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Atomic Model Timeline

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Democritus found that atoms are not all the same,
they are eternal, and always moving. He made a
theory on this to explain why and how atoms
were so small, and what they were about. He
proposed a more advance atomic theory.

400BC ish
Indivisible, Solid Sphere Model
Developed by Democritus. He
said all matter is composed of
indivisible tiny things made up
into small not being able to be
seen by the eye structures.

He also found that matter will always exist. he came up with the theory of motion. http://img. earth.384-322BC Aristotle and fellow Greeks He found that matter is made of He also found 4 elements.jpg . fire.tfd. water. With all this. and air.

They also kept careful records. so they started out with trying to make a potion that could make them live forever. but they did make many experiments. they wanted to live forever.500BC-1720 Alchemists Now. . and the scientific method. They didn’t succeed.

He invented the first periodic table.1777 Antoine Lavoisier He had the first version of the Law of Conservation of Matter. . He also named oxygen and hydrogen. which had 33 elements.seilnacht.

http://www.jpg . He used windmills and the elasticity of fibers and metals to come up with this He also published the laws of friction.1780 Charles Augustin de Coulomb He had the theory of Simple Machines. He also had Coulomb’s law which stated the interaction between electric

He found the atomic weight. he tested gases and used evaporation to find out what the gases had on that mixture all He inferred proportions of elements in compounds. http://redescolar. and chemical symbols. He also had the most useful atomic theory of matter.gif .1803 John Dalton He proposed the atomic theory. To come up with this.

jpg . and plasmas. He used electricity in gases. He investigated canal http://www.vanderkrogt. and found as the pressure went down. cathode rays.1879 Sir William Crookes He came up with thallium and helium. the electrodes began to emit rays.

1896 Becquerel He came up with radioactivity. http://dbhs.wvusd.k12. He found this out from unknown x-rays waves. He also discovered that uranium was able to expose a photographic plate on black paper. Penetrating radiation was also discovered by Becquerel. and didn’t depend on the chemical . which were produced by He also found that x-rays pass through different materials at different temperatures. when he messed up and discovered x-rays. Roentgen He discovered x-rays when he was working with Sir William Crooke’s tube.jpg . He was doing an experiment on cathode rays.1895 W.

J.jpg .cam. He was working with glass tubes and electricity and messed up and discovered http://www.1897 J. Thomson He found electrons and subatomic particles when he was working with cathode ray tubes.

with negative particles throughout. Thomson.1897 Plum Pudding Model Discovered by J. He said the atom was a sphere of positive electricity. . This came around right after he discovered the electron.J.

jpg .cc. All she said was. Though Marie went further with the radioactivity of elements.aip. she didn’t get very far. which lead them to find the elements radium and polonium. http://www.” ~ Marie Curie http://www. “they were somehow disintegrating over time and emitting radiation that exposed the Pierre went on to say that atoms might be composed of even smaller things.neoam.1898 Marie & Pierre Curie They both picked up on Becquerel’s work on To come up with this. and then wrote a book on the quantum theory (the theory: the behavior or matter and energy in an atom).jpg . He also was looking at color changes from energy. all he did was research from pervious scientists and a little bit on his own. http://www.1900 Max Planck He was the person who came up with the original quantum theory. He also made a math equation to help with this theory.

He “light consists of quanta. he found that nature and matter intertwine bundles of energy which behave somewhat like particles. he publish 5 papers on electrons.1905 Albert Einstein First. the theory of measurement came about from this. These contributed to the quantum mechanics. Second.” ~Albert Einstein http://www.gif .html http://www.

and that wasn’t successful.jpg . http://www.1908 Robert Millikan He was by far the most famous American scientist. where all this proved electrons were negatively charged. so he measured oil droplets. He also was a professor for many and wrote many textbooks on chemistry. He measured water droplets.chemistryexplained. He wanted to find the electrical charge of electrons.

jpg . The counter was able to prove the Compton effect. because is detected the neutrons. and the Geiger-Marsden experiment led him to the discovery of the atomic nucleus. and quanta. electrons.1908 Hans Geiger He helped invent the Geiger Counter.

Briefly.newgenevacenter. He used his research and the magnetic properties of iron to find radio waves. http://www.jpg . and found alpha and beta waves. To find this he did the Rutherford Ernest Rutherford He ionized gas using radiation. He also discovered the atomic nucleus using others research and findings. he used a thin foil made of gold metal to find positive and negative charges in an atom. He introduced electrons from the book he wrote on the structure of the atom. and their radiations.1913 Niels Bohr Niels figured out the structure of the atom.jpg . He also started the basis of the quantum theory. He also discovered the principle of complementary.gc.

The Bohr model is a hydrogen model. It shows a positively charged nucleus surrounded by . This was mostly to explain the Rydberg formula.1913 The Bohr Model Niels Bohr discovered this atom. http://en. It helps with the learning of the quantum theory.

1920’s Electron Cloud Model Discovered by Erwin Schrödinger and Werner Heisenberg. but they all have different energy levels. . and different charges. They said an atom consists of a dense nucleus and many proton and neutrons and is surrounded by electrons.

Rutherford said the atom is mostly empty space with a nucleus that has a positive charge surrounded by negative electrons. .1922 Planetary or Solar System Model Both Rutherford and Bohr contributed into this model. Then Bohr said they circulate the atom.

To find these theories out.jpg He wrote papers on wave mechanics. he worked out math equations and used statistics.1926 Erwin Schrödinger Erwin’s contributions were the wave mechanics and quantum mechanics. which lead him to the quantum mechanics. http://academic.

jpg . He also used an experiment similar to this to help with the creation of the atomic bomb.1932 James Chadwick James discovered the existence of the neutron. He found this out because when he was looking at alpha waves.nuclearfiles. bounced http://www. and the fission and uranium 235. saying there was no charge in the neutron.

jpg Lise always studied radioactivity. http://cdl.jpg .1938 Otto Hahn & Lise Meitner While working in a lab. He was testing uranium and how it busted into lighter elements. She. discovered the auger effect. He combined results with Otto Frisch and they came up with nuclear fission. herself. Otto Hahn discovered radiothorium.atomicmuseum. and then later discovered 5 more elements. He also discovered radioactive recoil.niedersachsen. His biggest discovery was barium as a fission element. Lise Meitner was he partner when they discovered the isotope of

org/nuclearmedicine/pioneers/images/seaborg_g. He discovered these elements just by separating different elements.1951 Glenn T. Seaborg Glenn was best known for identifying and discovering elements that were heavier then uranium.radiochemistry. He also isolated 10 elements. http://www. He also proposed the “actinides” in the element table.jpg . and combining different elements.

To find He also found that all the elements of an atom are held together by quarks. They tested electrical charges. in the same year. both these guys proposed the idea of quarks.Mann was an American physicist who received a Nobel Prize for his theory on elementary particles.1964 Murray Gell-Mann & George Zweig Murray Gell. he blasted high speed electrons into a hydrogen atom. Now.jpg http://panda. George Zweig proposed the existence of He thought of them as aces.unm.jpg . and that how the numbers for quarks came about. because he guessed there were four quarks in every atom. http://www. http://library.wikipedia.html http://en.html http://en.wikipedia.html http://en.wikipedia.htm http://scienceworld.html .org/wiki/William_Crookes http://en.htm www.html http://pdg.phy.wikipedia.

htm http://www.frostburg.http://en.html http://www.wikipedia.html http://periodictable.geocities.html http://home1.ok.wikipedia.html http://en.htm ry_of_atom.htm .fsmitha.magnet.shtml http://www. . www.asp http://hi.sid44_gci332247.wi..