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Young Engineer’s


Since 2010

It’s a concept where science is made easy and fun through “hands on learning”. Its where students enjoy the art of creating and enjoy the feeling of being a scientist Relate their syllabus to out side world get more interest towards knowledge rather than studying for marks A sense of accomplishment .PRACTICAL SCIENCE PROGRAM • Based on elementary Science many projects are • • • • designed for a better understanding of their subjects.


switches. thus giving them a basic understanding of all electronic devices. sensors and their diverse applications. • Which involves Making of PCB’s to complete electronic circuits. • Understanding the working of electronic appliance . • Learning to solder and fix household electronic gadget. • Basic knowledge of electronics and different components involved.ELECTRONICS • This segment introduces students to basic Electronic elements.


The training models we’ve introduced help them conceive the Aero modeling concepts constructively.AERO MODELLING • We train students in this exciting stream with some of • • • • • • the most advanced concepts and simple designs. Creating simple flying models to cement the knowledge A flying session for the enjoyment of students. The basics of flying are hard to sync or understand unless attempted practically. . This segment helps students to understand the concept of flying and its related terminology. A basic understanding of the concepts and theories associated with the field of aviation.


• Robotics has significant contributions in increasing efficiency and accuracy of any process or job. • Impart knowledge on electronics. which will inspire students come up with better designs. mechanics and construction of a robot. • To clear the illusion that a Robot isn’t a mere android but any mechanism that flawlessly does its tasks. . • There will be a competition conduct among the students. In simple terms robotics makes life easy.ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION • The intention is to introduce the often fancied concepts of Robotics and Automation.


SCIENCE FAIR AND GROUP MODELS • With our rich experience. • The unending quest for reasoning in a student’s mind often bring us face to face with daunting challenges in our stream. . Science fairs. • We also develop remarkable teaching aids that would assist School Teachers in academia • We also undertake Engineering and Industrial Projects. • With a work force from all the fields of Engineering. We take it as our responsibility to ensure these ideas see the light of the day. we take up projects for Schools. we have managed to shape students ideas to reality. National and International Tech fests.


We have come up with a genuine idea of creating a Science Lab A knowledge hub to invoke creativity and provide understanding A miniature science museum All in one learning center. Indhumathi Rao .SCIENCE LAB • The constant requirement of improvement and upgrading • • • • • ourselves and also the schools we are associated with. inviting students get inspired to create new models and add their contribution Our first lab in HMR international was inaugurated by Mrs.


. Like in IIT Bombay .TECHNICAL FESTS • Technical fests are held in around India for which we train school students to compete • These fests are for engineers to compete against one another • We train our young engineers compete against engineers and IIT’ians in these fests and test out their ideas • Our students have been able to win at major competitions . IIT Calicut and few engineering colleges.


D. it makes me really happy . But looking at what inoyise is doing to bring a new scope to the existing methods with their programs and state of the art Labs. Jain Group is always trying to reinvent itself .TESTIMONIALS H. There has to be additions of new techniques to the traditional methods of teaching to make students more attentive and initiate creative thinking. I can evidently see their ability to bind with the students and given their young age and high energy levels. which had not changed much over time. But I see great potential in it. Deve Gowda Former Prime Minister • When I was a student just studying about various things in the text book was the norm. Retd Proffesor • Every field has to reinvent itself for sustenance and growth. It was really wonderful to see young people with such wonderful initiatives Indhumathi Rao Scientist. the field of education is no exception. Partner Inoyise. But Inoyise have managed to take it to the next level. they undoubtedly have the ability to drive the students towards Science & innovation . • Introducing Robotics and Automation at school level is indeed a daunting task. I think inoyise can act as the catalyst to bring about that change required in the educational methods R Chenraj Jain Chairman JGI.

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