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Alumni Tracer System with

Decision Support for
Universidad De Manila
Michelle Anne L. Constantino

O The proponent’s family
O FEU family – colleagues, students,

friends and teaching associates
O Dr. Ace Lagman – the proponent’s
capstone project mentor
O Engr. Elmerito D. Pineda – College of
Engineering and Technology Adviser and
Universidad De Manila for the support
O Mr. Simon M. Ogbac

Statement of the Problem O What is the profile of the respondents according to group category? O What are the current problems in tracking the alumni of Universidad De Manila? O What is the development model suitable in designing and developing the system? O How does the curriculum of the course taken affect the track or career choice of the graduate of the college? O How does training experience and opportunities shape their point of view with their respective careers or the jobs they have undertaken at the moment? .

Statement of the Problem O How can their career experiences be of help towards themselves and the direction of what the university will undertake towards the goal of improving what is within the institution O How can the school extend to the graduate with programs depending on their education and training experiences? O How can data driven decision support help administrators analyze the data delivered by the alumni through the use of the system? O Is there any significant difference on the level of effectiveness within the assessment of the respondents on the proposed system when grouped according to category? .

General Objective O To design and develop Alumni Tracer System with Decision Support for Universidad De Manila as a facility to engage communication. network and promotion by the university and as a way to monitor their students after graduation. .

O To develop the system which had the following system modules: O Alumni Profile and Directory O Alumni News and Engagements O Alumni Job Corner O Alumni Tracer O Report Generation O Module for Feedback on Curriculum Development .Specific Objectives O To determine the inadequacies. problems and concerns existing in tracking graduates from Universidad De Manila.

O To be able to use the training experiences and opportunities of the graduates in looking at the curriculum of the institution and devising programs to benefit perspective and current students of the University. O To be able to extend the presence of the university to the programs that can be extended to the graduates depending on their career and training opportunities. .Specific Objectives O To be able to determine the impact of the curriculum to which the graduate has finished within the university.

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. O It can either be an OLAP which provides the highest level of functionality O Or an EIS or a GDSS.Data Driven Decision Support O Data Driven Decision Support is something that emphasizes access to and manipulation of a time-series of internal company data and sometimes external data.

Data Driven: Executive Information System O EIS are computerized systems intended to provide current and appropriate information to support executive decision making for managers using a networked workstation. O The emphasis is on graphical displays and an easy to use interface that present information from the corporate database. .

# of Respondents per Course .

# of Employed Respondents per Course .

Questionnaire Report .

Questionnaire Report .

Questionnaire Report .

Outstanding Alumni based on Annual Salary parameter .

Profile of the Respondents Respondent f Percentage (%) Students 50 83% Professionals 10 17% Total 60 100% .

7 4.9 4.1    VG VG       VG VG    4. performance.65 4.6 E E 4.7 E E 4.72 E 4.36 4.72 E 4.    The The system system provides provides accurate accurate results.66 E E 4.Summary of the Proponent’s Assessment according to Functionality   Students Professionals Interpret Areas   The The system’s system’s essential essential modules modules function function properly properly The system’s requirements is essential to the alumni The The system system is is considered considered suitable suitable for for the the conduct conduct of of alumni alumni tracing tracing The system supports The system supports evaluation for its evaluation for its performance.9 E E 4.9 4.53 4. results.4 4.46 VG                   4.1 4.9 4.36 .65 E E                         4.58 E    4. Composite Mean Average Interpret         E E   Interpret            4.9 E E           4.2 VG 4.4 VG VG 4.44 VG 4.62    E E    4.9 4.66 4.6 4.62 4.53 E E 4.

Interpret X Interpret X Interpret             4.52 E 4.56 E             4.72 E             4.82 E 4.             4.56 E   The system may be working from one environment to another.62 E 4.69 E 4.6 E 4.42 VG 4.6 E 4.35 VG Composite Mean 4.84 E 4.56 E             4.1 VG 4.66 E 4. The system functions can be easily understood as it is presented.5 VG 4.58 E .3 VG 4.Summary of the Proponent’s Assessment according to Usability   Students Professionals Average Areas X The system is considered as userfriendly The system’s interface is relevant to the institution There is consistency with the user interface of the system.

32 VG 3.9 VG 4.5 E             4.Summary of the Proponent’s Assessment according to Reliability   Students Professionals Average Areas Interpret   The system does not show signs of error or failure within the testing.14 VG             4.49             4. The system is able to show validation from a wrong user input.0 VG 4.9 VG 4.30 VG .6 E 4.3 VG VG 4.46 VG 4. Composite Mean 4.10 VG 4. Interpret   The system can be tested without bugs and with complete functionalities.3 VG 4. The system can withstand simultaneous usage from multiple users.43 VG             4.7 E 4.40 VG 4.38 VG 3.   Interpret               4.11 VG The system gives accurate results of data based on the user input.

09 VG             VG 4.8 VG 4. pret   rpr       4.34 of too much resources.12 VG 4.30 VG .2 VG 4.Summary of the Proponent’s Assessment according to Performance   Students Professio Inter nals Inte Areas   The system runs in a way that is acceptable to the user.27 VG           VG 4. The system has   been able to do what it is 4.28 The system is   able to run without the use 4.3 VG 4.44 supposed to do with a reasonable amount of time.35 VG             VG 3.84 E 4.44 input.47 Mean et   Average Interpr   et     VG 4. The system can   handle errors within the 4.62 E         VG 3. Composite 4.12 VG VG 4.4     4. The system exudes fast response time to the user.9 VG 4.