Usage Guide for the Slides and Methods of Obtaining the Software

and Documents
This document consists of two parts: the promotional slides of the wireless smart terminal deployment tool WDT
and the operation guide slides.

1. Promotional slides: describes tool functions, project delivery pain points, effect and value of the tool, comparison of delivery methods, and success stories.
2. Operation guide slides: includes the detailed WDT operation guide that can be used for quick guide. These slides provides the technical details, operation
experience and implementation skills in the project deployment.
Remarks: Pay attention to italics highlighted in yellow which marks the important roles that need to be focused and implemented in each part of the content, and the
usage of some pages. Thank you.

WDT promotional slides:
Release path: Support > Special Resource > Service Area > Wireless > Five Kits Serviceability Measures
Release period: The promotional slides will incorporate the WDT tool problems, requirements, and mature experience in global usage and be reviewed and updated
every two weeks. For the latest version, please contact the promotion contact person.

Software and matched documents:
The software includes the WDT software installation package for mobile phones and the PC assistant tool installation package.
The matched documents include the WDT specification and user guide.
Release path: Support > Product Support > Wireless Network > Wireless Professional Service > Radio AccessService > GENEX > WDT
Remarks: If the new login window on Support website is in Chinese, the matched documents downloaded by clicking the link is of Chinese version. If the login
window is in English, the matched documents downloaded by clicking the link is of English version. You can also contact the tool deployment contact person to
obtain the latest version and documents.

The WDT tool deployment contact persons: Sang Yanqi (employee ID: 00189072) (tool promotion) Wang Haizhao (employee ID: 00150702) (tool
promotion) Li Wuyang (employee ID: 00186135) (R&D)


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Part I Wireless Deployment Tool WDT
Promotional Slides(V100R005C00SPC100)
December 2014

Part I Wireless Deployment Tool WDT Promotional Slides
Part II Wireless Deployment Tool WDT Operation Guide Slides


Huawei Confidential


Deployment Pain Points


Tool Introduction and Function


Effect Analysis and Presentation


Appendixes and Example Sites


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1. Pain Points of Traditional Deployment Modes
Transmission or the OSS is not ready.
PNP is not supported.
The progress is delayed.

Complex USB file making
Files are easy to be placed in a wrong path.
Faults are invisible.

其他原因 ; 5%
RTWP 问题 ; 2% 天馈鸳鸯线 ; 18%
电调下倾角 ; 18%


传输问题 ; 15%
天馈接反 ; 42%

High skill requirements using laptop computers.
The partner employee exchange is frequent.
The skill transfer costs are high.

Complex and long acceptance report output Incorrect
information collection, such as errors or missing

Problem analysis of second visits in a project

Transmission and remote deployment conditions are not met at the earlier stage of a delivery project. To meet the deadline, 200 sites are
installed. After sites go online later, only 50 sites are working properly and the other 150 sites have alarms, such as standing wave alarms,
optical alarms related to no TX/RX optical modules, and low or high optical power alarms.
Therefore, these 150 sites are handed over to the supervisor and subcontract to go online multiple times by using laptop computers and
professional construction tools. This wastes costs and delays the progress.

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2. Introduction to Wireless Deployment Toolkit WDT
WDT (Wireless Deployment Tool):
Wireless deployment tool WDT is a Huawei-developed smart-phone application (WDT.apk) that focuses on deployment and
acceptance scenarios. Integrated with expert systems, the WDT is easy to use and provides diverse functions to facilitate
site deployment and maintenance.
Hardware requirements:
1. Mainstream Android smartphones are supported:
Configuration: Android 2.3+, CPU 1 GHz, 512 MB RAM, and 2 GB
SD card
2. Common Wi-Fi APs are supported:
Recommended: TP-LINK TL-MR12U
Software requirements:
WDT.apk (the size of the software package is 3 MB)
Only a network cable, an AP, and a smartphone are required.
All mainstream Android mobile phones are supported.
All common APs are supported, which reduces costs and
facilitates procurement.

ALL (USB flash drive, DT mobile phone, camera, GPS, barcode scanner, alarm board, paper, and pen
among others) in ONE (smartphone)

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scripts. and then load the required software. LTD. and license file in one-click mode. It takes 10 to 18 minutes to deploy a base station in one-click mode. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 6 . HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. They can use the functions only by clicking the corresponding buttons.WDT functions Script Software One-click site deployment: Allows engineers to automatically log in to a base station. One-click site deployment Note: Subcontractors do not need to load any functions.. The load process is visible.

and frees the product team from frequent site visits. engineers can click a specific button to perform GUIbased detection on engineering quality. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.One-click self-check: WDT functions Android Terminal VSWR PIM Cross Feeder CPRI Rectify faults onsite. clock status. intermodulation. and single cross feeder connection. LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 7 . One-click self-check This ensures that engineering quality problems are solved onsite. Engineers can click a specific button to transmit the detection results back to the OMC for review.. such as the CPRI optical power. After the installation is completed. voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR). cell status. They can use the functions only by clicking the corresponding buttons. Note: Subcontractors do not need to load any functions. transmit optical power. transmission status.

which is easy. They can use the functions only by clicking the corresponding buttons. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.WDT functions Trans-link Auto Ping Auto TRACERT Trans error detect One-click transmission fault location: Engineers can click a specific button to locate transmission faults. One-click transmission fault location Note: Subcontractors do not need to load any functions.. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 8 .

. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Site reports or customized acceptance reports are generated in one-click mode. One-click report generation HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.WDT functions Wizard-based photographing and one-click report generation: Subcontractors can achieve wizardbased photographing based on a customized list. LTD. Page 9 . The WDT automatically takes photographs and renames and sorts the photographs. thereby preventing some photographs from being missed.

LTD. board. Radio parameters. configuration file. Laptop computer 1. Ping and Tracert 3. and GPS check 5. Transmission is out of position. optical power.. Detailed Functions of Wireless Deployment Toolkit WDT . calls. ESN scanning (sent by SMS) 5. . 2. 2. Alarm query 6. service verification. and site navigation 2. intermodulation. and license loading  Reduce skill requirements 1. Labor costs are high and data accuracy is uncertain. 2. 3. OMC engineers are engaged in lots of affairs. Acceptance photo-taking 3. and crossed pair connection) 4. Check items are easy to miss and error prone. 2. Effect  Reduce device quantities and costs  Accelerate the project delivery progress  Locate the cause of a fault and solve the problem locally  Reduce the time of second visits to a site significantly  Collect information correctly and efficiently  Generate reports quickly and correctly 1. Report: 1. Automatic generation of acceptance reports HUAWEI Confidential Page 10 . PNP: 1. Acquisition of GPS data 4. The ESN reporting is inefficient and error prone. and pressure. The deployment based on the USB flash drive depends a lot on the far end. Operation log 1. Later data filtering and reorganization costs a lot of time. The delivery cannot start. Commands are queried manually one by one and the fault locating skill requirements are high. Base Station Commissioning 1. Site Acceptance  USB: WDT Functions Data Loading Pain Point 1. Many devices are required for check and there is a high risk of second visits. Local faults are invisible and remote communication is inefficient. Antenna detection (VSWR. 4. Local faults are invisible and difficult to locate. Operation replay 2. 3. 2. Transmission link setup process and faults visibility 2. . Skills of software commissioning engineers are high and devices are expensive. Software. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Report Tool . Acceptance: 1. Cell. Use multiple devices to collect information at random.3. Data uploading (sent by email) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

. Contents that need to be entered: Record the contents on reused papers onsite (information entries are optimized). Information is entered quickly. Customized Photographing and Automatic R eport Generation Integrated solution based on wireless deployment toolkit WDT and documentation preparation tool SID Photographing list customization The customization period is less than 30 minutes. LTD. OMC HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.4. SM k through m S. Acceptance or survey documentation The customization period is less than one week. 1. Base station SID used for documentation preparation 2.Enter other information according to specified rules. All collected information is automatically filled in a customized report. WDT Benefits – C. HUAWEI Confidential 4.. Customize information that is required for automatically obtaining site acceptance information through the M2000. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR 3. Customize a list for wizard-based photographing onsite by using the WDT. Page 11 5. Trans mit ph ot such ographs ba as em c ail. or net dis ethods k.

Transmission faults are avoided. and the project team does not need to pay frequent site visits. alarm query.  No user manual is required. software commissioning engineers are no longer required. reduces the number of site visits.  GUIs simplify the installation and operations. we dare to Ensure the project progress Reduce subcontractor skill requirements install base stations. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. and status query functions of smart terminals. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 12 . LTD. Subcontractors can install base stations and user them immediately after the installation. Replace high skill requirements by low skill requirements. Replace manual reports by automatically generated reports. This improves delivery efficiency. This saves a lot of report making time. We can ensure no rework after the installation. Summary of Benefits Brought by Wireless Deployment Tool WDT Free the project team from frequent site visits  Ensure no site engineering installation faults before leaving sites Four reasons to reduce costs  No requirement for the remote OSS Replace multiple site visits by one visit. Generate acceptance reports intelligently  Generate neat deployment reports intelligently based on the photo collection guide. and ensures delivery progress..  Even if transmission is out of position.5. Replace laptop computers by smart terminals.

Note: To ensure that the functions are stable.): A. LTD. and mandatory feature tests. 2. You are advised to use the Android mobile phones produced by global mainstream vendors. Drive test tools for network optimization are checked and prepared by the network optimization side. you are advised to purchase smartphones in batches based on the following selection policies: af te t fo c te r a u sel m or s on ect t t 1. Delivery of smartphones will become the trend in the future.4 produced by mainstreamovendors. Thank you!). please send the phone models and Android versions back to the WDT deployment contact person. used. which need to be checked by the wireless project owners. Summary: If customers have dialing test requirements. Service test requirements: If there are service test onsite requirements on the wireless side (Not a drive test for network optimization. the mobile phone resolution must be no lower than 8 million.Required Smartphones Wir e pro less r and Selecting Policies es p vid e o thi ns ible where the Android phones s 1.4 tati bend ve s. Android mobile phones bought on the Taobao with 200 RMB (exemption from postage) also support the WDT. smuggled cell phones and pirated cell phones cannot be used. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. purchase Android mobile phones with a resolution no lower than 8 million that are easy to purchase at local area. Considering enc prothat j e s c e t can be used for a long time. and reporting photo-taking. n r re the ne fe r lmobile mu phones 2. Photo-taking requirements: If customers have high quality requirements on photos. In addition. the mobile phone must support the autofocus and SD card functions (mainstream mobile phones in the market basically support the functions). 3. areas ffic slIn i d e fo e to perso are popular among subcontractors. Preferred mobile phones support the modes and frequency bands required by the project. mobile phones of specified models that support the dialing test function must be purchased.Appendix 5 . All fields of Huawei are developing mobile phone tools.3 to 4. Mobile phones of Android 2. and Huawei (If some Android mobile phones cannot be compatible.3 to ode 4. such as the CSFB and VoIP. If there is no dialing test requirements. If lock screen is tested. The WDT software can be installed on all mobile phones of Android 2. ing he re his sl p the res ide a encan m The site deployment and project quality self-check functions basically have no requirements on mobile phone performance. You are advised to choose preferred phone models that support the software (You need to confirm with the Huawei PHU team or the third-party software personnel). such as: Samsung. service test. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 13 . HTC. the PHU and a third-party lock frequency software must be installed on the mobile phone at a time. subcontractors' Android phones can be used. The mobile phone functions in the delivery: site deployment and project quality self-check. B..

amazon. password of the AP firewall. 11 g: 54 on Mbit/s. disable the default settings and HUAWEI Confidential HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES Page 14 HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Amazon: www. fter m o is s Supported r th Jingdong Mall: http://www. and APs with external power supply cannot obtain power from the UMPT board. RET type Built-in antenna Transmissi 11 b: 11 Mbit/ 1 TP-LINK TL-MR12U Taobao: Www.jd.eachnet. standards IEEE and the IP address is automatically AP mode configured. It can be settings manually switched to the AP by pressing the handover APs with Self-supplied Power and Convenient for Local Procurement 1.11 n th e protocols Appendix 6 .) ID Model Online Purchase Website Jingdong Mall: http://www.eachnet.11 ect Taobao: www. WDT cannot log in to the base station or cannot upgrade the software.) Note: The UMPT board has no USB Ebay: Recommended AP Lists (With self-supplied mobile power. ID Model 1 TP-Link WR702N Online Purchase Website Jingdong Mall: 2. If you find that Work mode AP mode The default is Best Buy: www. ide sel Note: Theoretically. it has no need for external power supply at the Ebay: However. 11 n: 150 Mbit/s efficiency Work voltage/Cur DC 5 V/500 mA rent Charging USB cable cable Port Ethernet port Built-in Greater than 5200 mAh battery Amazon: www. all APs in the market support self-supplied power.11 e ing and 802. Amazon: eBay: 2 POWERLINK AP2403 or POWERLINK PTAP2403 3 B-Link BL-MP01 Amazon: www.Wir e le ss and resp rep o res provi nsibl d e ent ativ e this pers oAP eo s nneConfiguration Requirements ffic Taobao: Best Buy: www. some AP vendors set built-in firewall and password by Wal-Mart: Yahoo: eBay: www. Other AP lists (The external power is used and the AP obtains power from the USB port on the control board. e e fo to t l mus t fo r re he pConfiguration Configurat r f e o ren Requirements m jec cus o ion odItem c e a t tea n th es.

and pen among HUAWEI Confidential TECHNOLOGIES LTD. Function 2: Site acceptance report Engineers can generate standard site reports in one-click mode. GPS. fice  Subcontractors can operate equipment upon installation without and reading related guides. phone. Analysis of faults causing frequent site visits in a project 4. Ensures project progress  Base stations can be installed even when transmission links are unavailable. optical power. no faults will occur and rework will not be required after the base stations are installed. Wireless deployment tool WDT is installed on an Androidbased mobile phone. and a is p and alarm status is queried based on  Photographs are m i collected f i vi t isandro specified sequences. The engineering quality cannot be ensured due to a tight project schedule. They can also view archived logs in the OMC to trace site deployment processes. latitudes. GPS status. The site reports include customized photographs and 2. 18% 传输问题 . An AP connects to the main control board of each base station by using a network cable and transmits Wi-Fi signals. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR others) in ONE (smartphone) Tool contact Page 15 of Wireless Product Rollout Dept: Sang Yanqi (employee ID: 00189072) . 2% 天馈鸳鸯线 . 其他原因 . standard site deployment reports are req todereduce d fo report preparation time. p ro pro motio duc site 2.Wireless Deployment Tool WDT T his pag e The acceptance report is complicated. ALL (USBHUAWEI flash drive. and antenna VSWR and detect 1. generated in one-click mode uir ed. Lowers skill requirements on subcontractors ona l of  GUIs make installation and operation easier. The turnover of external workforce is high. The mobile phone communicates with the AP and base stations through Wi-Fi to perform engineering self-check. Function 1: Base station commissioning and hardware fault detection Engineers can check the boards. 3. intermodulation and crossed pair connections easily through GUIs. information such as site detection information. Faults detected after base stations go live Transmission links or the OSS is unavailable. Generates n deployment reports automatically t te . Function 3: OMC playback during self-check Engineers can replay operation logs to locate faults. In addition. paper. 42% Benefits of Wireless Deployment Tool WDT is u 1. equipment serial numbers (ESNs). 5% RTWP 问题 . barcode scanner. camera. DT mobileCO. which causes high skill transfer costs. Prevents frequent site visits due to engineering quality problems sed Fault prevention Pain Points of Traditional Base Station Delivery for  Site hardware installation errors and faults can be rectified onsite WD without using the remote OSS even when transmission links are Tunavailable.. 15% 天馈接反 . 18% 电调下倾角 . Information collection does not follow specified norms and some information is easy to be missed or incorrectly collected. and longitudes. r eac hr egi 3. transmission status.

Huawei Confidential ..Wir e car less d efu lly epart exp (beca ment l ea erie use nce the ders ar e rela slid e ted s in adv to p clu ised d roj ect e tec to rea imp hnic d th e l em al d eta slide en t atio ils a s n). LTD. nd Part II Wireless Deployment Tool WDT Operation Guide Slides(V100R005C00SPC100) December 2014 Part I Wireless Deployment Tool WDT Promotional Slides Part II Wireless Deployment Tool WDT Operation Guide Slides HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

.Function 1: Install and Configure the WDT Step 1. Scan the following two-dimension code and download the installation package:(Print QR Code on paper) Click to install after download successfully. Folders HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. QR Code Step 2. 2. Obtain WDT and install You can obtain the WDT installation package using either of the following two methods: 1.huawei. Automatically create folders WDT will create HuaweiSDTData and subfolders and navigate to the following path: Support > Product Support > Wireless Network > Wireless Professional Service > Radio Access Service > GENEX > WDT (free application download) Copy WDT. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Page 17 .apk to the root directory of the smartphone and click to install. Log in to http://support. LTD.

click "Register" button to apply. b. Obtain Device ID from b. Online applying(recommended way). LTD. Note: A project can have one or more interface person. Send to administrator Wei Jie 00190129. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR 2. Page 18 .Function 1: Install and Configure the WDT Step 3. Offline applying a. Install the tool and click on the "Register". a. Import file and start to use WDT. the device will automatically be reported to the information the user ID. the project administrator added. License applying 1. after setting to manage the project and apply for License HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Li Wuyang 00186135 Note: Provide your project information while sending email. Wei Jie 00190129) to set new administrator privileges. Copy license file to smart phone. Project Administrator bulk import phone IMSI number. c.Project administrator to authorize the privileges. d.. please contact the administrator (Sang Yanqi 00189072.

and copy the modified configuration file. LTD.txt file. delete the automatically generated WDTConfig.txt. (Install WDT. The WDTConfig. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 19 .VSWR threshold -. 2) edit on Phone.Number of the mobile phone for receiving SMS messages -.Photograph list -. During the first running.Function 1: Install and Configure the WDT 4. the administrator must modify the file on one phone and copy it to all the other phones. 3) edit by WordPad on PC. For details about the related parameters. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Change the values based on site requirements. 2.docx. the WDT automatically generates the script file WDTConfig.txt in the root directory of the internal storage area. the inbox can use any mailbox. Modify the WDT configuration file WDTConfig.5.apk.docx. To ensure the script file consistency on all phones in the project. see section 1.4 in WDT V100R005C00 User Guide. see section 2. with the host and port IP addresses unchanged.5 in WDT V100R005C00 User Guide.txt file can be edited by following ways: 1) edit on STDRP.ESN names to be scanned 3..) 4. The following values are changed: -.) -. 1. Default values are used for parameters in the file.Inbox and outbox addresses (the Gmail mailbox is used for mail sending by default.

MML Stores the Customized MML script. LTE Stores LTE 7. Stores software of SRAN8. CA CRL Stores the CA root certificate (Certification Authority).0. 8.0 software.0 and 9. and BTS3803.xml.0.xml/*.0.p7b *.0 base stations. 9.0 software. and 10.0 and BTS3900 WCDMA 8.0.0 base stations.lic/*.xml/*. and co-MPT BTS3900. Folder BTS3900 MICRO LAMPSITE GSM UMTS Function Stores software of SRAN8.bin MML Script Page 20 RET Config \HuaweiBTSInfo\GSM\SiteName \HuaweiBTSInfo\UMTS\Software \HuaweiBTSInfo\UMTS\Software \HuaweiBTSInfo\ UMTS \ HotPatch \HuaweiBTSInfo\UMTS\SiteName \HuaweiBTSInfo\LTE\Software \HuaweiBTSInfo\LTE\Software \HuaweiBTSInfo\LTE \ HotPatch \HuaweiBTSInfo\LTE\SiteName \HuaweiBTSInfo\MML \HuaweiBTSInfo\RETCFG .ecf Software Folder *.Introduction of automatically generated folders.ecf Software Folder *.csp vercfg.0 Micro base stations.xml. including BTS3202E.csp Precfg.xml/*.dat/*.xml.txt *. BTS3203E. 9.ecf Software Version config HotPatch Site Script Software Version Config HotPatch Site Script *.. Stores UMTS 7.0.0.ecf Software.crl CA cert CRL \HuaweiBTSInfo\CA \HuaweiBTSInfo\CRL *. FileName Description Location Software Folder Software \HuaweiBTSInfo\BTS3900\Software HotPatch Folder HotPatch \HuaweiBTSInfo\BTS3900\HotPatch *.ini Site Script Software Site Script Software Site Script Software Preconfig \HuaweiBTSInfo\BTS3900\SiteName \HuaweiBTSInfo\MICRO\Software \HuaweiBTSInfo\MICRO\SiteName \HuaweiBTSInfo\LAMPSITE\Software \HuaweiBTSInfo\LAMPSITE\SiteName \HuaweiBTSInfo\GSM\Software \HuaweiBTSInfo\GSM\Software TranCfg. Stores software of SRAN8. LIC Stores commissioning licenses for LTE base stations whose ESN is ANY. and 10.Function 1: Prepare for the Deployment 1. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 9.xml HotPatch Folder *. and LampSite.per/*. including BTS3900 WCDMA.csp vercfg. LTD.pem/*.xml. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR RETCFG Stores the RET antenna configuration data.xml/*.xml/*.0.0 and BTS3900 WCDMA 8. Stores GBSS7. and 10.xml License \HuaweiBTSInfo\LIC *.0.0 and 9. BTS3902E.cer/*.xml. and 10.xml HotPatch Folder *. Stores the CRL file (Certificate Revocation List).ecf *.0 GBTS software. BTS3900 LTE.INI Transmition Config Software.0. 9.

If some scripts are incorrect or are changed during site deployment. The project team can select any method based on site conditions. The subcontractors can obtain the scripts easily in one-click mode. and customized WDT data configuration file) and send the folder to subcontractors. and then remotely transmit the scripts to the subcontractors' mobile phone. GBTS. 3.0 & 8.. If the WDT is used for the first time.DAT) Note: To save storage space.1 & 9. LTD. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Function 1: Prepare for the Deployment 1. The subcontractors only need to copy this folder to the root directory. 4. base station configuration is similar to the black box of an airplane. re-export the scripts. The subcontractors only need to periodically update base station configuration scripts before and even during onsite construction. engineers can delete unneeded software packages of the BTS3900 based on site requirements. Base station configuration scripts can be periodically transmitted through the following methods: net disk. Page 21 . communications software. and remote server. license.XML BTS3900 Base station name HuaweiBTSInfo LIC Stores the license file (*.0 Stores base station software Software Stores the base station configuration file M2000. For the subcontractors. and eGBTS. Huawei engineers need to prepare the HuaweiBTSInfo folder (including the base station version software. (In countries outside China. it is recommended that the project team use a Google net disk to synchronize a number of scripts from the net disk to the specified directory on the mobile phone in oneclick mode). HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential 1. such as BOOTROM. 2. script preparation engineers need to modify the scripts on the CME. email. Deployment data preparation Example: preparing deployment data for base stations in SRAN8. and they can use the base station configuration to achieve channelization.

Set the working mode of the AP on the AP management page. each UMPT board is delivered with a USB-to-network port cable by default. or LMTP: − Connect the AP directly to the ETH commissioning port of the main control board using a network cable. Obtain USB-to-network port cables from the warehouse before site visits. ( 3G mode can also support WDT to do deployment and even more steady ) Push the physical button to the position indicating the AP mode. Step 3 Power on the AP. log in to the AP management page in advance to set the working mode to the AP mode. If the AP has a physical button for setting the working mode. WMPT. Connect the AP directly to the network port of the USB-to-network port cable. and auxiliary materials are centrally delivered. Connect the AP to a main control board of an old type. Device connection Step 1 Verify that the AP works in AP mode. If the AP does not have such a physical button. each UMPT board is not delivered with a USB-to-network port cable by default. push the button to the position indicating the AP mode. LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 22 Connect the AP to a UMPT board.Function 1: Prepare for the Deployment 2. − In China. . HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. For the main control board UMPT: − In countries outside China. For a main control board such as GTMU. Step 2 Connect the AP to the commissioning port of the main control board using a network cable..

Micro LTE Micro Lampsite UMTS. Choosing the destination version mode to login Recommended Logging RAT RAT Selection GSM GSM HuaweiBTSInfo / GSM WMPT UMTS UMTS HuaweiBTSInfo / UMTS LMPT LTE LTE UMPT GSM/ UMTS/ LTE/ GU/ GL/ UL/ GUL BTS3900 Micro UMTS. please refer to the following table. 3. LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 23 .. select the RAT of base stations you want to log in to. Lampsite UL Lampsite Base Station Type GTMU BTS3202E/ BTS3203E/ BTS3902E/ BTS3803E LAMPSITE Path HuaweiBTSInfo / LTE HuaweiBTSInfo / BTS3900 HuaweiBTSInfo / Micro HuaweiBTSInfo / Lampsite HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. software version and control board to select the corresponding "Select Mode" option. WDT start  Click the SDT icon.Function 1: GUI Phone does not require to pre-connect Wi-Fi. and select the site where the configuration file is saved. Lampsite LTE. The navigation page is displayed. Please click "Deployment" icon and then to select Wi-Fi signal.  According to standard. then can connect AP and login station.

LTD.. The progress of loading the software. and LampSite are supported. or license is visible. configuration. scripts and license issued    The macro site.Function 2: One-Click Deployment 4. micro site. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 24 . The base station software. You can select software RATs of co-MPT base stations. One-click deployment Visible progress and status Automatically read the board and version HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

and green lights indicate task results. yellow.Function 2: GUI-based Detection 5.  Red. OMCH/OML Information is in green. Base station commissioning . It reduces the time from 20-minute to 1. Automatic detection of the expert system Comprehensive transmission information and clear fault view Useful tool of transmission fault locating and demarcation HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.transmission link setup visibility  The visibility of IP transmission deployment process allows you to locate faults quickly.. LTD. You can expand them to view details. Note: Create site NE icons on the M2000 to ensure that the status of 1. indicating connected. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 25 . providing a simple and direct view.

.Function 2: GUI-based Detection 6. and check service IP addresses. Manual ping and Tracert tests HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Transmission fault check  The input-free function automatically reads the next hop IP address of the base station and the IP addresses of the BSC and M2000. The ping and Tracert tests can be executed multiple times. Base station commissioning . HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 26 . LTD.  You can manually change and type the IP address.

yellow. and antenna cross feeder connection functions. It takes 12 minutes for three 8-channel RRUs to take effect. Software of RRUs takes effect slowly. Wait for 12 minutes and then enable the antenna check function. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 27 Meaning of signal green : not interfered red : interfered yellow : execution failed .Function 2: GUI-based Detection Automatic tests No rework during the antenna construction 7.Antenna check   The WDT allows you to test the VSWR. LTD. and green. Base station commissioning . HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.. base stations are restarted. Note: After the software and configuration data is download. providing a direct and simple view. Commands are automatically executed and results are displayed in red. intermodulation.

. LTD.RET Antenna check  One-click detection encapsulates the detection process. and decreases the times of going sites for the second time Supported networking types: multi-core RET. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 28 . and external RCU cascading scenarios Note : External cascading scenarios need to scan ESN. and STMA connected to the RET   Supported scenarios: built-in RCU. highlight the failure 。 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Show details of each step. reduces skill requirements.Function 2: GUI-based Detection 8.. external single antenna. SBT connected to the RET. Base station commissioning .

One-click detection.Function 2: GUI-based Detection 8. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR ③ add ret ④ download cfg ⑤ Calibration WDT automatically add RCU to RRU through Color-Coding of pre-configured file. .. No need No need Automatically add Manually scan the ESN of RCU with camera automatically loaded down RET configure data file Which Stored in SDCard HUAWEI Confidential Automatically calibration ⑥ Adjust Automatically set retsubunit tilt Page 29 operation experience One-click detection One-click detection Scan with camera instead of writing on paper. Base station commissioning .RET Antenna check Sector1 built-in RCU Scenario Internal cascading External non-cascading External cascading Sector1 Sector1 Sector3 external RCU cascading external single antenna ① power on ② scan ald WDT automatically turn on the power supply of RET and Antenna port Sector2 WDT automatically scan the ALD devices HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.

RCU ESN tail No.. LTD.. You can add multiple sets of RET antenna settings or delete the RET antenna settings. the main settings include the RRU sector name. sector subrack No.Scenario1 : Internal cascading The RCU is invisible inside the antenna.. ESN explanation : Sector1 One-click to finish the detection HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. and RET antenna tilt. Therefore. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 30 . so you need to use the color coding to set the tilt. and then configure the RRU to which the current RCU needs to be added.

the main settings include the RRU sector name. HuaweiBTSInfo RETCFG HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. configuration data file name.. Therefore.. and the tile. You can add multiple sets of RET antenna settings or delete the RET antenna settings. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Sector1 HUAWEI Confidential Sector2 One-click to finish the detection Page 31 Sector3 . one RCU usually connects to one RRU. sector subrack No. LTD. so you only need to designate the RRU.Scenario2 : External_Regular In the scenario. RET BIN file. and RET antenna tilt.

Only the configured scenario can be used as the activation scenario. and RET antenna tilt. 扇区 1 HuaweiBTSInfo RETCFG HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Camera scanning instead of writing on paper. the main settings include the RRU sector name. RET BIN file. identification flag. LTD. The RCUs need to be identified through the frequency band or other methods. sector subrack No. Therefore.. You can set all the three configuration scenarios or choose any of them.Scenario3 : External_Chain In the scenario. and the tile. configuration data file name. . One-click Page to finish 32 the detection. So you need to designate the frequency bank. one RRU usually connects to multiple RCUs.. You can add multiple sets of RET antenna settings or delete the RET antenna settings.

Base station commissioning .Alarm query The list in the current page can be refreshed so that the deleting status is confirmed in a timely manner. and then notify the subcontractors of leaving the sites. LTD..Function 2: GUI-based Detection 9. Ensure that no engineering alarms exist before you leave sites to avoid possible future rework. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 33 . This function can replace the external alarm detection board. the following policies can be defined in the delivery procedure: Subcontractors are obligated to transmit site deployment logs back to a mailbox specified by OMC personnel after they complete the self-check. The OMC personnel use the WDT PC assistant to view the logs and verify that no errors occur and no engineering-related alarms are reported. Implementation Skills: Considering that the skills of subcontractors are poor in many areas. Please contact OMC to get further help HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.

 The GBTS does not support the board. RRU serial number. and GPS check  Allows you to query various kinds of information. Board status Optical power Places where problems probably occur are clearly displayed. optical power. cell. optical power. Can be used as an reference of CPRI crossfeed HUAWEI Confidential HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Function 2: GUI-based Detection 10. If the optical power meter is used onsite. and GPS check at the local end.Board. Base station commissioning . HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR . lead the customer into replacing the opticalPage power 34 meter with the WDT. cell. LTD..

 You can perform dialing tests of simple services by blocking or unblocking a cell. and check whether the material record information is consistent with the actual situation. In order to do service tests. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 35 .Base station management  Export the base station equipment archives.Function 2: GUI-based Detection Ensure that the record information is consistent with the actual situation.. 11. LTD. Common . By blocking cells to ensure the phone stay at the target cell.

. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential The parameters offer the optional items. LTD. Page 36 . Modification of transmission parameters of non-GSM macro sites and micro sites is supported.Function 2: GUI-based Detection 11.Base station management   Parameters of the IPRT/OMCH/VLANMAP/VLANCLASS are automatically queried and manually modified. which helps reduce manual input. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Common .

Common .  Error commands are identified and you know the execution progress and return packet at a glance.Function 2: GUI-based Detection 12. Edit MML. Pause at any time HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Procedure 1. WDT preparse the command and filter the wrong file to /HuaweiBTSInfo/ MML. 3.User-defined MML query Error commands are identified at a glance and the execution progress can be stopped at any time.. Send commands to site and display the results. Format the command. LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 37 . highlight the wrong ones.  User-defined query commands (LST and DSP) are supported. 2.

2. indexes directly to the pRRU where the current cell locates.Function 2: GUI-based Detection 13. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 38 . subrack. and the cabinet. Filters existing cell IDs. Comparing the ESN of querying results and Installation drawings to find out the connection errors. and cell information. slot. Comparing the cell by the same way to find out the installation errors. the RHUB. Hardware installation check . and the pRRU.Presented in the LampSite topology    Applies to only the LampSite base station. The check item is presented only when you log in from the LampSite entrance. Presents the topology relationship of the BBU baseband boards. Check to exclude the pRRU installation and connection errors. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 1. LTD. and checks the verification relationship..

DOCK (BTS3203E and BTS3803E)  Use the maintenance Wi-Fi of the small-cell base station to log in to the DOCK to query and manage the transmission parameters.49) of the small cell base station to avoid effecting the time synchronization of the small-cell base station and the DOCK.Function 2: GUI-based Detection 14. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD.0.168. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 39 .. Note: Do not change the default maintenance IP address (192. Small-cell base station .

 All operations related to base stations are traceable. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 40 You can manually check WDT log on phone. LTD.. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. the path is \HuaweiWDTData\SiteName\LOG\ . Each operation is recorded precisely.Function 2: GUI-based Detection Attachment 1: Base station commissioning .Site deployment logs  Site deployment logs display operation processes and records related to base stations. allowing you to trace and locate operations easily.

Data uploading  After site deployment is complete. One-click uploading and OMC synchronization locating HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.  Sender and recipient emails are configurable.. LTD.Function 2: GUI-based Detection Attachment 2: Site acceptance . The sender email box must be Gmail. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 41 . data is automatically uploaded to the OMC engineer email.

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO..Function 2: Data Replay for Easy Troubleshooting Base station commissioning .Operation replay  You can replay deployment data on the mobile phone. LTD. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 42 . Location of Replay files on phone facilitating later problem locating and communication. Deployment results are displayed on GUIs.

facilitating fault locating in time. Photos are taken based on these entries.. No photo is missing or improperly taken. Fault photos can be uploaded in real time.Function 3: Site Acceptance . Photos can be compressed or edited.  Random fault photo-taking. Take photos of all faults. These entries can be customized. Compression will reduce the picture quality of 45%. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. Compression. LTD. Photos can be selected and descriptions can be added to photos. Workers take phones one by one based on these entries.Site Photo-Taking  Fixed entry photo-taking: The mobile phone displays pre-configured entries on the screen. With 13 million pixel mobile phone for reference. the picture 66k. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 43 .2M. Uncompressed photo size is 1.

HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. and ESN name are automatically added before the ESN and then sent to OMC engineers by SMS or email. The site name. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 44 ..Function 4: Site Acceptance . Site78_GSM_BBU:210305394710CB001076. For example. RAT. This avoids the inefficiency and errors of manual ESN reading. The BBU ESN can be used in ESN binding during the M2000 PNP deployment in real time.ESN Bar Scanning    Avoid ESN copying and reading errors. Workers scan bar codes based on pre-configured ESN entries. Real-time uploading accelerates the PNP deployment. LTD. The function supports one-dimension and two-dimension code scanning.

Function 5: Site Acceptance . LTD.  GPS information is sent in real time. GPS information is automatically saved in deployment reports. helping real-time position management.. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 45 . Automatic GPS picture saving Correct site positions Correct time information Add GPS info on photo HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Acquisition of GPS data  Enable the function manually to automatically obtain GPS information.

The short message sending and receiving.Simple Service Verification    Allows you to view brief information about radio parameters.. You need to log in to the base station to obtain PCI parameters of the LTE.LTE.Function 6: Site Acceptance . and the FTP uplink and downlink tests are supported. LTD.UMTS. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 46 .such as radio parameters of GSM. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. MMS message sending. calling test.and Wi-Fi. the HTTP test.

HTTP Page 47  Result table . HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR  Log in to the site to obtain PCI  (Optional) HUAWEI Confidential  Set parameters of SMS.FTP.calling test.Simple Service Verification  Main Activities of Simple Service Verification  Set preferred network mode  Block other cells HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Function 6: Site Acceptance .. LTD.

MMS message sending And receiving Calling test HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. MMS message sending. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR FTP uplink and downlink HUAWEI Confidential HTTP test Page 48 Result . and the FTP uplink and downlink tests are supported. calling test. the HTTP test. LTD. SMS.Function 6: Site Acceptance ..Simple Service Verification  The short message sending and receiving.

HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR Download software package and so on.Data service  Downloads the configuration file.  Supports the license authentication.  Supports retransmission of data. such as deployment logs. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. LTD. photos. and ESN..Functions 7: Common .  Supports online test of version upgrade and online downloading. Re-download them when changes on server Show License validity date. and license. seven days before the expiry prompts the user to postpone the operation Upload logs to server HUAWEI Confidential Online upgrading Page 49 . software package.

site deployment logs. base station settings. None None The terminal must be able to access the network. assign multiple sites in a batch to one terminal for sites deployment). The terminal must be able to access the network. SWR thresholds. None Provide the function to upload the terminal APP installation packages and update the APP version. GPS. site deployment data transmission. . Extension of terminal validity term Provide the function to manually extend the terminal validity term and to extend the terminal validity term after auditing its application for extending its validity term on the SDTRP server. undercurrent/overcurrent alarm settings. LTD. acceptance photos) and download the site deployment result files through terminals. Provide the function to export the offline license file that is controlled by the terminal validity term. and license files). Provide the function to configure the terminal APP parameters (such as the AP connection. business validation. photographing items. 4 Assignment of the site deployment terminals Provide the function to assign the sites to designated terminals for site deployment (for example. terminal APP automatic updating. GSM self-defined alarms.. site deployment result send-back.action  It provides the APP uniform access. software packages. and staff information) and transmit the data to the terminals based on actual project conditions. None 3 7 8 9 Terminal managemen t Exporting of offline license Terminal APP management HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. 6 Manual adding of site deployment terminals Provide the function to manually add the terminals one by one based on the terminal IMEIs or import multiple terminals in a batch using an Excel file. Obtaining of the site deployment results Provide the function to query site deployment result files (such as the ESNs.huawei. ESN fault photos. RET antenna. Wei Jie 00190129 to get Administrator privileges.Functions 7: Common . Email and SMS.SDTRP  Contact Sang Yanqi 00189072. ID Type Function 1 Management of site deployment files 2 Terminal configuration Site deployment managemen t Special Requirements Description Provide the function to upload and delete site deployment files (such as site configuration files.  http://support-trial. and terminal APP license management for the site deployment through smartphones. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 50 The terminal must be able to access the network. 5 Terminal online registration Provide the function that the terminals register to the SDTRP server and then be added after being audited by the user.

LTD.Site deployment management  Provide the function to create projects. status and time. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 51 . create sites. software packages. or to filter by sitename ..SDTRP . and license files). Create a project Filter function Create a site View site logs Site list HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. upload and delete site deployment files (such as site configuration files.  Provide the function to query site deployment result files.

txt Save as HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.  Provide the function to set the starting device number.SDTRP . reduce configuration difficulty. simple and flexible Activated scenario Starting Device number Undercurrent/Overcurrent threshold Edit WDTConfig.Site deployment management  Set WDTConfig.. upload files Visual editor.txt on the WEB window of the SDTRP server. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 52 . LTD.

HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 53 . provide the function to bulk upload terminal list.SDTRP . LTD. Supported bulk upload Add Terminal Online license applying Update WDT version HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.  Upload the WDT installation package. prompts terminal to download and update.Terminal management  Administrator online add and audit and transfer terminal..

HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Synchronous display of site faults Whole replay of deployment process Everyone is a GTAC expert Page 54 .. The server displays deployment GUIs synchronously. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO. facilitating fault locating and communication.  Copies the deployment data folder HuaweiSDTData in the root directory to the PC. LTD. Replays deployment data on the PC and stimulates mobile phone GUIs to reproduce previous onsite GUIs.Operation Replay  The mobile phone uploads deployment data in real time.Function 9: Windows Background Tool .

. LTD. such as deployment logs. and submits them to telecom operators. and service test data. The 18-page report is automatically generated in 3 minutes. and neat. complete. HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.Site Acceptance Report Generation  The tool reads data generated during the deployment. ESNs. and comprehensive reports. Site information is correct. GPS information. site photos.xlsx .174_DBS3900 WCDMA. HISILICON SEMICONDUCTOR HUAWEI Confidential Page 55 96.Function 10: Windows Background Tool . automatically generates professional. systemic. neat.