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  Contextual artists oppose the whole tradition of conceptual art. Artists present Contextual art as a model of art of the modern civilization with quick changes which the relativistic models of art and science of the first half of the twentieth century were not able to describe. regarding it as an art which cannot be the answer to the problems of modern civilization.Contextual Function of Art EXAM PLE acts in the sphere of meanings used by civilization in its contact with reality. They also oppose all modifications of contemporary Modernism as being a stylistic version of art of the past.  .

Students used a photograph of themselves to complete a linear drawing before creating a background based on their contextual studies. muga contextual-face tree bruxelles in Belgium BA CK .

S/he might have wanted to communicate a thought or point to the viewer. A piece might have been meant to "merely" entertain others. Perhaps the artist was trying to provide an aesthetic experience. EXAM PLE . Sometimes a piece isn't meant to have any meaning at all. or gratification. both for self and viewers.Personal Function of Art Most difficult to explain in any great detail Vary from person-to-person An artist may create out of a need for selfexpression.

an encounter that is interactive and of the most famous sculptures of all time. BA CK . Statue of David personal encounter with a work of art.

Social Function of Art EXAM PLE Addresses aspects of collective life opposed to one person’s point of view/experience Art that depicts conditions Influence human behavior created primarily in public and for public situations are express/describe social/collective aspects of human existence It is made to be seen or used in public situations. .

most monumental painting of social protest in our time is Picasso's Guernica. Detail from: "100 Cans" by Andy Warhol BA CK . Advertising art is a common illustration.

Physical Function of Art Most easily dealt with Works of art that are created to perform services usually relates to items that can be used for a practical purpose because of their physical structure EXAMP LES .

juvenile or adult. shy or assertive. Industrial Design: the Chair The signature curves in Beijing's Olympic stadium arose from a complex geometry that demanded computer modeling.Chairs are masculine or feminine. BA CK .

Works of arts are significant players in the evolution of culture. to cultural change. . and through innovations in forms and techniques. since they contribute both to cultural continuity.

Art forms are essential to engaging in rituals that serves as the ingredient required to nurture and sustain any society. Gives form to fundamental beliefs and feelings.Socio-Cultural Functions of Art Giving form to basic generative notions – the ethos of a culture. “A life without art or a society would not only be drab. culture carrier. it would be unthinkable. it serves as conduits for culture. It appears that humans instinctively seek to enhance and beautify their lives. in effect.” .

which is in the art world isn’t an art -Robert in form of living object.” And added “health. is construed aesthetically metaphors.How does art fulfill Personal and Psychological needs? “Creating art is a vehicle for making inner thoughts and feelings visible and more objective.” Desjarlais in his book “The Auestheticss of Illness & Healing in the Nepal Himalayas” .” -Artist “The aesthetics of everyday life need not hinge on a specific experience of art.

Many critics stressed the point that such gesture is an expected way of releasing his long suppressed identity crisis. people have seen Rustom Padilla cross-dressed.EXAM PLE In art of dressing. .

Art engages not just intellectual approach to moments of pain or comfort. we embody and embed through fashion. mode of violence. emotional and moral stance. expression of joy and so on the “world. but personal. As we present ourselves in society. psychological.” . gesture. taste.