Merchant Ivory

Key Directors
Merchant Ivory Productions is a film company founded in 1961 by director James Ivory and producer Ismail Merchant. Their films were for the most part directed by the former, produced by the latter, and scripted by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala (a noted exception of a few films). The films were often based upon novels or short stories, particularly the work of Henry James, E. M. Forster, and two novels by Jhabvala herself.  They are three remarkable people from three vastly different cultures: Ismail Merchant, the producer, born in India; Ruth Prawer Jhabvala, the screenwriter, born in Germany and educated in England; and James Ivory, the director, born in the United States.

The diversity of Merchant Ivory's cultural roots is evident in the range of locations in which their movies have been shot: Delhi, Bombay, and Benares; London, Paris, and Florence; New York, New England, and Texas. They capture a vital sense of place and often lyrical feeling for widely varying periods and landscapes, from Paris in the 1920s and Edwardian England, to nineteenthcentury America and British India.

Key Films
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The Householder 1963 Bombay Talkie 1970 Jane Austin in Manhattan 1980 The Perfect Murder 1988 Cotton Mary 1999 The Golden Bowl 2001 Le Divorce 2003 The City of Your Final Destination 2007

The Merchant and Ivory Foundation, established in 1991, has been active since its inception in support of promising artists in the visual and performing arts and furthering the preservation and awareness of art and cinema. From grants of Kodak film stock for emerging young filmmakers awarded as prizes annually at the Sundance Film festival, to grants for exhibitions by painters, photographers, and sculptors, and support for writers, the Merchant and Ivory Foundation is committed to keeping funding for the arts alive in America. A few of the artists we have given grants to are: painters Cham Hendon and Brunio Pasquier-Desvignes; sculptor Joseph Dosio; photographers Chad Kleitsch and Seth Rubin; poet Shahram Shiva for his second book, Rending the Veil; and author Zia Jaffrey for her book, The Invisibles.

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addition to artist's grants, the Merchant and Ivory Foundation has presented many music, dance and theatre performances at the Red Mills. These special events have included local Columbia County music and dance groups, staged script readings ad renowned international performers. Local groups that have performed at the Red Mills ranged from the Columbia County Chamber Orchestra to the young Kumba dancers

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Foundation has also supported many local Columbia County Charities including the Columbia County Chamber Orchestra, Clarion Music Society, Operation Unite, the Kumba Dancers and the Claverak Free Library

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