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16 F3.5 Supremax 33 primary



Borosilicate glass (Pyrex/Supremax) is getting expensive. The open market price of

telescope mirror blanks in the profitable size range (16 up) is nearly USD1000.

Need to reduce glass use or use something else. Epoxy/CFRP still too bleeding edge. Conical hubmount is good but polishers dont like working with them. So cellular is the way to go for now.
2. Requirements/customer expectations changing. The demand is for short F-ratio forcecooled precision optics for CCD photographic use, in a transportable package. Demand
for cheap light buckets now being met from China with machine-polished BK7 and plate
glass optics unprofitable

Need to focus on eliminating forced cooling (vibration, cost and simplicity) through better passive
cooling dynamics

Reliable precision optical figure required

Controlled mirror mounting (no interference by amateurs)

Only sell blanks to most reputable polishers

Professionally tested interferometry or (preferably) Shack-Hartmann wavefront analysis.

3. Mirror cell designs are crap. Very few meet the reasonable tip/tilt requirements of short
F/R optics. Almost none eliminate all mirror movement with different instrument pointing
position. None offer electric collimation. None offer primary mirror focusing to reduce
equipment clutter around the focal plane/focuser.

Integrate the primary and the mirror cell and use RTV bonded mirrors

Provide edge & face protection (front baffle) which also masks turned-edge

Engineer tip/tilt/focus mount with wireless control app

Sell as
a premium package
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Structural design

16 F3.5
borosilicate optic
optimised for
minimal print-thru
and very low
gravitational shape
Located by central
pin and RTV ring
Designed for fast
equilibration and
minimum mass and

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Support surfaces
for optician are in

0.25Psi Polishing pressure; back supported on

flat areas only
It appears that the
thin faceplate will
lead to minimal
print thru effects
provided that
polishing pressure
is well-controlled.

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0.25 Psi Polishing pressure: support side of


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45 deg Altitude pointing

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45 deg Altitude pointing (rear)

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Zenith Altitude pointing

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Mounting surfaces for Optic

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