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agarjuna fertilizers

chemicals limited


Company Profile
1976 - The Company was Incorporated on 28th January, at
Hyderabad. It was promoted by Shah Wallace & Co. Ltd.,
Nagarjuna Fertilizers Ltd., another company promoted by
Shah Wallace & Co. Ltd., was amalgamated with the
Nagarjuna Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd., with effect from 1st
April, 1977. - The Company entered into foreign
collaboration agreements with Snamprogetti S.P.A., Italy for
the urea process and with Haldor Topsoe
Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited manufactures
and distributes ammonia, urea and several plant protection
products which consist of herbicides, insecticides, and
fungicides. The Company also sells fertilizers, seeds, and
provides assistance on cultivation practices, pest control
and planting destiny.

Nagarjuna Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited is a leading

MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER of plant nutrients in India. Commencing
operations in 1985, today the asset base is around Rs. 43 billion. Nagarjuna
Fertilizers and Chemicals Limited is involved in the production andMARKETING
of a wide range of fertilizers. Urea, the widely used nitrogenous fertilizer is both
manufactured (at Kakinada Plant) and marketed through imports (at Vizag and
Kakinada Ports). In the vast Urea market, the brand Nagarjuna is a highly
regarded and preferred brand by the farming community.

NFCL currentlyMARKETSabout 1.2 million tons of Manufactured Urea and about

0.6 million tons of Imported Urea per annum. With the aim of providing Total
Solutions to the farmers, NFCL has commenced marketing of fertilizer mixtures
through domestic sourcing and has further plans to enter into Phosphatic and
Potassic segments also.
The company also markets a wide range of micronutrients and micronutrient
mixes like Zinc Sulphate, Mahazinc etc. with emphasis on quality.

Leading person
K S RajuChairman/Managing Director
Sudhir BhansaliChiefFINANCIAL
R S NandaCOO/Incharge:Operations
M RamakanthVP:Legal/Secretary
M N BhaskaranVP:Operations
K Rahul RajuJoint Managing Director

Product Range

o Urea
o Ammonia
o Phosphate
o Potash
o Zinc Sulphate Heptahydrate
o Zinc Sulphate Mono-hydrate
o Di-Sodium Octa Borate Tetra

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Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilisers Company Ltd.
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Zuari Industries Ltd

Promoting balanced and efficient
use of fertilizers
Training programs for dealers
Provision of value added
Use of information technology
networks (kisan call centres)

Distribution Network
Our 225 people strong MARKETING force is committed
to provide total customer satisfaction through reliability,
timeliness, courtesy, honesty and value for money. This
commitment has helped us in achieving the status of the
leading player in plant nutrition in the states of Andhra
Pradesh, Bihar , Chattisgarh, Gujarat , Harayana,
Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra , New Delhi ,
Orissa, Punjab , Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh,
West Bengal Servicing 15 states, we have 3 zonal offices
and 30 regional offices including Specialty Fertilizers and
Micro Irrigation regional offices.

Fertilizers fall in three categories based upon
nutrientsNitrogenous(N), Phosphates(P), Potassic (K)
which are being supplied to crops.

provide fertilizers to the farmers at lower
prices than its economic prices.

The operations are spread all across
India and reach deeper into the far
flung villages across the country. We
handle material across rails, roads
and waterways across strategically
chosen warehouses handling
seasonal material acrossMARKETS .
Our storage, transportation and
handling practices ensure best
quality product reaches customer


Inter-personal and group contacts

Fertilizer festivals and Kissan Melas
Online solution
Newspapers and Journals
Village Adoption Programme

Services/Sales & Marketing

Channel Management: Unlike many
industries our strength is our ability to
service our large base of customers through
a wide spread dealer network present till
small towns and village level. Our sales
operations are managed by the latest SAP
system installed in all theMARKETING
offices while our sales personnel maintain
direct and continuous contact with the vast
dealer network to service them efficiently

Customer Management:
Nagarjuna has always been in the forefront in
offering value added services directly to our
customer right at his doorstep. Our farm
advisory and information service provides
farmers with best agronomic , plant nutrition
and protection advisories by farm visits as
well as by online services through internet
kiosks. Our scientists train farmers visiting
them in the fields as well as by conducting
specialised training programs at our research
and farm centers

Corporate Social
At Nagarjuna, CSR is an initiative to create new value to
economic, environmental and social issues. We at
Nagarjuna undertook a study in 2008 to assess our various
CSR initiatives and provide a better focus, thrust and
consolidate the various activities already being performed
by the Company. Nagarjuna Foundation was established to
act as an 'umbrella' for our CSR efforts. Nagarjuna
Foundation has been able to take forward this initiative and
contribute to society in Social Welfare, Education,
Environment, Health Care, Sports and Cultural Activities.
Nagarjuna Foundation has supported nearly 250 NGOs and
touched the lives of nearly 16,000 infants, children, youth,
elderly, several physically disabled and those infected with
life threatening diseases among others across the country
where the Corporate Office, manufacturing facilities and 30
branch offices of the Company are located through
contribution and support which varies from donating
various capital goods such as solar water heaters, water

Education Collaborations and
Free Books Distribution Camp
Health Camp
Medical Support
Blood Donation Camps
Drinking water
Awareness Camps
Rehabilitation Services