up to+40
Altitude: up to 1000m

GDL Multistage Pump

Series :Vertical multistage pump

Name : GDL series pump

GDL series pump

GDL Vertical Multistage pump adopt
cast iron or stainless steel, all pump
parts are casting. These kind of
vertical multistage pump, have the
advantage of energy-saving, small
volume, stable performance, etc .The
impeller can be cast iron, brass or
stainless steel.

Dealer of Multistage pump

With hydraulic balance solve axial force,
consequently pump runs smoothly. Shaft
and sleeve are of hard quality alloy and
adopt wear resistant mechanical seal.
Electric motor:
TEFC, two-pole standard motor, IP54,
Class F
Cast iron motor, bearing: NSK
50HZ or 60HZ, 3-Phase

Typical applications:
Urban water supply and pressure boosting
Office buildings and high-rise buildings,
Industrial circulating system and
processing system
Water supply for boiler, condensing system
Chemical process make-up water

Water treatment and infiltration system

Agricultural irrigation, Cooling water
Product Features
Installation, maintenance convenient:
Pipeline installation, inlet and outlet
could be like valve installed in the
pipeline as any location and any

Pressure Pump
Less operation, Low cost, easy to
maintain, Stainless steel casting,
light weight

Pressure Booster Pump and

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