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Paula Garcés Ballesté

Project english
• The Italian climatology, although it
has Mediterranean character,
displays remarkable regional
variations. First of all, as a result of
its considerable extension in
• Can be differentiated the country in
three climatic regions, the
Mediterranean climate in the south
of Italy with the 30 warm summers
• The tourism in a one of the sectors
with more growth in the national
economy .
• Important for the Italian gastronomy it was the
discovery of America, due to the acquisition of new
vegetables like the potato, the tomato, morrón or
the zea mays, although they were not used in great
scale until century XVIII. Gastronomy of Italy is very
varied: the country was unified in 1861, and their
kitchens reflect the cultural variety of their regions
as well as the diversity of their history. The Italian
kitchen is including within the denominated
Mediterranean gastronomy and is imitated, as well
as practiced anywhere in the world. He is very
current that is known the gastronomy of Italy by its
more famous plates, as they are the pizza, grazes
and risotto, but the certain thing is that it is a
kitchen where the abundant aromas and the flavors
of the Mediterranean Sea exist. One is a kitchen
with which has been known to perpetuate old
prescriptions like polenta (food of the Roman legion)
that nowadays can taste in any trattoria Italian.
• The origins of the Roman painting are confused with
those of their sculpture and of such way they are in
the helenista art, mainly, the best ones, are
attributed today by hand Greek. Procedures used in
this painting had to be, the wheather and the fresh
air. Their sorts is decorative of sets of dishes and
the walls, and historical and the mythological one in
the square murals. They worked with this decorative
character mural, the costumary landscape, cartoon,
picture, pictures, the architectonic imitations and
the fantastic combinations of natural objects,
constituting the sort that the artists of the
Renaissance called grutesco, found in the old Spas
of Tito and that served to famous Rafael Sanzio like
source of inspiration to decorate the Lodges of the
Vatican. It also emphasized the pictorial art of the
Roman civilization in the procedure of the mosaic or
the miniature on parchment.

• The sculpture of Rome, just like the
architecture, is original, but in her the
Etruscan and Greek formal
contributions weigh much
(hellenistic), being in fact good part of
original the sculptural production
Roman copy of Greek. Conserves
many Roman sculptures, done
preferably in marble and to a lesser
extent in bronze or other materials
like ivory, although it leaves from her
is damaged. Is frequent the picture
and the narrative historical relief, in
which the Romans were great