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Web Server


Aspnet_isapi.dll Runtime Env



App Domain
HTTP Handlers


Process Req



Inet_info.exe identifies the request and submits the request to

the aspnet_isapi.dll.
Aspnet_isapi.dll is a script engine which process the .aspx page
Then the script engine will submit the request to the ASP.NET
runtime env.
After verifying all the security issues of both machine.config and
web.config then an AppDomain will be defined for the request and
after processing the request the response will be given to the client
as HTTP response.
Machine.Config it is used to maintain the complete
configuration details of all the web applications registered on to the
web server of
Web.Config It is used to maintain the config details about a
single web application.
Where configuration details includes security,database
connectivity,state management,trace details of the web
application,,authentication and authorization of the applications
and globalizations

AppDomain:All windows appns run inside a process and

these process own resources such as memory and kernel
objects and the threads execute code loaded into a
process.Process are protected from each other by the OS.
All these appns are run on high isolation mode to work
safely.The disadvantage of this is memory resources are
blocked.So to achieve this in a single process all the
applications should be made to run which is good to an
extent but the draw back is if one crashes all other are
effected. So in .net the code verification feature takes care
that the code is safe to run.
so each application runs its own application
domain and therefore it is protected from other
applications on the same machine so it ignores the process
isolation specified on IIS. builds upon a extensible architecture

known as HTTP runtime.This is responsible for handling the
requests and sending the response.It is upto an individual
handlers such as or web service to implement the work
done on a request.IIS supports a low level API known as ISAPI. implements a similar concept with HTTP handlers.A
request is assigned to from IIS then examines
entries in the <httphandlers> section based on the extension of
the request to determine which handler the request should be
send to.

Features of
Up gradation of ASP to ASPX is not required it supports side by
side execution and hence a request can be given from ASP to
ASPX and vice versa.

Simplified Programming Model

ASP.Net is a technology which can be implemented using any
dot net language such as,C# etc and hence there is no
requirement of HTML,JavaScript or VBScript to implement

Simplified deployment
ASP.Net supports setup and deployment and hence the web
app can be defined with a web set up project which can be
easily deployed on to the web server. Where as for ASP CUTE
FTP is used for deploying manually we have to upload.

Better Performance

As the ASPX pages are complier based the performance of the web
application will be faster then the ASP pages (as they are interpreter


It is a process of maintaining the result or output of a web page

temporarily for some period of time .ASP supports Client Side caching
where as ASP.Net supports both client side and server side.


In ASP security is done by IIS or writing the code manually. Where as

ASP.Net is defined with built in security features such as
windows authentication
Forms Authentication
Passport Authentication
Custom Authentication

Features of
More powerful data access supports ADO and ADO.Net as its database

connectivity model which will be implemented using the most
Powerful OOPS languages like VB.Net and C# and hence the
database access using ASPX pages will be very powerful.

Web services

It is a code which will be published on the web which can be

used by any applications written using any language for an
platform or device.

Better session Management

Session Management in ASP.Net can be maintained using the

database and as well cookieless sessions are also supported.It
also supports enabling and disabling of session info within a
web application.

Simplified Form Validations

ASP.Net provides validation controls using which any type of

client side validations are performed without writing any code.

A web page is in 2 parts

1} Designing part (HTML Content,Flash,Dreamweaver etc)
2} logic Part (sub programs and event procedures and it
has also your database interaction)
ASP.Net supports 2 techniques for creating web page
1) In Page Technique
when you place design part code and logic part code
with in a single file called as ASPX then it is called as
inPage Technique.
2) Code Behind Technique
when design part code is represented with in ASPX file
and logic part code is represented with in dll file then it is
called as code behind technique.
ASP Supports only In Page technique.
DLL file is not a readable file so it is secured.