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IE 450 Manufacturing Systems

Richard A. Wysk
Spring 2006

• Policies - This is an engineering course, I
do expect you to act like engineering
students. Independent, diligent, creative,...
• Engineering ethics

It may also be the most important class that you take. – Manufacturing systems is a difficult topic that has hindered the development of CIM implementation. People do not understand how engineering systems fit together. It is the materials that I most frequently use in my industry consulting. This is the focus of IE450! .Overview • What we will we be doing? – IE450 is lots of fun.

• Significant development has been put into the class. and it has been evolving ever since. We will use the lab section to reinforce the class materials. . Ham developed the course 20 years ago. • A lab was implemented in the course 2 years ago.Background of IE450 • Dr.

the materials have been focused around a new topic called “Lean Manufacturing”. .Development activities • Topically.

– It is a lot of work but fun as well .Once in a semester opportunity • We will have 1-3 Case study demonstrations within the semester as part of the lab.

Introduction • What is a “Manufacturing system”? Interactions of many processes. – – – – Machine requirements planning Process planning Production planning Concurrent engineering . products and design decisions made in the engineering of a product.

Agile Engineering. FMS. Process Engineering Production Engineering.Vocabulary • Glossary of terms – CIM. CAD. . Simultaneous engineering. CAM. CNC.. Concurrent engineering. . Product Engineering. NC.. CAD/CAM.

reduce cost.Goal and Objective • GOAL -.reduce time to market. increase quality.Today’s manufacturing engineer needs to identify and locate the most efficient method to produce a product (inhouse or not) • OBJECTIVE -. and operate in a tight capital environment .

Today’s Situation • Moving form paper driven systems or from “stand-alone” business and engineering systems • Selling under-utilized resources to increase profit • Terminate inefficient (non competitive) activities .

.A Vision of Integrated Engineering Systems ENGINEERING -. etc. bridges. designing. . or management of machinery. construction (manufacture).the planning. roads.

Traditional Engineering .

) INTEGRATE – 1. – 2. to bring parts together as a whole.A Vision of Integrated Engineering Systems (cont. to remove barriers imposing segregation. to make or become whole or complete. . – 3.

A Vision of Integrated Engineering Systems (cont.) INTEGRATED ENGINEERING – planning. construction and management of a product. . designing.

Engineering .

Product Engineering .

Process Engineering .

Production Engineering .

) INTEGRATION ENGINEERING – tools and techniques that can be used to assist in combining planning. design.A Vision of Integrated Engineering Systems (cont. . construction and management of a product.

. construction and management of a product.A Vision of Manufacturing Systems (cont.) • INTEGRATED ENGINEERING – planning. designing.

Concurrent or simultaneous engineering • Performing all business activities in unison • Making wise real-time economic decisions • Team concepts .

• All will be discussed. • Lean Manufacturing will be the concentration. .IE450 Focus • IE450 is intended to cover all of the engineering and business activities.