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2006 Noida Serial Murder Case
1996 Fodder Scam
2006 Noida Serial Murder Case

• Took Place in Nithari a suburb of Delhi

• MS Pandher And his Servant Kohli
Arrested in case of Muder of Call girl.
• Charged Under Various Sections Of Indian
Penal Code
• Sentenced to death on 13th February 2009
Primary Investigations

• 17 Children were missing Before this incident.

• Kohli confessed to killing 6 and the Call Girl.

• Residents Alleged that the Police were Corrupt.


• Skeletal Remains Of the 17 children were found.

• Suspicion of Organ Trade.

• Suspicion Of Child Pornography Racket.

CBI Investigation

• Case Transferred To CBI

• Found Several Lapses Of Police in Investigation.

• Organ Trade Unlikely.

• Questioned The Kins Of the Accused.


• Call Girl only Adult Victim

• Out of 17 killed, 11 were girls.

• “Butcher like precision" in the chopping of the bodies

• Bodies Cut into 3 pieces before disposed off.


• Found guilty of their Crimes on 12th

February 2009.

• Given Death Sentence on 13th february 2009

• Case Described as the Rarest Of rare.


• MS Pandher Acquitted by High Court.

• Death Sentence Overturned.

• Not named Main Suspect but named Co-Suspect.

• Upheld the Death Sentence of Kohli.

Fodder Scam

• Was a corruption scandal that involved the alleged

embezzlement of about Rs. 950 crore.

• Involved the fabrication of "vast herds of fictitious


• Although it broke in 1996, the theft had been in progress

for over two decades
The Scam

• Origins in small-scale misappropriation by some

government employees

• Laloo Prasad Yadav, then chief minister of Bihar,

was a prime accused.

• Started Way back in 1970s.


• Raid on the offices of the animal husbandry

department in the town of Chaibasa.

• The documents indicated large-scale

embezzlement by an organized mafia of officials .

• Case Transferred to CBI.


• CBI revealed the existence of a politician-

official-business mafia nexus at work.

• CBI unearthed linkages to the serving chief

minister of Bihar, Laloo Prasad Yadav .

• CBI conducted raids on Laloo's residence

and relatives.

• CBI filed additional cases related to fraud and criminal


• Laloos Chargesheet was based on statutes IPC sections

as well as the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988.

• Released on Bail after judicial Custody


• Symbolic of bureaucratic corruption and

the criminalization of Indian politics.
• Was cited as an important indicator of the
deep inroads made by mafia raj