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Stress Management

June 25, 2015

Concept of Stress
Stress is a condition where an individual confronts
constraints, demands and opportunity simultaneously.
Under the condition of stress the outcome is perceived
to be both uncertain and important.
For example, when you are going to take a test with a
short notice, you probably confront time & other
constraints, demand of getting better letter grade and the
opportunity to show your talents.
It is widely believed that there is inverted-U relationship
between the level of stress and the level of performance.
June 25, 2015

The Causes and Consequences of Job Stress

A Model of Stress

June 25, 2015

Managing Stress
From the organizations point of view,
management may not be concerned when
employees experience low or moderate level of
But, from the individuals standpoint, even low
levels of stress are likely to be perceived as
In this context, some of the main approaches of
managing stress are:
June 25, 2015

Managing Stress
Individual Approaches
Time management (prioritize jobs and schedule your
Physical exercise (aerobics, walking, jogging,
swimming, riding a bicycle etc.)
Relaxation techniques (15-20 minutes deep relaxation a
day through different techniques such as meditation)
Social support network (having friends, family, or work
colleagues to talk)
Miscellaneous techniques (e.g., appropriate food habit,
drinking enough water, adequate sleep etc.)
June 25, 2015

Managing Stress
Organizational Approaches
Appropriate selection and placement decisions (helps to
identify locus control, attitude, interest etc.)
Training (helps to increase self-efficacy)
SMART goal setting
Redesigning jobs (job enrichment, enlargement or rotation)
Increasing employee involvement
Improving organizational communication
Employee well-being programs (e.g., establishment of
fitness club, fun club, counseling services etc.)
June 25, 2015

Is all stress bad? Show the relation between
the Stress and Job Performance.

June 25, 2015

Spirituality in the Work Place

What does the Spirituality really mean?
Is it all about the GOD?
In the TATA Motors Company, every day, work is
started with the Spiritual knowledge.
Ethics and spirituality are closely related at an
individual level.
Bringing spirituality into the workplace is one
approach to encourage intrinsic motivation and
offer an enriched work life for the people in it.
June 25, 2015

Dimension of Workplace
1. Meaningful work: it involves having a deep
sense of meaning and purpose in ones work.
2. Community: Brings the sense of community.
3. Alignment with organizational values:
It brings a strong sense of alignment between
employees personal values and their
organizations mission and purpose.

June 25, 2015

Participation, Partnership and

Employee Involvement
When people are neglected, this creates
feelings of worthlessness among employees.
These feelings can be reduced by
introducing participation.
Thus employees get chance to participate, to
express their ideas to let everyone know that
they KNEW their jobs well.
June 25, 2015


They get opportunity to discuss ideas with

management, feel proud to show their
achievements and feel free to ask solutions
to their problems on the job.
Thus motivation, high job performance,
higher level of rewards and recognitions are
four major aspects of a successful
participation program.
June 25, 2015


Scope and Ways of

1. Economic Decision
2. Personal/HR Decision
3. Social Decision

June 25, 2015


Importance of
Removes conditions of powerlessness
Enhance Job related self efficiency
Perception of empowerment

June 25, 2015


Partnership In HRM
Legal definition of partnership partnership
is a form of ownership in which two or more
persons agree to be partners, to share title of
firms assets, be held joining liable for firms
debts, and share profits.
But in HRM, partnership is viewed in a broad
Employees are not just only the employees.
June 25, 2015


They are the partners of the organization as

They are not only the stakeholders rather they
are also the stockholders of the business.
Without having the concept of partnership in
the organization/ HRM, an enterprise will not
be able to achieve its goal and strategies.
HR managers should treat their employees as
equal partners not merely as workers or

June 25, 2015


Some changes has been observed in the modern

Employees are given stock option in the business
There is the implementation of participative
Introduction of employee involvement programs
Partnership through recognition, attachment and
psychological ownership even they have not
purchased the stock of the company.

June 25, 2015


June 25, 2015