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Completing any task is never a one-man effort. It is often the
result of valuable contribution of a number of individuals in a
direct or indirect manner that helps in shaping and achieving
an objective. We express a deep sense of gratitude to Miss
Kavita Das , for their efforts in giving their timely advice and
interest in our project. Their direction, supervision and
constructive criticism were indeed source of inspiration for all
of us.

There is a large and continuing debt owed by us to the

faculty members of our department for their support and
encouragement. Last but not the least our unending
gratefulness towards our parents for their remarkable patience
and unending support throughout, thus leading us to our
objective. We believe this endeavor of ours has greatly boosted
our self-confidence and will go long on helping us reach further


The project was initially formally discussed among us and later

designed in VB 6.0. The project's back end is Microsoft Access. The
program, as the name suggests is an ELECTRICITY-BILL maintains
records in the organization.
The main objectives of the project are:
1. To get work done fast.
2. To make-work easy, simple and unbiased.
While making the project we had following goals in our mind:
1. Make it user friendly
(a) By creating the database search option.
(b) Any operation requires just single mouse click.
(c) Frequent reporting
(d) Huge data storage facility
2. Concentrate on Accuracy
3. Make it reliable and Efficient
4. Fully Secure system
(a) Only authorized user can update records

Processor :
Minimum P1 machine or Higher version 133 Mhz
We use P-IV machine 2.66 GHz.
Minimum 32MB RAM.
We use 256 MB RAM.

VGA Graphics :
VGA Support On-Board Motherboard

Floppy Drive :
1.44 MB 3 Size

Printer :
Laser Jet Printer
Inkjet Printer
CD Rom/Writer :
52x CD Writer/ROM


Purpose: automate the manual system
Scope: project/system deals with Customers detail, bill-entry record,bill receipt,complain
records, penalty records show and print report General description
1. Functionality and capabilities
(a) Complete system is GUI i.e. menu driven
(b) Generates any kind of report
(c) Customer wise report
(d) Database has no limit
2. User characteristics: administrator has all rights for updating, deletion and modification.
3. Information flow:
New Customer entry Bill entry Payment Receipt reports
4. General constraints
(a) Database will be update every year
(b) No automatic backup facilities
(c) No facility of online reports
Functional requirements
1. Configuration feature, ADODB, data report, list view printer objective.
2. System related issues on data, procedures and conditions: for fast retrieval of data form database
store procedures index the database on data wise every time when it initiates the operation.
Interface requirements
1. Software: WINDOWS O.S., XP
2. Ms-Office (Ms-Access, Ms-Powerpoint)