Project-Rebel Reconstructing the Revolutionary A Multimedia Venue

• Repetitive exposure of past revolutionaries. • Media dependant on nostalgia when covering our revolutionary leaders. • Pop culture that gentrifies the experience of a revolutionary. • Lack of media exposure for revolutionaries that have – and continue to – buck the system in methods involving less rhetoric and more stealth initiatives. • Lack of venues that pronounce contemporary rebel tactics. • Disruptive revolution is no longer applicable to today’s society – minimal, well placed movements are now the operative.

Solution • Create a venue that documents the new age revolutionary: what motivates them, their agendas, regardless of occupation, and their long term goals. • Research family history, environment, point when they dedicated life to their mission: absolute resolve. • Create criteria for the new age revolutionary, and the amount of people that are affected by their actions. • Facilitate a multi-media experience using the digital video medium to record the testimony of revolutionaries. • Multi-Disciplines will be explored: social science, functions, digital mediums, algorithms. • Project Rebel is a social science project and will operate under the Intelligent Media Protocol©.

Business Model
• • • • • Project-Rebel will acquire a University for resources: most significant broadband allocation for digital video aggregation and storage. We will seek a Sponsor only after we have completed a number of surveys as agreed by the University, and the producer of ProjectRebel. The Sponsor, along with the University and the Producer of ProjectRebel will agree to a contest where 20 participants will be chosen to expand their profiles via digital video. The Sponsor will agree to pay for all cost of production, including Producer fees and post production as agreed by the University, the Producer, and the Sponsor. Project-Rebel will then consent to a schedule to upload and distribute these profiles in a three part series, along with extra footage from the Producer of Project-Rebel.

• Project-Rebel will utilize digital networks such as the Internet and University Intranet networks to aggregate and distribute footage. • We will proceed by first distributing a survey for potential revolutionaries, collecting data on personal experiences, sector, and projects of interest. • We will then select and perform interviews via digital video, and develop a platform for free dialogue and expression. • A multimedia web site will be developed with footage. • Our goal is to have over 200 testimonies in digital video snippets that will be edited down. We will select 20 for expansion.

Marketing and Sales
• Once the surveys and profile aggregation are complete, ProjectRebel will acquire a sponsor in conjunction with the University. • We will utilize the Internet and digital networks for marketing and exposure. • The University System will also be utilized as a conduit for exposure. A corporate web site will be purchased and developed.


• Many documentaries vie for corporate sponsorship every year. Project-Rebel will undermine the competition by creating a unique University, Corporate, and Grass Roots synergy where parties included can communicate their agendas.

Key Venues

• Corporate: Visibility of brand and product to target demographic. • Research: University methodology and pedagogy relating to media. • Media: Pop Culture v. Academia Documentary medium utilized to bridge corporate, pop culture and academia.

Current Status

• IP Research and Development / Blueprint model by Robert G.L. Newkirk III • Nomedik Labs: University – Corporate think tank providing solutions for merging agendas. • Founder: Robert G.L. Newkirk III

Management Team
• Source: Nomedik Labs • University: TBA • Lead Producer: TBA

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