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American Culture

Issue #1
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Table of Contents

1 Introduction to American Culture

2 Early Days

3 The Present

To understand the American Way of life

 How does it impact our business
 Benefits of positive culture adaptation
What is Culture


“The process of socially transmitted behavior

patterns, arts, beliefs, institutions, and all other
products of human work and thought. ”
Significance of American Culture:

 Considered a “Role Model Culture” by most of the world.

 First Country to embrace freedom and equality as its
foundational belief.
 Believed in, "breaking the average bond of custom,
offering new experiences, and calling out new institutions
and activities.“
 Driver and enabler to become a world super power.
The American Value

 Individuality:
 Privacy:
 Equality:
 Time:
 Informality:
 Achievement & hard work/play:
 Direct & assertive:
 Looking to the future and to change:
The Early Days - Refer to the American History Time
Line Guide:
The American Migration
 1497.The Cabot’s discover the continent of North America.
 1498.Columbus on third voyage discovers South America.
 1506.Columbus dies at Valladolid.
 1507.New World named after Americus Vespucci’s.
 1609.Hudson discovers the Hudson River.
 1619.First assembly meets at Jamestown. Slaves first sold in Virginia.
 1620.Coming of the Pilgrims in the Mayflower.
 1623.Settlements at New Amsterdam. First settlements in New Hampshire.
 1630.The great emigration to Massachusetts. The founding of Boston.
 1713.Treaty of Utrecht, ending Queen Anne's War, which began in 1702.
 1733.Georgia settled by Oglethorpe.
 1748.Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle, ending King George's War, which began in 1744
 .1754.Colonial Congress at Albany; Franklin's plan of union.
 1755.Braddock's defeat.1756.French and Indian War formally begun.
 1759.Wolfe captures Quebec.1763.Treaty of Paris; end of the war. Conspiracy of
Revolutionary colonial America
 The Quest for Independence
 The Boston Massacre
 The Gaspe Incident
 The Boston Tea Party
 The First Continental Congress
 The Second Continental Congress
 The Declaration of Independence
 Battles of the Revolution
 The French Alliance
 Articles of Confederation
 The Treaty of Paris
American Independence
Formation of the American States
Current Day America and its States
America Progressive
People of America
People of America
People Of America
Religious Beliefs in America
American Holidays
American Sports
Education in America
American Degree and Diploma's
Typical American Corporate Hierarchy
American Investments in the Global
American Federal Justice System
Types of Crime

Illegal Drug
Rape, Vandalism
Types of Crime
drug possession,
reckless driving,


simple assault, petty theft,

disorderly conduct, prostitution,
trespass, public intoxication,
Social Security
American Addresses
Example Format

Jeremy Martinson Name of addressee
455 Larkspur Dr. Street number and name
California Springs, CA 92926 Name of town, State (abbreviation) + ZIP
(typical handwritten format)

JEREMY MARTINSON Name of addressee
455 LARKSPUR DR Street number and name
CALIFORNIA SPRINGS CA  92926 Name of town + State abbreviation +  ZIP 
(+ 4) code
(USPS-recommended format)
American Phone Number Format

Area code Prefix Line number

919 882 5000