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Taking a blood sample :  What do you say when you are taking a blood sample?  Questions about taking a blood sample: Have you ever taken blood samples from patients? What types of tests do hospitals run on blood tests? Which patients generally need to have a blood sample taken? What supplies do you need to take a blood sample? .

and other conditions which affect the blood cells 2. Immunology .such as checking for antibodies to certain viruses and bacteria 9. Kidney function 3. Blood glucose (sugar) level 5. Full blood count .checks for anaemia. Blood grouping 10. Blood cholesterol level 8. Liver function 4. The most common blood tests are: 1. Tests for inflammation 7. Thyroid function . Blood clotting tests 6.

Check the body's functions such as liver and kidney function when you are taking certain medicines which may cause sideeffects. 2. test tube . For example. or to rule them out if symptoms suggest possible conditions. For example. Check your blood group before receiving a blood transfusion. syringe. a blood test may help to see if a condition is responding to treatment. Help diagnose certain conditions. Supplies needed: disinfectant. Monitor the activity and severity of certain conditions. needle. 3. to: 1. . 4. Blood tests are taken for many different reasons.

 Important vocabulary: blood blood sample tourniquet thumb fist injection site disinfect squeeze relax press rub bend hurt queasy nauseous faint sting tight .

place your thumb inside your fist and squeeze tightly. This might be a little cold. You’re looking great today. Ms. nauseous. Nurse: Please place your arm on this pillow. You can relax your hand now. Ok. Nurse: Today I’m going to take some blood sample. We need to run some tests. (the nurse sets the tourniquet and finds the blood vessel) I’m going to disinfect the area. Are you ready? This is going to hurt a little. Patient: Like this? Nurse: Yes. It will be a little tight. Dialogue: Nurse: Good evening. Jones. Don’t rub the injection site. . please let me know. Nurse: Please press here for a few minutes or bend your arm. Patient: Thank you. We’re finished. Nurse: OK. Patient: I will. or faint. You will feel a slight sting. I’m going to place this tourniquet on your arm. Patient: Thank you.(the nurse starts taking the blood sample) If you feel queasy. I feel pretty good. You are doing great.

please call us immediately. If the site keeps bleeding. please tell me. If……please call us immediately.  If you feel nauseous. . please let me know.Useful language: If……please let me know. If……please tell me. If you have any problems.

. an antibiotic This medication is… a fever reducer a steroid an antacid a sedative This is medicine for… stomach acid diabetes infection inflammation sleep allergies This is the medication to… stop pain lower your bp reduce your cholesterol take care of your rash an anti-inflammatory a diuretic a cough suppressant a pain reliever a bronchodilator headaches pain rashes anxiety nausea asthma prevent nausea prevent blood clots help with your arthritis . Giving medication: This medicine is.

Nurse: The firs medication is an anti-inflammatory. Patient: Ok. You should take one tablet once a day. Williams. You should take one capsule twice a day as needed. This is medicine to prevent inflammation in your knee joints. I really appreciate it. Patients: Great. Dialogue: Nurse: Mrs. The second medication is a diuretic. Patient: Thank you. Will it help with the pain? Nurse: Yes. I’m going to give you a couple prescriptions. . This is medicine for your high blood pressure.

 Prescription directions shorthand: QD once a day prn as needed (for…) BID twice a day pc after meals TID three times a day ac before meals QID four times a day hs at night q4h every four hours d day Tab tablet od right eye Cap capsule os left eye Syr syrup po by mouth Gtt drop pr rectally Ung ointment sq subcutaneous Cr cream tsp teaspoon (5ml) tbsp tablespoon (15 ml) .

. . 2 gtt os TID……. . (apply) QD prn rash ………. . What are the directions you should give the patient? 1 TID …………… 2 q4h prn …………. . . 1 BID pc prn pain……… 1 tsp TID x 7d…… . .