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The Noun
The Article
The Verb


The days of the week :

The months of the year:

The seasons:

Sunday-------- Duminica





















Saying numbers :
1- one

7- seven

13- thirteen

19- nineteen

70- seventy

2- two

8- eight

14- fourteen

20- twenty

80- eighty

3- three

9- nine

15- fifteen

30- thirty

90- ninety

4- four

10- ten

16- sixteen

40- forty

5- five

11- eleven

17- seventeen

50- fifty

6- six

12- twelve

18- eighteen

60- sixty

100- one hundred

USE OF VOCABULARY:  Making appointments  Completing charts  Telling time  Scheduling investigations  Day to day interaction .

I'd like to make an appointment to see Doctor Jensen. Doctor's Assistant: Of course. but we have a three o'clock opening next Wednesday. Doctor's Assistant: Fine. not necessarily. Patient: I haven't been feeling very well lately. Doctor's Assistant: Thank you Ms Sanchez. Is there anything available after three? Doctor's Assistant: Let me see. Not on Monday. Patient: I'm afraid I'm working at 10. please. Doctor's Assistant: Alright. I have. how about next Monday? There's a slot available at 10 in the morning. but I'd like to see the doctor soon. let me pull up your file.MAKING A DOCTOR'S APPOINTMENT Doctor's Assistant: Good morning. next Wednesday at three would be great. How may I help you? Patient: Hello. I had a physical last year. Patient: Thank you for your help. what is your name? Patient: This is Maria Sanchez. Doctor's Assistant: Do you need urgent care? Patient: No. Doctor's Assistant: Have you been in to see Doctor Jensen before? Patient: Yes. Would you like to come in then? Patient: Yes. . I'll pencil you in for three o'clock next Wednesday. Doctor Jensen's office.

 Key Phrases when Making an Appointment How may I help you? I'd like to make an appointment Have you been in before? I had a physical (examination) This is ... to pull up a file I haven't been feeling very well.. urgent care a slot available Is there anything open (available) .. to pencil someone in .



EXERCISE I. WORKSHEET  Choose from: When did it come on? Where exactly does it hurt? Have you ever had anything like that before? And you’ve had it ever since? What? Can you describe it? Does anything make it worse? What were you doing ? What’s brought you along today? What did you do? Did you take anything? .

women. nurse.g. hospital. woman/ women.g. • The plural of nouns (pluralul substantivelor): 1. (cartea baiatului) the boy’s books.THE NOUN PLURAL OF NOUNS  The Noun (substantivul) e. man. child/children.hospitals.neregulate: E. Substantivele neregulate isi schimba forma : man/ men. nurse.nurses 2. etc. hospital. the boy’s book. (cartile baiatului) the boys’ books (cartile baietilor) the children’s books (cartile copiilor) plural: /’/ .g. Subst. Se realizeaza prin adugarea terminatiei “(e)s” e. mouse/mice Exprimarea posesiei: singular /’s/.

more. Adj.g.neregulate: good.better.scurte: tall.worse.the best bad. a good nurse.g.asistenta nehotarat: a/an (un.more expensive. o) Daca cuvantul incepe cu consoana. the doctor. Adj.the worst many much .THE ARTICLE (ARTICOLUL) hotarat: e.taller than – the tallest II. articolul este a. Adj.g. daca incepe cu vocala este an e.the most expensive III. a computer. an optic mouse The Adjective (adjectivul) -sta in fata substantivului e.lungi: expensive.medicul the nurse.the most . an apple. a doctor . medic bun= good doctor Comparatia adjectivelor I.

to do (a face).THE VERB (VERBUL)  To be (a fi) + I am ? Am I? .I am not (I’m not) You are Are you? You are not(You aren’t) He is Is he? He is not(He isn’t) She is Is she? She is not(She isn’t) It is Is it? It is not (It isn’t) We You are They Important verbs: to have(a avea). can (a putea/ a fi in stare) .

I cannot (can’t) drive She does It He We You have a job He She has She It a job. CAN (A PUTEA/ A FI IN STARE) To do +I do To have Can +I have a job. It can do They ? Do I? ? ? .I do not(don’t) . + I can see/sing/read/play You do ? Do I have a job? ? Can I/You drive? He .I don’t - - . TO DO (A FACE).IMPORTANT VERBS: TO HAVE(A AVEA).

..umbrella ….manager  2.worse -…… interesting-………. Completati gradele de comparatie pentru urmatoarele adjective: bad.-……. This hospital……a large number of employees. We………a good manager.four members.…… -…… dangerous-………..a large window...-………. Cheap-…………-……….  3.old building …...his own locker.  ….. Every employee……….. His family…….-………. Completati spatiile libere cu forma corecta a verbului ‘to have’: My office……. Inserati a/an: .hospital …….interesting job ……..…….ugly boxer ….. . good..EXERCISE: 1.

Imi place copacul. That hospital(not)………enough medical staff. (Eu) vad o casa. (Ea) este o casa mare. (El) este apartamentul meu. (El) are multi pereti. a sauna and an indoor swimming pool. Traduceti in limba engleza: a. (Eu) vad o masa. (El) este un apartament mare. Imi place casa mea. Copacul are multe frunze. (Eu) vad un apartament. (Mie) imi place cainele. 4. . (Ea) are o curte mare. (Ea) are pereti albi si o harta. (Eu) vad un caine si un cal in curte. Casa mea are multe ferestre. Masa are cinci scaune. b. (Ea) este casa mea. (El) este un copac mare. (Eu) vad un copac. c. (Eu) vad fructe pe masa.This hotel……. usi si ferestre.

   I have lunch at one o'clock.      He has a hot bath every day.      He remembers my phone number. 5.      I understand you. 3.      She talks too much.      I trust my friend. Puneti verbele din urmatoarele propozitii (Present Simple) la interogativ si negativ: 1.      I love my brother.      You play the piano very well. 7. 2. 8. 9. 4.      I always believe you. 6.      They live in Bucharest. . 5. 10.

14.Acum imi fac temele la engleza.Eu nu studiez seara.Clientul tocmai isi alege o pereche de pantofi.Ea isi face bagajul.Cui ii telefonezi? 13. merge pe jos.Adesea citesc carti englezesti. 9.  6. 16. .Iarna ninge.De ce deschizi fereastra? 15.Când merg la mare imi place sa inot mult.El nu merge la scoala cu autobuzul. 2. 4.Ce carte citesti? 10. 7.Ce faci tu in zilele libere? 12.Ea merge la cumparaturi sâmbata.Cât de des le scrii parintilor tai? 18.Secretara tocmai bate la masina o scrisoare. 3.Nu-mi place cafeaua. 19. Traduceti in limba engleza: 1.Ce faci? Citesti sau privesti la televizor? 5. 6. 17. 8.Duminica el nu se trezeste devreme.La ce ora se trezeste John dimineata? 11.

other) •Did you ever/ do you complain of high blood pressure? rheumatic fever? asthma? TB: tuberculosis? • Have you been travelling abroad? ( when?. what INTERVIEW is your name?  Surname  Christian name  How old are you?  Where do you feel the pain? General questions: How much do you weigh? Has your weight increased? Has your weight decreased?  How many pounds (lbs)? (1 lb=0. where?) •Do you have any bleeding tendencies? •What is your blood group? (A/B/0/ AB/ Rh+/Rh-) •Have you ever been hospitalized? (where?.45 kg)  In how much time? Is your weight stationary? Do you feel a lack of energy? Do you have any fever? How much? Since when? Past medical History: •Have you had all the childhood diseases? •Have you had any surgery? When? Which? (appendix.MEDICAL  Hello. tumor. tonsils. when?) . hernia.

HABITS       Do you smoke? If so. how many cigarettes a day? how many cigars? how many pipes? Do you drink alcohol? How many glasses a day of (wine/ beer/ whiskey or spirits)? Since when? Are you a drug addict?/ heroin addict? Since when? .

PATIENT CHART Name: Age: Date of birth: Marital status: (married/ single) Address: Occupation: Medical records  Present complaint:  General questions:  Past medical History:  Habits: Examination: Investigations: Diagnosis: Treatment: .


 Patient was alert and unresponsive. and on the third day it disappeared.Funny notes on patients  Patient has chest pain if she lies on her left side for over a year.  Discharge status: Alive but without my permission  The patient refused autopsy.  Skin: somewhat pale but present  Patient has two teenage children. .  On the second day the knee was better.  The patient has been depressed since she began seeing me in 1993. but no other abnormalities.  Patient’s medical history has been remarkable with only a 40-pound weight gain in the past three days.