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UIT CAMPUS 12 ha campus .

University Construction Plan 2013-2015 4 .

UIT AT A GLANCE  Founded in 2006  Exclusively in Information and Communication Technology  A public and member of Vietnam National University. Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM) .

UIT AT A GLANCE In the core of Ho Chi Minh city’s economic zone. including :  Ho Chi Minh City  Binh Duong Province  Dong Nai Province  Long An Province  Vung Tau sea-side tourism destination .

UIT AT A GLANCE The industrial park with large companies surrounding: Siemen  Saigon High Tech Park s VN  IBM  Intel  Samsung Vietnam  Siemens Vietnam  … Samsung VN SaiGon High Tech Park Siemen s VN .

MISSION The Hub of Intellectuality and Technology  Constantly look ahead  A leading supplier of qualified and self-motivated specialist  The facilitator to Information and Communication Technology (ICT) .

Research and Innovation We embrace our visions:  A trusted name in high quality education  A leading university in advanced research  An incubator for industrial innovation of ICT areas .VISIONS Academy.

D. Program Undergraduates Regular Full-time Program 23 658 8 3642 Advanced Education Program 121 Honor Program 232 Online Training Program 2593 .STUDENT NUMBER 20132014 Total Student Number 717 3 Graduates 585 Master Program 562 Ph.

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Regular Full-time Program:  Bachelor of Science in:  Computer Science  Information Technology  Bachelor of Engineering in:  Computer Engineering  Computer Networks and Communication  Information Systems  Software Engineering .

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Advanced Education Program (AEP): Bachelor of Engineering in Information Systems Standards:  Collaborative Undergraduate Program: partnership with the Oklahoma State University. and Ph. USA  Using English in teaching and learning  Taught by high quality foreign professors. lecturers .D.

UNDERGRADUATE PROGRAMS Honor Program:  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science  Bachelor of Engineering in Information Security Standard: Gifted students .

GRADUATE PROGRAMS  Master of Science in:  Computer Science  Information Technology  Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science .

FIELDS OF RESEARCH  Knowledge Engineering  Signal Processing  Multimedia Retrieval  Pattern Recognition  Mobile Computing  Information Security  Robotics  Computer Network Protocols  GIS .

FACULTIES AND DEPARTMENTS Faculties (Schools):  Computer Sciences  Information Systems  Computer Engineering  Software Engineering  Computer Networks and Communications Departments:  Information Science and Engineering  Mathematics and Physics  English .

CENTRES AND LABORATORIES Centres:  Centre for Information Technology Development  Centre for Online Education Technology Laboratories:  Multimedia Communications Laboratory  Information Systems Laboratory .

FACILITIES  Excellent Teaching and Learning Facilities  Library  Convenient Dormitory  Campus Bus Service  Cafeterias and Food Canteen .

ISC Club (Innovation- ITI Club (Information Technology Innovation). Game UIT Club  Annual Conference Conference: Youth Scientific .STUDENT ACTIVITIES  Academic Clubs: CEEC Club (Computer Engineering Embedded Club). UNS Club (UIT Network Security). Sharing- Creativity).

STUDENT ACTIVITIES  Extra-Curricula Female Soccer Activities: Volleyball Team. (VOIT).Community Service by UIT Community Service Team . Community Service Team  ‘One Book – One Knowledge’ .

com/wat ch? v=FjJBNtlb_x8&feature=yout ACTIVITIES  ‘Old Computer Knowledge’ - – New Community Service by UIT Community Service Team  .

UIT students got awards from many contests:  1st place prize in the Mobile Innovation Challenge 2013  An honor in the 5th Information and Communications Technology Award  2nd place prize in the VNISA-HCM Computer Security Competition 2013 (To be continued…) .STUDENT ACTIVITIES From 2009 to 2013.

STUDENT ACTIVITIES From 2009 to 2013. UIT students got awards from many contests:  07 high prizes at the 21st Vietnam Student Olympiad in Informatics (OLP)  02 consolation prizes in the Youth Informatics Festival 2012 .



Conclusion  1Đảm bảo CLC cung cấp Human resource for HCMC  NCKH  Open for collaborations  International Degree … .