STRENGTH LECTURE Present Fact Material and experience Audiece is Passive Communication in oneway Stimulate thinking Good for Large Group WEAKNESS Learning is more difficult PREPARATION : Clear Introduction and Summary Time Limit Examples and Anecdotes .

& Challenge PREPARATION : Prepare Answers for Discussion .STRENGTH LECTURE WITH DISCUSSION WEAKNESS Involve Audience Time Limit Audience Can Question. Clarify.

introduces. and summarizes .STRENGTH Presents Different Opinions PANEL OF EXPERTS WEAKNESS Expert = not a good speakers Provoke Better Discussion Overshadow with personalities Frequent Change of Speaker PREPARATION : Coordinates focus of panel.

STRENGTH BRAINSTORMING Full Participation WEAKNESS Draws group knowledge and experience Can be Unfocused Limit between 5-7 minutes Congeniality 1 Idea spark off other ideas PREPARATION : Select Issues Some Ideas if group needs to be stimulated .

STRENGTH Entertaining VIDEOTAPES WEAKNESS Bias = Raise to many issues Keep groups attention Effective only if following by discussion Professional Stimulates discussion PREPARATION (trainer): Set up equipment Facilitator prepares questions to discuss .

or experience Time Consuming Can get off the track Full Active Participation PREPARATION (facilitator): Carefull Planning to Guide Discussion Question Outlines . film.STRENGTH CLASS DISCUSSION Pulls ideas and experiences WEAKNESS ≤ 20 people Can dominated by a few people Effective after presentation.

STRENGTH SMALL GROUP DISCUSSION WEAKNESS Participation for everyone Careful thought as to purpose of group More Comfortable Side Tracked PREPARATION (facilitator): Prepare specific tasks or questions for group to answer .

STRENGTH Develops Analytic and Problem Solving Skills WEAKNESS May not see relevance to own situation Allows for exploration of solutions Allows to applying new knowledge and skills Insuficient information  inappropiate results PREPARATION (facilitator): Case study must be prepared well Case must be clearly defined to prevent misunderstanding .

STRENGTH Provides opportunity for people to assume roles of others  appreciate another point of view WEAKNESS May be too selfconscious Not appropiate for large group Allows for exploration of solutions Provide opportunity to practice skills May feel threatened (take it too seriously) PREPARATION (trainer): Has to define problem situation and roles clearly Must give very clear instructions .

case studies. roleplay. and small group excercise WEAKNESS Each small group says the same thing  Can be repetitive Chance to reflect on experience Each group takes responsibility for themselves PREPARATION (trainer): Prepare questions for group to discuss .REPORT BACK Allow large group SESSIONS STRENGTH discussions.

STRENGTH People think for themselves without being influences by others WORKSHEETS/ SURVEYS WEAKNESS Only for short period of time Individual thought  can be shared in large group PREPARATION (facilitator): Has to prepare handouts .