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Work Status: Lesson Objectives

After completing this lesson, you will be able to:
Describe a typical customer scenario for Work Status.
Describe how to set Work Status.

 SAP AG 2008, SAP BPC / 1

What is Work Status?
 Work states allow submitted data to be tracked, approved and locked using
customizable work state definitions that suit your business needs.
 You use work states to approve data so that it can be locked.
– For example, at a month-end close, after all data is submitted, your business
process might require that you lock the data so that you can create accurate
month-end reports.
– You can submit supporting documents during the approval process. This
allows managers to verify the reasons for changing the work state.

 SAP AG 2008, SAP BPC / 2

Work Status Description
 Work Status has multiple functions to give far more control to a customer in
customizing the process.
– Selection of application dimensions to define the controlling data region.
– Selection of BPC functionality to control how updates are achieved and by
– The responsibility (owner dimension) of the region and the control of the
Work Status change.
 Work Status is set up at both the application set and application level.

 SAP AG 2008, SAP BPC / 3

SAP BPC / 4 •Load month end data •Adjust month end data •Submit data •Set work status defined by the Adminstrator •Lock data except for Manager Journal Entries •Start the review •Consolidate the data / run group consolidation •Perform final analysis •Lock down Journal Entries .Work Status – Month-End Financial Example LOAD Review Report  SAP AG 2008.

 SAP AG 2008. it is implied however.Owner. SAP BPC / 5 . Reviewer & Manager Concept Entity Dimension: Entity US Store1 Store2 Hierarchy WW US US Owner Pete Joe Bill Reviewer Pete Nadine Nadine Implied Manager Pete Pete A manager is the owner of a parent-level member. A manager property does not appear in the member sheet. The owner of a parent level Member is the manager of all its descendants.

 The Interfaces include: DM: Data Manager JRN: Journals MAN: Manual entries (i.e. data submissions via BPC for Office and the Web COMM: Comments DOC: Supporting documents  SAP AG 2008. you need to determine:  The order in which the levels must occur.Work Status End-to-End Process(1 of 3) 1. for each interface.  The lock settings of each level.  The person or people who control each level of Work Status. Create Work States at the Application Set level : Both = Owner & Manager All – means anyone can perform task Locked – no one can perform task Owner – only the owner of the entity in the data region can perform task Manager – only the manager of the entity in the data region can perform the task At the application set level.  The various levels of Work Status. SAP BPC / 6 .

Yes: the dimension will be used to track work status. that dimension must contain a member that is included in the validation process for work status. Work state dimensions become the variables in your work status processing! No: the dimension will be excluded from work status tracking.  SAP AG 2008. When you select No.Work Status End-to-End Process (2 of 3) 2. Ensure that the controlling owner property is populated on the dimension you want to drive ownership of Work Status locks (such as Entity). Setup Work Status Settings for each Reporting Type Application: Owner: the dimension will be used to determine the approval organization and hierarchy. SAP BPC / 7 . 3.

Specify the “APPROVALORG” hierarchy in Web Admin for the OWNER dimension. Managers or Owners can use the Work Status to apply a status to a specific data region. 5. SAP BPC / 8 .Work Status End-to-End Process (3 of 3) 4.  SAP AG 2008.

the System Message is ‘submission status does not allow it’  SAP AG 2008.Work Status Big Picture Application: Work Status configuration Dimension WorkState Account No Category Yes DataSource No Entity Owner Report Cur No Time Yes Example of a User setting a ‘work state’ for data region Actual/Conregion/2008. SAP BPC / 9 . a valid member is required Data Region If you attempt to input data in the above data region.Total: Excel > eSubmit > Modify Work Status Member Value Validation determine later TotalAdjusted determine later Local Currency determine later -Only one ‘owner’ per application -If not a work state.

– If you make changes to Work Status you can lose all user-specific information related to Work Status.  SAP AG 2008. – You may want to add the Administrator as an additional Owner of the entity members to assist in the locking process. SAP BPC / 10 .Work Status Tips  You can take advantage of the Work Status to lock users out of a Category for a specific time period.  Ensure that your Work Status levels and their order will work for all applications.  Assign multiple users to entities where needed. at the application set level. lock the Actual category for a specific time period after the month-end close.  Ensure that you define and order your Work Status before users begin updating their own statuses.  Use this approach instead of developing a complex security model that would need to change frequently. – You define the levels and order only once. – For example.

Work Status Excel Report M03 Status Report 1:  SAP AG 2008. SAP BPC / 11 .

SAP BPC / 12 .Work Status Web Report Launch BPC System Reports > Work Status Report:  SAP AG 2008.

SAP BPC / 13 . Describe how to set Work Status  SAP AG 2008.Work Status: Lesson Summary You should now be able to: Describe a typical customer scenario for Work Status.

SAP BPC / 14 .DEMONSTRATION Lab 29  BPC Work Status  SAP AG 2008.

SAP BPC / 15 .Develop – Business Process Flows  Understanding and Creating Dimensions  Modeling and Creating Applications  Create Logic/ Calculations  Load and Validate Data  Develop Reports and Input Schedules  Set up Security  Define Work Status  Develop Business Process Flows  Enable BPC Audit  SAP AG 2008.

SAP BPC / 16 .  SAP AG 2008.Business Process Flows: Lesson Objectives After completing this lesson. you will be able to create a business process flow which will facilitate the coordination and status checking aspects of performing planning or consolidations activities.

your Budgeting process may require input from a number of business managers. – For example. review from another group of managers. and final approvals.Definition: Business Process Flows  Allow you to pre-package and sequence application tasks for different departments within your organization.  Uses an Explorer-like interface to guide end-users through pre-defined sequential tasks that span across the different areas of SAP Business Planning and Consolidation. BPC for Office. – Any of the available features within BPC Web. and BPC Administration can be utilized by a business process flow.  SAP AG 2008. SAP BPC / 17 .

which allow you to set up a single business process flow that can be used across applications within an application set. – A data region serves as a key for opening a single instance of a business process flow. but different categories.  SAP AG 2008. an 'Allocate Expense' business process flow could be running for the same entity and time. – For example. SAP BPC / 18 .BPF Data Regions  BPFs utilize data regions.

 Assure consistency and uniformity. SAP BPC / 19 .  Coordinate required approvals for each step in the process.  SAP AG 2008.  Automatically send e-mail notifications to participants at predetermined times to expedite progress.Business Process Flows Allow managers to:  Monitor progress of all participants.

 SAP AG 2008. SAP BPC / 20 . click Add a New Business Process Flow.  From the Action Pane. click Business Process Flows.Adding a New Business Process Flow  From the application set hierarchy.

Owner: a user who will be notified when a step is completed.  SAP AG 2008.Adding a New Business Process Flow Is accomplished through four general steps: Controlling application: the application whose Time dimension will govern the BPF. SAP BPC / 21 .

 End users who run the BPF may select a different data region. as needed.  SAP AG 2008. is automatically selected. to perform their process flow tasks. and defines the "base" region in which the BPF is designed. – The Time dimension. SAP BPC / 22 .  The 'drive' dimension is a dimension that is common to all data regions that users might use in completing their BPF tasks.  The 'identity' dimensions are all the dimensions that will be used in a BPF.Define Data Region Displays the dimensions associated with the controlling application. – The drive dimension must have a Reviewer property defined. used in all BPFs.

Weekly.Define Timing and Set Access  Define Timing allows you to set: – Recurrence pattern: Daily.) – Notification time: Automatic email messages can be sent to BPF users to remind them to perform their appointed BPF tasks. or Once. – Activation date and time: specify the date and time the BPF will become active. (Prior to this time. – Users not specified in this step will not see the BPF on their Action Panes. Monthly.  Set Access: (not shown) allows you to specify which users or teams will be able to access the BPF. Yearly. SAP BPC / 23 . it will not appear on the end user's Action Pane.  SAP AG 2008. Quarterly.

Sub Steps. SAP BPC / 24 BPF with Reviewer & Completion Criteria in Run Mode: . and Actions  Steps may or may not have substeps associated with them.Steps. it must have an action associated with it.  If a step does have one or more sub-steps.  Steps must be completed in sequential order. the action is associated with each sub-step.  Steps may be subject to approval before a it can be completed.  Work status steps can be set to require a certain status before it can be completed.  SAP AG 2008.  If a step has no sub-steps.

SAP BPC / 25 .Define Steps & Sub Steps (1 of 2) BPF with Reviewer & Completion Criteria in Build Mode:  SAP AG 2008.

SAP BPC / 26 .  SAP AG 2008. actions are yet to be determined.Define Steps & Sub Steps (2 of 2) Only the name is required at this point … this is the definition of the step or sub-step.

Enable Reviewers This allows reviewers (as defined in the 'Reviewer' property of the drive dimension) to review (approve) the step before it can be completed! In Action:  SAP AG 2008. SAP BPC / 27 .

SAP BPC / 28 . the selected combinations of members must be set to the specified work status before the step can be considered complete.  SAP AG 2008. If defined here.Enable Completion Criteria Completion criteria may be used if Work Status has been enabled in the controlling application of the BPF.

SAP BPC / 29 . The tasks vary depending on whether they are for the first or subsequent actions.Define Actions A step or sub-step can have one or more actions. Tasks for Action2:  SAP AG 2008.

If you select ‘Close’. the system will prompt you to save. you can prevent users from accessing them. SAP BPC / 30 .Finish While BPF’s are being built.  SAP AG 2008.

 For reporting there is a Standard BPF and a Step report. because when you reset the BPF.Tips on BPF’s  You can reset BPF instances back to step one.  SAP AG 2008. SAP BPC / 31 .Total.  An instance in this case refers to a data region that has been processed in a BPF such as 2009. Budget. Con Region. We recommend using this with caution. you are resetting all instances of the BPF for all users. however.

SAP BPC / 32 Reviewer Pete Nadine Nadine Task Profile: Run Report ‘Act/Bud’ Run Input Template Data Manager Package Import.BPF.Jan  SAP AG 2008. Work Status. Nadine reviews The report (4b) on the %Change and approves it! Pete Locks the Budget category by setting the work status to ‘Approved’ for Store1.Jan (This will be the default CV which can be changed) Joe carries out Steps 1. Copy Implied Manager Pete Pete BPF: Entity = Drive Dim Step1 Import Actuals Step2 Copy to Budget Step3 Input manual changes Step4 Report Results Sub Step A Run Report Sub Step B Review Required Step5 Lock Budget via Work Status Member Access Profile Finance App: R/W Budget R Store1 Work Status Data Region: Store1 Budget 2009.2.3 And 4a. Security Integration Entity Dim: Entity Hier US WW Store1 US Store2 US Owner Pete Joe Sachi User Actions: Joe launches Planning BPF for Data Region: Store1 Budget 2009.Jan Pete Work Data Status State Manager Journals Manual Documents Comment Controlled By In Process All All All All All Owner Submitted Locked Owner Owner Reviewed Locked Manager Locked Locked Locked Manager Approved Locked Locked Locked Locked Manager Locked All All Both . 2009.