Sinorix 1230

How does fire
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With intelligent extinguishing solutions from Siemens.
Sinorix 1230 – sustainable, quick, safe, and environmentally friendly.
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04  Boiling point at 1 bar: 49.Novec 1230 Produced exclusively by 3M Chemicals Chemical structure and Specifications C F O  Molecular weight: 316.0°C  Density: 1.4 bar CF3CF2C(O)CF(CF3)2 C6 Fluoroketone .600 kg/m3 Building technlogies  Vapour pressure at 25°C: 0.

Extinguishing principle with HFC 227ea and Novec 1230 Molecule of: Heat absorption (Direct cooling effect) HF (Hydrogen fluoride) CO Building technlogies H2Ov HFC 227 ea Novec 1230 Volume expansion (Indirect cooling effect) CO2 F2 .

especially on global warming . sustainable technology  Ensuring quick and reliable extinguishing  Offering one of the highest safety margins for people  No negative impact on the environment.Sinorix 1230 extinguishing system – sustainable protection Building technlogies  Latest generation of our chemical extinguishing systems  Long-term.

people. safe. and automated interventions can prevent loss of data and secure business continuity Building technlogies .Sinorix 1230 extinguishing system – advanced extinguishing  With the 42-bar technology from Siemens which allows for highest efficiency and flexibility in engineering  Based on the extinguishing agent 3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid which is safe for the environment. processes and assets  Rapid.

Sinorix 1230 extinguishing system – fast and highly effective  High efficiency of system allows the use of low extinguishing concentration  only relatively small amounts of the extinguishing agent need to be stored to safely protect rooms  Siemens‘ minimum 10 bar at the nozzle concept ensures fast and full evaporation of the agent  minimizing extinguishing times  Room flooding within 10 seconds and fast extinguishing Building technlogies .

etc.  Systems easily adaptable to existing ones with few alterations Building technlogies .Sinorix 1230 extinguishing system – compact. economical and highest design flexibility  Compact system design possible thanks to the use of Novec 1230 fluid that offers one of the lowest extinguishing concentrations  Siemens’ 42-bar high-pressure technology allows higher design flexibility  Special software calculates the ideal layout of the piping network.

non-flammable. nonexplosive  thus no transport restrictions. safe and easy to handle and fill  Harmless to people‘s health with one of the highest safety margins Building technlogies .3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid harmless for assets and people  Novec 1230 fluid is non-corrosive and non-conductive  protecting high-value assets such as delicate electronics from damage – see image!  Non-toxic.

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid innovative and environmentally friendly -Not restricted by F-Gas Regulation -Not part of Kyoto Protocol Environmental regulations GWP (global warming potential) 1 ALT (atmospheric lifetime) 3 .5 days NOAEL (no observable adverse effect level) 10 % ODP (ozone depletion potential) 0 Building technlogies .

3M™ Novec™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid environmental footprint comparison Building technlogies .

damage from Halon ban  Switzerland  chemical gases accepted if ALT < 2 years  Denmark  ban of HFC`s for fire protection applications  Austria  strong limitations to HFC 227 due to Kyoto based law  (independent study to approve usage needed)  Germany and rest of Scandinavia  limited chance for chemical gases due to Halon ban and due to environmental parameters Building technlogies .Market acceptance of Novec 1230  Some EU Markets are Not Accessible for HFC 227  environmental laws. Kyoto based laws.

Application Benifit  opportunity to realise new business by accessing HFC 227 unfriendly  limited storage space  difficulties to install overpressure flaps  re-use of complex pipe installations in case of Halon replacement  realisation of modular and local applications Building technlogies .

Gas extinguishing systems – Basic characteristics Chemical agents Natural agents • fast acting due to rapid discharge • low extinguishing concentrations due to local acting • optimum ratio between stored agent and needed storage space • storage pressure 25 – 45 bar • use for personal safety installations possible • formation of by-products • high extinguishing concentrations due to oxygen replacement • larger storage space required due to gaseous storage • storage pressure 200 .300 bar • use for personal safety installations possible (except CO2) Building technlogies • no formation of by-products .

this is a gaseous extinguishing agent Building technlogies .A total flooding extinguishing agent Even though the vapour pressure is very low.

Customer request Novec1230 is an alternative to inert agents where the customer:  Does not have enough space for container storage  Does not wish to cause overpressurisation  Wishes to limit fire damage by very rapid extinction  Wishes to use an ‘ecological’ extinguishing agent  And to have the option of a modular system  Can re-use the pipe network from a Halon 1301 installation (needs to be validated by calculation)  Requests an innovative and permanent solution Building technlogies .SINORIX 1230 .

 NOVEC 1230 is listed by SNAP and is EPA certified   Building technlogies .SINORIX 1230 .Toxicity  The NOAEL value of 10% for NOVEC1230 is in the same range as for HFCs.  Its low extinguishing concentration is a long way below the critical cardiac region (70% safety margin).

etc) as SINORIX 227 systems: Same training in product handling and spares Building technlogies .  Produced by Production Extinction Siemens SAS.: pressure gauge. etc. manual release.g.  All the accessories too (e.)  Monitoring of the entire distribution chain (gas and equipment supply)  Guaranteed product quality: The complex production process means NOVEC 1230 cannot be copied  Uses the same components (valves. actuators.SIEMENS system technology  Technology developed in-house by Siemens SAS.

Building technlogies .Thank you for your attention! Sinorix – intelligent extinguishing solutions to keep fire virtual.