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Looking inside my brain…

John Tomsett

It’s not just about
Effective growth mindset
interventions teach the fuller

+ strategies +
help from others.

formula for success:

- Yeager Walton Cohen 2013


Five steps to doing maths
• Read the question.
• Read the question again and circle ALL
the key points.
• Write out ALL the key points at the top
of the answer space.
• Look at what I have in front of me and
work out exactly what I have to do to
work out the answer.
• Write out your answer clearly, line by

Co-planning Lisa’s
• Year 11 mock feedback.
• She modelled her thinking as she
completed the simultaneous equation
• The class wrote down her answer
verbatim as she modelled thinking
through it.
• The class then attempted a similar
• She identified Kallan as someone who

Metacognition video 1
Lisa modelling her thinking

Metacognition video 2
Kallan modelling his thinking

The “new” style

Solving equations;
But is it new…


Nov 2013


“Evaluate how the writer has created these



Q6 - Foundation Paper

Q6 – New GCSE

This much I know…
•I hardly remember a single lesson from my own school days;
•You need to know your core purpose, what it is that gets you out of
bed each day to come to work;
•Education is about relationships;
•Our values are respect, honesty and kindness;
•I understand what Wilshaw and Gove are on about when they say
context is irrelevant;
•The Coalition’s educational emphasis is encapsulated in the fact that
Grade 6 in the Flute…;
•Without being idealistically naïve, stick to what you believe in;
•I have to create the conditions for students and staff to thrive;
•Target your resources on what matters most and just make do with
everything else;
•When I admitted I couldn’t be a perfect Headteacher, I became better
at my job;
•Keep things simple;
•To some extent, I missed my eldest son growing up.

I have to
create the
conditions for
students and

I’d like to work in a school
that constantly takes note
of the stress and anxiety
level on the one hand and
standards on the other, all
the while searching for
the optimal relationship
of low anxiety and high

Video 3
Sir Ken Robinson on getting the
conditions for growth right

So what is it that all students
need for them to engage?
When I wrote my original blog
about teaching disengaged boys
a reader made this comment: In
a sense why should we be
surprised love (and I think that in
its widest sense you are talking
about loving the children) can
conquer all.

“We need to do a lot more around
helping young people say how
they feel.”
Stephen Habgood, founder,

Drive out fear so that everyone may work
effectively for the company.

‘How would you
like to be
observed to help
you best develop
your teaching?’

It’s all about the

A cuboid has a square for
2 faces, the length is 1cm
longer than the height
(and the width). The
surface area of the
cuboid is 112cm . What
are the dimensions of the

Truly Great Teachers…
“[…know that the lesson plan is] a framework
to give them the necessary flexibility to adapt
to a different way of teaching at key moments
in the lesson when the mood of the class, as it
inevitably does, changes. They recognise that
the worst lessons are those where the teacher
ploughs through the lesson plan irrespective
of how well or badly the lesson is going.”
Sir Michael Wilshaw

Video 4
Rita Pierson – every child deserves a

Video 5

Without people
you’re nothing.
That’s my spiel.

Late Fragment
And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.
Raymond Carver

John Tomsett
Huntington School