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Plant life in the ocean is very important to the survival

of all parties involved. Plants are the basis of the food

chain for almost all animals, mainly excluding those
found in the deeper regions of the waters where there
is very little to no sun light available to plants. Despite
the briny taste, the waters of the ocean biome support
more life forms than all other biomes.

Plants in the sea serve as places of shelter for tiny

fish. Their long weed-like tentacles make perfect hiding
places when trying to escape predators.
 A thin(or no) cuticle

 Stomata that are open most of the time

 Large flat leaves

 Smaller roots

 Large intercellular spaces

 Leaves are coated with wax

 The roots are either poorly developed

 The stem is long, slender, spongy and flexible

 The stem has large air chambers to store air for buoyancy

 Heterophylly is seen in some plants where aerial leaves are broad

and submerged leaves are dissected
 Sea grass
These are dependent on light penetration for photosynthesis;
therefore they generally grow only in clear, shallow waters, in
estuaries and coastal seas. They can not survive out of
waters, therefore they often grow where it shelters from a
sand bar or coral reefs.
 Kelp
It attaches to a rock with a holdfast and simply going with
the flow
 Hydrilla
The roots are either poorly developed or completely absent
 Eichhornia
The petiole becomes swollen and spongy