The Changing American Society: Values

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will vegetarianism and a vegetarian orientation be more or less co mmon than now? Why? Will they ever b ecome “the norm”? Why or why not? CHAPTER 3 .Consumer Insight 3-1 2 • To what extent are vegetarianism and a vegetarian orientation influenced by valu es? • In 10 years.

and C = Current CHAPTER 3 Immediate gratification Abstinence Serious . E = Emerging. and Emerging Values 3 Self-Oriented Active ECT* Passive Material T C E Hard work T C Nonmaterial E Leisure Postponed gratification T E C Sensual gratification C E Humorous TC T E * T = Traditional.Traditional. Current.

Traditional. E = Emerging. and C = Current CHAPTER 3 Security CE E Change T Overcome nature . and Emerging Values 4 Environment-Oriented Maximum cleanliness Performance TCE* T Minimum cleanliness E C Status Tradition E C T Risk taking T Problem solving T Admire nature E C Fatalistic C * T = Traditional. Current.

E = Emerging.Traditional. Current. and C = Current CHAPTER 3 Child Feminine . and Emerging Values 5 Other-Oriented Individual T EC* Limited family Collective TEC Adult Extended family T Competition T C E Youth T C Masculine T C EC Cooperation E Age E * T = Traditional.

6 Green Marketing • Inventing New ways to conduct business • Between a rock and a hard place • Commitment or Politics? CHAPTER 3 .

7 Cause-Related Marketing The application of marketing principles and tactics to advance a cause such as a: • Charity • Ideology • Activity CHAPTER 3 .

which are not environmentally friendly. when American values st rongly support environmental protection? • Why is demand for hybrid cars such as the Insight and the Prius so low relative to the demand for an SUV such as the Excursion? • How should a company such as Ford balance the ethics of providing environmentally sound products wi th the need to provide consumers with the products the y desire in order to remain profitable? CHAPTER 3 .Consumer Insight 3-2 8 • Why is there so much demand for SUVs.

Marketing to Gay and Lesbian Consumers 9 • Population Estimates: • Product Issues • Communication Issues CHAPTER 3 .

Gender Roles 10 • Feminism and the role of Women • Traditional and Modern Orientations • Who Does the Buying? CHAPTER 3 .

Discussion: Green Marketing 11 What are the primary ethical issues involved in green marketing? CHAPTER 3 .

This has caused some to consider it to be unethical.Discussion: Cause-Related Marketing 12 Cause-related marketing is done to enhance the firm’s sales or image. What is your position? CHAPTER 3 .