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a. Workers in construction among others suffer a
large share of occupational fatalities and lost
time injuries;
b. Interestingly, nearly all injuries and death on
road works are preventable;
c. The safety and health problems during sealing
of road works are related to works organization
and the way the work is executed/organized


ii. vi. Induction should cover the following: i. Health and Safety Responsibilities. iv. Overview of the project. iii. Safety procedures. Accidents reporting procedures. The site do’s and dont’s.Site Induction Procedure Induction will make sure the employees are safe in the site. 3 06/22/15 . The anticipated risks. v.

Site Induction Procedure  Responsibilities of the parties on the site/project.  Minimum PPE in place  Location and content of the First Aid Kit 4 06/22/15 .

there were appx7395 accidents on roads.  This figure does not include accidents on road construction sites which are in most cases never reported. 5 06/22/15 . both to the maintenance workers and to the road users.g.Introduction cont’d  In Uganda. the number of accidents continue rising every year e.  Many road maintenance operations are potentially dangerous. in 2010.

 Consequences of the interaction between workers and the environment. In all.Introduction cont’d  The primary focus at hand in OSH during LCS is the inter-relationship between: Environment where work is executed.  Workers interaction with the work environment. there must be preparedness to avoid the occurrence of accidents during sealing of low traffic volume roads  6 06/22/15 .

habit. Availability of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). iii. i. neglect and fatigue of the workers can cause accidents during LCS.g.Sources of Accidents in LBRWS a. iv. ii. Conduct of the workers e. 7 Four basic sources of accidents in LBRWS are noted and these are: The workers Preparation and information. consumption of liquors Knowledge on the use of the equipment can also be a cause of accidents during LCS. 06/22/15 .

i. ii. size. On the road. state and mode of use of the equipment in itself possess a danger to the workers. 8 The Equipment Type. 06/22/15 .Sources of Accidents in LBRWS b. the way in which the equipment is kept on the live road can also be source of accidents.

9 Work Environment Work environment can be a source of danger to both the Road workers and the road users. 06/22/15 .Sources of Accidents in LBRWS c. Poor visibility. i. construction materials and the way they are kept on the site and the state of the road surface can contribute to accidents at the road works. ii.

e. Planning of works in conjunction with the police. 06/22/15 . thru one way routes. iv. i. ii. 10 Traffic management Most LCS are undertaken in live roads. iii. Therefore adequate traffic control measures to a large extent reduce accidents during the works. Directing/guiding traffic i. Preparing route diversions for traffic and the routes must be safe for traffic.Sources of Accidents in LBRWS d.

ii. all measures for the protection of his/her workers and general public from dangerous aspects of employer’s undertaking at his/her own cost. 11 06/22/15 . Ensure that the working Environment is kept free from any hazard due to pollution thru’ organizational measures. Ensure that. designs etc.Responsibilities Towards OSH in LBRWS Contractors Responsibilities They include: i. a.

iv. storage and transport of articles and substances. instructions. training and supervision necessary to ensure as far as possible. safety and absence of risks to health. 12 Put in place arrangements for ensuring as far as is reasonably practicable. safety and health of the employees. in connection with the use. Provision of adequate information. handling.Responsibilities Towards OSH in LBRWS iii. 06/22/15 .

Assess risks and plans to minimize them in works to the employees. the risks of accidents or of adverse effects on the health and safety of the workers vi. Explain the work to the workers.Responsibilities Towards OSH in LBRWS Provision where necessary of adequate PPE to prevent as far as is reasonably practicable. vii. These will minimize accidents on the site 13 06/22/15 . v.

ix. 14 Ensure his/her representative puts in place measures for minimizing all risks on the site/road. Put in measures to control traffic during roadwork's.Responsibilities Towards OSH in LBRWS vi. Put in place arrangements for all necessary welfare. viii. Ensure that arrangements for First Aid including ambulance services are within reach. HIV/AIDS mitigation. 06/22/15 . vii. including provision of adequate clean drinking water.

15 06/22/15 . • Provide for the implementation of the safety and health policy. • Make the policy known by all the employees. Where the workers are atleast 20 at a workplace the contractor has to: • Prepare and routinely revise safety and health policy.Responsibilities Towards OSH in LBRWS x.

distribute and display safe precautions regarding the safe operations and emergency measures in case of accidents 16 06/22/15 . Ensure that the PPE that is provided to the workers is used whenever is necessary.Responsibilities Towards OSH in LBRWS xi. Prepare. xii.

06/22/15 .Responsibilities Towards OSH in LBRWS xiii. 17 It is the duty of an Employeer to conduct his/her works in such a way that ensures as far as is practicable that any person who is not in his/her works is not exposed to risks and safety concerns Clearly brief the workforce on the activities they are to undertake i. ensure the workers know and understand what they are to do. xiv.e.

ii. Take reasonable care for the health and safety of him/herself and of any other person who may be affected by his/her acts while at work. 18 06/22/15 .Responsibilities Towards OSH in LBRWS Responsibilities of Employees Every worker while at work to: i. Cooperate with the employer in all measures to eliminate or minimize risks to health and safety at work.

Move a way from dangerous work situations which he/she believes represents eminent danger to his/her life. To respect and to put to proper use any anything provided in the interest of his/her health. 06/22/15 . iv. v. safety or welfare. 19 Report to the supervisors any dangerous situations that pose eminent danger to health and safety of workers.Responsibilities Towards OSH in LBRWS iii.

ii. 20 06/22/15 . Providing workers with quality hand tools fitted with turned and polished handles not merely with tree handles. Workers be informed of the potential risks and procedures of working with given equipment.SAFETY MEASURES DURING/IN LBRWS Safety Measures at LBRWS i. iii. Adequate arrangements for the provision of clean drinking water for the workers.

v. 06/22/15 . 21 Provision of facilities to control disease outbreaks at the site e.SAFETY MEASURES DURING/IN LBRWS iv. Ensure that the site is left tidy at the close of works and cleared off debris and other construction wastes. vi. Provision of information in form of campaign against HIV/AIDS and STI.g. toilets separate for men/women.

Site of works must be clearly marked to make sure it is visible for the road users and convince them of the dangers and take all the necessary precautions. 06/22/15 .g.SAFETY MEASURES DURING/IN LBRWS vii. viii. unfilled potholes are enclosed with flagging tapes. 22 Ensure that the site is left safe for the road users e.

06/22/15 . 23 Ensure that all the necessary temporary traffic signals and protection are provided and correctly placed for the entire period of works.SAFETY MEASURES DURING/IN LBRWS ix.

Most of his/her time or that of his/her representative should be on the site attending to OSH issues among others.CONCLUSION i. 24 In all it must be emphasised that the work of the Contractor is to be practically oriented. Safety consciousness is a responsibility of all and each should be mindful of his/her safety while at work. ii. 06/22/15 . iii.

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