Ahimsa prathamam pushpam Non-violence is the First Flower

Pushpam Indriya Nigraham Control of the senses is the Second Flower

Sarva Bhootha Daya Pushpam Being Kind towards all the living beings is the Third Flower

Kshama Pushpam Visheshataha Forgiving is the real special Flower – the Fourth Offering

Shanthi Pushpam Peace is the Fifth Flower

Tapah Pushpam Penance is the Sixth Flower

Dhyanah Pushpam Meditation is the Seventh Flower

Sathyam Ashta Vidha Pushpam Truth is the Eighth Flower

Shiva Preethikaram Bhaveth These are the Eight Flowers that please Lord Shiva

Ahimsa prathamam Pushpam Pushpamindriya Nigraha Sarvabhoothadaya Pushpam Kshamaapushpam Visheshathah Shanthi Pushpam Thapah Pushpam Dhyana Pushpam Tadaivacha Satyamashthavidham Pushpam Shiva Preethikaram Bhaveth

Presented for your reading pleasure by Prof. V. Viswanadham as a humble offering to Lord Shiva on this Mahashivarathri Festival 12th February 2010

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