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Siti Nasliana bt Mohd
Abd Nasir

Siti Nazihah bt Abd Halim
Masdariyah bt Amirudin Husin
Fatin Adawiyah bt Mohd Shafiee
Nurul Admira bt Mohammad Yatim

covering all major cities and towns as well as Singapore.COMPANY PROFILE -Konsortium Transnasional Berhad is the largest operator of public bus transportation in Malaysia. . -Its stage and express bus operations provide the most extensive coverage throughout Peninsular Malaysia.

trading of vehicles. controlled by Chairman Dato’ Mohd Nadzmi Mohd Salleh facilitated . The principal activities of the subsidiaries are public transportation services. domestic travel and tour. property holding and investment holding. management. the largest operator of public bus services in Malaysia. The takeover of Park May Bhd by Nadicorp Holdings Sdn Bhd.The principal activity of KTB is investment holding. Konsortium Transnasional Bhd (KTB) was incorporated on 5 June 2003 as a public company.

we provide the opportunity to tap the maximum potential from each individual SHAREHOLDERS We shall fullfill shareholders' expectations by providing good returns for their investment SUPPLIERS We believe in mutual progression and treat our suppliers as business partners SINCERITY We conduct our business with sincerity and high ethical values SOCIAL RESONSIBILITY We are responsible corporate citizens and contribute to society .MISSION We strive to become a conglomerate that is Progressive Innovative Profitable Customer Oriented and Committed to National Aspirations CUSTOMERS We believe in customer satisfaction through quality products and excellent customer service HUMAN RESOURCE As our most valuable asset.

Board of directors YBHG DATO' SRI MOHD NADZMI MOHD SALLEH Chairman / Managing Director YBHG DATUK SULAIMAN DAUD Independent Non-Executive Director YM TENGKU MOHD HASMADI TENGKU HASHIM Executive Director .

WOO KOK BOON Independent Non-Executive Director .ENCIK MUHAMMAD ADIB ARIFFIN Independent Non-Executive Director Mr.

Public investment also registered a strong growth of 17. driven by higher capital spending by public enterprises. The share of private investment rose to 15. recording a double-digit growth of 22%.Chairman’s statement Private investment was particularly robust. .1%. the highest since 1998.5% of GDP in 2012.

At KTB. investment in buses and technologies and the human capital development of our staff.We started implementing the Safety. customer service. . our buses are regarded as the safest in the country. we will constantly monitor the aspects of maintenance and safety of our buses. Health and Environment Code of Practice in 2007 and now.

and board of directors of a company and influence how that company is operating . management.CORPORATE GOVERNANCE STATEMENT It is about performance set of rules that define the relationship between stakeholders.

IMPORTANT Importance of social responsibility Access to capital Improved reputation .


There is corporate governance.Is the public listed companies are highly regulated -Because the companies is flow the requirement to enter Malaysia exchange. and . admission. share-buy backs. articles of association. .

Financial institutions assess the financial health of a business to determine the probability of a bad loan. .FINANCIAL INSTITUTION Financial Institutions use Financial Statements to decide whether to grant a loan or credit to a business.

Any decision to lend must be supported by a sufficient asset base and liquidity. Financial institution want to facilitate the flow of money and the ability of company to pay debt. .