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Wind energy is a
renewable energy
source which
doesn’t cause
pollution and gives
little damage to
environment. Wind
energy can be
produced in nearly
ninety-five percent
of the area on
earth. In the areas
where windmills are
installed, the
activities of
agriculture and

Wind energy
is abundant.
estimate that
the total
in Turkey can
be provided
at least
twofold from
the wind

Using wind power to generate electricity instead
of coal means reducing the amount of gas
emissions to the environment and by this way,
contributing much more to the environment.

Wind power is inexhaustible.
Wind power is a really sustainable source of
energy. Unlike fossil fuels and uranium, wind
power is renewable.

Wind power is cheap.
Considering the factors such
as its production, distribution
network and the place of
installation, the cost of
windmills can be on average
4 or 6 cent / kwh.

Wind power is a
domestic source.
Apart from fuel or
natural gas, we
don’t need to
import it, which
helps to reduce the
dependency on
other countries.

Wind farms can be built easily and their
maintenance is cheap, too. Furthermore, the rent
which is paid to the owner of the land is
considered as an additional income for the people
living in the countryside.

Lastly, the wind farms can occupy less space
when it is compared to coal power stations.

By constructing
windmills in remote
areas and on the
mountains without
any network, we
facilitate the
electricity supply to
those areas.
Wind turbines can
be used for both
purposes and the
needs of the

Wind is not constant; thus it provides unbalanced
power to the network.
In the regions where the wind is very strong, for
instance the bay regions of America, the wind
turbines can be damaged.

Some people think that the wind turbines are not
appealing to the eye.

disadvantage is that
although the cost of
installing a wind farm
is so high, the
electricity produced
by it is little.

Since wind
farms are set
up especially
far away from
the residential
areas, it causes
the problem of
connection to
the electricity

Environmentalists think that the big wind
turbines can cause migratory birds to change
their route.

In addition, these big wind turbines can kill
birds. Wind turbines are usually made of blades
that rotate continuously. As the blades are
usually placed high up in the air, it is believed
that they can kill birds. A research showed that
about 45, 000 birds that flew over wind turbines
have been killed over the past 20 years.

The Wind Energy in

The first wind power plant was
founded in İzmir, the third big city
of Turkey.

There are 17 wind farms in Turkey.
16 of these power plants are in Aegean and
Marmara Regions. The other one is in
Mediterranean Region.
There are 980 windmills in Turkey now.