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Green marketing

What does Marketing mean to your business.?


Image or Awareness………?

New business opportunities………?

Press or Public relations…….?

Company Image……?


To transfer the message…..?

What is marketing.?
• Marketing is the application of a series of well  tried logical disciplines to commercial problems….. And a lot of hard work.

“Contrary to some beliefs it is not  ‘razzle dazzle’ or divine inspiration”. •

What is Green Marketing?
Business Environment

Meaning of Green marketing:• Green marketing consists of marketing efforts to produce, promote, and reclaim environmentally sensitive products. • Thus green marketing incorporates a broad range of activities, including product modification, changes to the production process, packaging changes, as well as modifying advertising.

Definition• According to the American Marketing Association:- “Green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally safe.” • Focus on reducing carbon emissions and its impact on climate change • Part of wider green word including recycling, organic, ethical consumers.

G . M . Components :Education -Internal -External Marketing -Internal -External Outreach -Innovation -Conservation

External Marketing:• Booklets, • brochures • web  site • Demonstration  homes • Consumer awareness coloumn

External marketing

Internal Marketing• Posters, pins, etc. • Quarterly news/letter • Employee Expo

Education :- Internal

All employees:-

Education:- External
• Green demonstration centers • Sales staff as front line educators • Brochures and quarterly news/letters


C o m m u n i te th e Pro b l m ! ca e
Tell them the environmental realities:• Air & water pollution • Use of non-renewable resources • Loss of community

Message is everywhere:-

Part of this message are…………..
• Sustainability and profitability go hand-in-hand • Good corporate citizenship improves relationships with key constituencies • Helps recruit, motivate and retain employees • Increasingly connected to improving bottom lines and shareholder value

Risk of Greenwash: Reputational damage

Challenges and threats to brands
• -If you don’t do green someone else will • -markets see significant and rapid consumer shifts • -comparative shopping from low emission consumers • -abstaining and reducing purchase altogether • -personal carbon credit limits • -activist bloggs/ PR attack on high carbon brands

Challenge • a fundamental shift in consumer. • expectations and attitudes towards consumerism? • are consumers on the verge of redefining and questioning the basis of Consumerism ?

• people don’t want to stop consuming but want to find ways that don’t harm the environment.

• lets construct a consumer society that accommodates less waste and lower

Recommendations for G.M.

•Establish a mindset – View your organization’s ability to address climate change as an opportunity, not a sacrifice

•Be a part of the solution – Set realistic short and long-term goals to  address the issue of climate change and define a course to achieve them •Be bold, be transparent – Demonstrate your commitment by being  straightforward and open about your goals and share your progress with all stakeholders (employees, customers, investors, the media) •Use your approach as a competitive advantage – As more  consumers and investors look to do business with “green” organizations, identify everything is doing to


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