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Superstition is a belief that can be negated by common
sense or scientific knowledge based on evidence. With the
passage of time, the reasoning part behind the origin of
these religious beliefs got eroded.
That is exactly why most of these beliefs appear
unsubstantiated and false. However, in reality, there are
many such beliefs in the Indians culture which are
absolutely absurd and have no logic behind them.

Origin of Superstitions
Anything from the call of a bird to the falling of utensils is considered an
(ill) omen in India. Many of the traditional superstitions in India are
connected with some particular places, certain body parts, trees, animals,
birds and reptiles.
All superstitions remain as outward expressions of the tensions and
anxieties that hold sway over humanity as it struggles down the corridor of
life from birth to death irrespective of education, status and richness

Religion and Superstition

Religion may in fact fuel irrational beliefs. In this respect no religion is

exempt. Some of the most basic beliefs of most religions can be
classified as superstitions if the test of common sense and evidence is
applied. The superstitions were taken for granted and none was dare
enough to question them.

Perhaps there is an unshaken belief in miraculous cures, magical remedies

and supernatural phenomena which might have persuaded to remain
superstitious even in this age of reason and scientific progress

This class has completely twisted the meaning of superstition

(Andhshraddha) under the name of faith (shraddha)

Faith and Superstition

One person's faith is a superstition for another and what a third person
considers to be a superstition is a very strong faith, almost a question of life
and death for a fourth one.
The faith that does not allow to be questioned on the basis of facts or truth
is superstition
Faith should be replaced with loyalty towards human values, moral
principles and ethical behavior.

Superstitious Beliefs In Indian


Cats Crossing Your Path

Hair Cut On Tuesday
Opening An Umbrella Inside The House
Hanging Lemon And 7 Green Chillies In Shops And Business Places.
Breaking Mirror Brings 7 Years Bad Luck
Cutting Nails And Shaving After Sunset
Lizard Falling On Human Is Bad Luck
Fallen Hair Around The House Will Bring Fight In Your Family
Adding One Rupee To A Gift Sum Is Auspicious
Crows Are Referred As Our Ancestors
Sacrifice Of Goats To God

Superstitious Scientists

Scientists are also prone to having their untenable beliefs despite their
eminence in their field of specialization.
Even scientists can err in matters as religious superstitions
Clearly one mans belief is another mans superstition.
Education will not help much to eradicate superstition; the latter will merely
shift its ground from time to time without losing appreciably its hold over
the human mind.

Effects of superstitions
Since superstitions do not allow people to think and act rationally,
irrational behaviour leads to heavy losses in terms of money, health, peace
of mind and sometimes life also.
Superstitious activities harm the environment.
It leads to intolerance and violence which disturbs the law and order
situation in the society.
People still believe in miraculous cures offered by witchdoctors and faith
healers (mostly babas and buvas) even though science and modern
medicine has gone into depth about prognosis, diagnosis and cure of most
of the diseases.

Eradication of superstitions
As Einstein endorses" Over thousands of years of evolution, everything has

changed except the way we think "

There seems to be something in the human condition, in the thought
process that makes us surrender to superstitions and to believe in the
unbelievable. The primordial emotions of man have remained the same over
millenniafear, greed, hatred, envy, anger, desire. Every religion asks us to
conquer these but to no avail.
No Prophet, saint or holy man or woman has made much of a difference to
humanity at large in our conquest of these negative emotions