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. food and drink.  Hospitality industry originated from the conduct of trade which later developed towards the outgrowth of travel  According Walker (2006) hospitality was found in 3000 B.Introduction  The word ‘hospitality’ was derived from the word ‘hospice’ a French word meaning ‘to provide care and shelter for travelers.C when the Sumerian traders traveled from one region to another in the Mesopotamian Kingdom to sell grain and they needed shelter.

water. Most them were traveled long journey so people at that time realize the important of arranging ways to meet the travelers needs.C ancient Greece and Rome founded the first hospitality establishment which was called taverns  The first overnight lodging structures were erected along the mid-eastern trade and caravan routes 4000 years ago which were called caravanserai. .  Travelers had to bring their own food. and bedding.  In 1700 B.

toilet. The hospitality establishment back in those days were poor and provide only limited accommodation.  Later as trade travel increased. a kitchen and a bar.  In many countries the quality of hospitality services varied according to the fees paid and the location of the establishment. . more equipped bedrooms. hospitality establishment began offering other services such as restaurant.

 The tradition continued after rail and steamship travel made the journey less of a burden and American and other overseas youth joined in  It served as an education rite to passage.  The Grand tour has a special license from the palace in order to travel abroad .The Grand tour  Was the traditional travel of Europe undertaken by mainly young men of means.

Venice. It is enjoy the rival cultures and social life of cities such as Paris. and Florence.  This idea was to lead to development around Europe and strategies to invade other countries. .

In the 1840s the growth of regular traffic of the railways has occupied the railways companies.The age of steam The railways -the first railway was built in England between Stockton and Darlington in 1825 -it was a slow mode and attract travelers. . . .Companies compete initially based on service rather than the price .

 The services that the first railways provide were such: .organizing excursions for the public at special fares.short day trip .Chartered in order to take travelers to their destination . .

ferry services were operating as early as 1761 between Brighton and Dieppe. . .deep sea services were introduced on routes to North America and the far East. .the first long distance steamship service credited to the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigator company (P & C) .The first regular commercial cross channel steamship service was introduced in 1821.The steamships .